What’s up stoners?

We’re back with another Smokin n’ Rasslin: Smackdown episode, with your host: it’s me, it’s me…A V D…..Adam Van Dam!

I was pleasantly surprised with last weeks Smackdown, hopefully they can keep it Rollin…

Tonight is the 25th Anniversary special of Triple H.

Sick vignette of him to start the show.

You all definitely have your opinions about Triple H (he’s polarizing) but he’s a legit legend of the business. Don’t @ me.

On the edges of wrestling’s Mount Rushmore. Fight me.

(Takes another puff)

New Day comes out to start the show.

I wonder if the tag belts are single titles now? Maybe they can unify it with the US title?

It’s just Kofi and Big E in the ring. I guess Woods is with Paige and Brad Maddox in a hotel room somewhere.

Lucha party comes out to interrupt their promo.

Ohhhhh here comes Miz/Morrison.


Everyone wants these tag team single belts.

Yes, really.

Miz is angry. Hey Hey Ho Ho.

Forgotten Sons are getting in on this.

Man that’s a lot of teams in the ring.

Hopefully they’ll be able to have a tag team match.

Forgotten Sons are playing a gimmick of ex-marines. Called out Miz for just playing a marine lol

The Sons beat down The New Day and the Luchas.

Getting a push to start their Smackdown careers. They’re already in better shape than Sanity.

Poor Sanity.

A throwback vignette of Triple H from 1995 as Hunter Hearst Hemsley plays.

Man his pedigree was deadly back then.

It looked and probably was legitimately painful.


They show last weeks Corbin attack on Elias. Elias won’t be playing tunes anytime soon. He’s got the blues.

Corbin and Gulak start off shoving each other.

I know Corbin isn’t exactly must see TV but he doesn’t have the X-Pac go away heat that people claim he does.

He has a spot on the card. It should just be lower.

Gulak drop kicks Corbin over the announce table as we go to commercial.

Corbin in control now. Laying a beating on Drew.

Gulak with a drop kick and near fall.

Gulak on offence now. Dragon Screw maneuver into the steel steps.

Nakamura and Cesaro attack Bryan and then distract Gulak.

Corbin smashes Gulaks head into the ring. Back inside. End of Days. Over.

Corbin wins.

After the bell Nakamura and Cesaro hold Gulak so the King can use smash his sceptre into his head.

Mysterio, Crews, Black, Bryan and now Corbin have all qualified for MITB.

I’m genuinely looking forward to this one.

Gronk going back to the NFL and they’re trying to play it off like the 24/7 Championship could be defended during an NFL game.


Out comes Sheamus.


I like Sheamus but it’s interesting to see where he is now to how quick he was pushed when he debuted.


Sheamus is facing a dude who I’m going to have to google after.

Brogue Kick. Over. Sheamus wins.

Sheamus is a jobber killer.

Another vignette about Jeff Hardy’s troubles.

I mean it’s great that’s he’s clean and saying all the right things but this is a butchered George Bush situation at this point: Fool me once, Shame on you, fool me twice, Shame on, Shame on…you can’t fool me again”

Cool shot of the Hardy’s Mania 33 comeback though.

HHH clip from 1998 during DXs WCW invasion.

It’s actually interesting to think of HHH’s gimmick ‘Evolution’ over the years. He’s vastly different from when he came in but it still feels like a transformation grounded in reality.

This was a guy getting slop dropped by Henry Godwin.

The Game: From hog-pen to pent house.

Sheamus rips Michael Coles headset off for some reason. And then mean mugs him. Not sure why they’re making this a thing?


Quick pace and some high flying action to start the match.

I never followed Johnny Nitro outside of WWE but I always enjoyed watching him go during his last stint.

Hard shots traded between Johnny and Dorado. Nice Slingshot stunner from Durado. Metalik comes in and continues the pressure.

Miz comes in with a big kick to Metalik.

Quick Roll up on Miz.

Lucha House Party win!

Decent match.


Is that a new theme for Sasha? Not bad.

So far the qualifying laaaadies are: Nia, Asuka, Bayzler and Dana Brooke. Blah.

I wonder if the ladies will have to break through a glass ceiling to get the briefcase?

Code breaker type maneuver onto Lacey. Sasha in control.

Lacey fights back with a kick and a clothesline. Followed up with a running knee.

Sasha fights back with her own offence. A kick on Lacys hand into the ring post and double knees.

Lacey turns it around with vicious head smashes into the ring post.

These girls are beating each other good.

Powerbomb into a Bank Statement. Lacey breaks free.

Right Hand from Lacy into a cover. Bayley puts Sashas leg on the rope.

Bayley and Sasha argue. Sasha turns around.

Women’s Right. Boom. Lacey wins.

The seeds of dissent continue to grow between Bayley and Sasha.

Tamina comes out and knocks Bayley out with a kick.

A lot going on.

Solid match.

Tamina sucks.

I forgot how creepy Stroman was as the Black sheep of the Wyatt family.

If nothing else WWE puts together amazing video packages.

Stroman vs Wyatt?

Or the Fiend?

This is gonna be a real match right?

Otis vs Ziggler and Mandy vs Carmella next week in MITB qualifiers.

Dana Brooke is backstage with Carmella.

Dana Brooke is so terribly awkward.

HHH Flashbacks: Tearing his quad to his epic return.

That was pretty bad ass actually and proved he was over.


And this a championship match because?

Cole trying to sell it. But this is 2 randoms thrown into a title match with zero back story.

Carmella and Brooke start out on fire. Brooke is athletic, I just can’t take her seriously though.

3D-like maneuver from Cross/Bliss onto Carmella.


Cross/Bliss retain.

The Smackdown King Corbin will face D-Bry next week!


Ok its what we’re all here for tonight;

The fellating of the King of Kings.

Out comes NXTs Triple H!

Before Trips says much, out comes HBK.

HBK just butchered the legacy of DX forever: “I got 2 words for ya: Social Distancing.”

Man I forgot about some of these goofy ass DX segments. lol

The best memory between these 2 though is HHH smashing HBKS head through that car window. That 2002 feud was gold.

Triple H has 13 Wrestlemania loses. Geez. For all the talk of him burying guys that’s pretty surprising. No wonder he went over Sting.

HBK calls his wife Stephanie No fun. She calls HHH’s phone on FaceTime. Of course she couldn’t NOT show her face at this event.

Flair calls in now. Sounds like he’s on Space Mountain.

Road Doggs turn. Holy beard. He looks like a mixture of Grumpy, Sleepy and Happy.

A Katie Vick reference! lol “Hello Hello it’s me Kane” hahaha.

“No Chance”

Out comes Vince.

A Gobbledy Gooker reference.

What is happening?

There’s some strange inside joke-ish playful banter from Vince but it’s coming off really awkward.

I think Vince is drunk. He’s acting like Joe Biden.

And that’s it.

Crickets to end the show.

Literal cricket noises.

That’s it for the show.

Not as good a show as last week but it had its moments.

Match of the Night: Sasha Banks vs Lacey Evans.

Wasn’t an overly great night of wrestling but these girls stood out to me.

What was your MOTN?


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