NWA Powerrr


Will be interesting watching back this time of the NWA that got me hooked on Dave and Billy’s vision!

Super Powerrr is finally coming in May of 2020! Good news!

WHo else misses Sam Shaw as the narrator of the Ten Pounds of Gold story?
Anyone else catch Jungle Boy?
Nothing more beautiful in wrestling today than Ten Pounds of Gold and David Marquez and Tim Storm were able to put that over in Episode 1.

The names that can be said when reciting the past champions of the NWA World Heavyweights Championship show why it is THE World Title.

Nice little shot of the Rocky movie in Tim Storm’s trunk. Something I missed the first time I watch the series.
Love going over the history of Tim’s career showing he has been with a huge variety of greats in the business.

OMG it is Zicky Dice!! I didn’t remember him and no wonder he looks so different.
Zicky being Zicky attacked before the bell.
Perfect Storm into the pinfall victory by Tim Storm in a match that perfectly introduced him to the Modern Era of NWA fans.

And here comes Nick Aldis to confront Tim Storm.
Great to see Nick was willing to just come out and be honest and say what he wants face to face. Before he became the heel champ of today.

I don’t think anyone is doubting Billy Corgan and his interest in professional wrestling and whether he belongs or not.
Still funny that Billy is basically saying he bought NWA as a F U to TNA.

The first match with Nick ALdis in the NWA era of his career. Simply enhancement match to help put him over.
Nick seeming to get more frustrated each time Hobbs kicks out of his easy pins.
Aldis gets the win after Hobbs submits to the Cloverleaf after Aldis countered the Frog Splash with his knees.

Nice look back at Nick’s past work even if some try to trash his old work just because of who or how it was booked.

I miss the concentrated build between competitors during the Ten Pounds of Gold era.

Tim was nice and cocky back then. Good glimpse of what was to come with him in his current role.

The balance of Kayfabe in these behind the scenes moments in the Ten Pounds of Gold episodes was perfection.

Oh X Pac and his dog.

Joe Galli was a Tim Storm fan girl from day one.
Nick played the role of Cocky Young gun coming in to the match underestimating the champion.
Tim letting Nick in to the ring seemed to flip a switch in Aldis as the underestimating was over and took it right to Storm full force at that point.
No offense to Tim Storm but he should never try to use a Figure Four again.
That powerbomb out of the corner by Aldis looked like it was out of the Nia Jax school of wrestling moves.
I forgot how bad that finish was with Tim Storm getting the pinfall by bouncing off the ropes.

Wait, Tim Storm had a post match celebration without a little bit of the bubbly? I didn’t think that was possible.

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