AEW AEW Dynamite


I liked Darby mentioning that he didn’t lose to Cody straight up as he needed the help of Arn to beat him.
Great promo by Cody and Darby making the match feel special tonight.

Nice touch to be able to have the previous opponents in the audience which adds to the idea that they may get jumped
Great job by Jericho to put over both guys on commentary.
I guess every time Darby faces Cody it is Darby’s biggest match of his career.
Good on Darby Allin for going after the knee of Cody immediately after seeing Cody favour it.
Cody shouldn’t be wasting time with Spears when he is fighting Darby.
Wow. Brandi went hard into the railing. Bad camera shot to actually show Cody almost throw Darby into Brandi.
Anyone remember the last time Brandi took a shot into the guardrail during a Cody match?
Really like that Darby is using moves I haven’t seen in a lot of matches before when working over the knee.
What does Britt Baker have to gain by hitting her boss with a shoe?
One of the best Disaster Kicks I’ve seen Cody hit in a while.
Great Cross Rhodes by Darby Allin on Cody.
Shawn Spears showing his hatred of Cody by yelling instructions at Darbu was great.
Brandi is not the best actress in the world. Just Sayin.
Nice touch to have Cody get hit with the Knees when attempting the coffin drop.
Cody gets hit with the Coffin Drop by Darby but Cody turns it into a pinfall for the win and advancing to the final.
Did Jericho seriously call back to Ben Johnson for a doping reference?

Great to get a further look into Scorpio Sky’s background.
Really liked hearing him look back on his match for the championship match against Jericho.

Does MJF have a hickey now?
Please tell me this is not the start of MJF using a nail as his finisher.
Oh the neck brace is what he was hiding. MJF was dripping sarcasm through my screen.

Actually know who Musa is now because of watching AEW Dark regularly now. If he was jobbing on Dark, likely going to be jobbing against Wardlow on Dynamite.
When a guy is just standing there and telling you to come at him, don’t do it. It NEVER ends well. Never.
What a vicious knee to Musa’s face by Wardlow that was further impacted by Jericho putting it over.
Wardlow gets the eventual squash win with Musa getting almost no offense in.

More Bubbly Bunch with some ab master action.
The Inner Circle is actually split over the Flim Flam!
Time for some manitoba mayley action!
What the heck is this action and how did Peter Avalon get in there? Now Jungle Boy? How did they get so many people in this? Jericho’s dad? Jay and SIlent Bob? Fluffy? Vicki? Are you Kidding Me? What did I just watch?

How fitting as Penelope Ford makes me want to try for a baby with my wife while Orange Cassidy has the same impact on my wife.
Smart for Chuck to get out of the way while holding Kip and Jimmy as to help keep the advantage.
Wow did Orange Cassidy sell that chair shot or what?
Beauty spear by Trent on Jimmy Havoc to save Chuck from the chairshot.
Didn’t notice Bill Murray on Trent’s kneepad until Jericho pointed it out.
How many chairs in the head region is Havoc going to throw?
Why the heck are there tags when weapons are allowed? Is it to just determine who is legal for the pins? Seems dumb to me.
No offense to Santana and Ortiz but they’re model level? Really?
Great backbreaker by Kip on Trent coming out of the corner.
Nice hardcore hug with the Conchairto by the Best Friends.
Sadly the delay between Kip and Chuck highlighted the fact Chuck was going right into the chair.
Trent is going to be hurting all over after this match. The Back Breaker and spots on the chairs on their side was nasty.
These guys just got deadly with eachother and those chairs as the match went on.
Nice call back with Chuck biting the ear of Jimmy Havoc.
I love Orange Cassidy but he is not the best manager.
Great nasty looking running piledriver on to the chairs by Chuck on Havoc for the pinfall victory.

Behind the scenes with Britt showing how much of a control freak and ego maniac she is was great and probably the best way of highlighting her and this character.
Why does Tony have all the issues she is talking about? Is this just a weird flirting thing between her and Tony?

Nice to see Spears continuing his issues with the Gunn Club as well with them at ringside for his match.
Spears with the nice Homage to Jericho with the Cocky pin attempt like Jericho would do.
What a great looking Sharpshooter by Shawn Spears to get the submission win and continues his winning ways.

Another great breakdown video from Tazz on Lance Archer.

Recapping Marko getting destroyed by Lance Archer is not any easier than the first time watching it.
I figure this is not going to be easy to watch later either.

How would someone make another join the Dark Order? Figure you can just leave if you want to or if Brodie thinks you chew your steak too loud.
Great job by Brodie telling the story that he has a bigger plan with Marko by taking his time in the match and not just trying to destory Marko.
Brodie did not seem happy that Marko made it back in.
The one good thing about Marko is he makes for some cool looking spots.
Brodie with the sit down powerbomb for the pinfall win.

Have to agree with Moxley that it feels like a llifetime ago that Moxley won the championship in front of a huge PPV crowd.
Great dig by Moxley on Hager.
Interesting to hear we get to see Moxley live on AEW again next week.

Next week is going to be stacked show with the A squad back.

Lance Archer’s music doesn’t suit his character in my opinion. Sounds too pop punk for a badass like him.
Why would Cody and Dustin want Brandi out there after what happened in the opening match?
Amazing to see a man of Dustin’s age able to still move the way he does.
Great that they are at least making the match a lot more competitive than the previous matches Archer has.
Need a Jericho against Pineapple Pete match eventually.
The Rhodes boys love to bleed.
The way Jericho and Tony were talking about the big men in AEW I honestly thought they would say AEW is where the Big Boys Play!
Says a lot that Archer was telling Aubrey to count him out instead.
Ripping at the cut is cold but great heel work.
When was the last time we saw the Golden Globes but how is that not considered a low blow?
The fact Dustin can pull off a Canadian Destroyer but to be able to do so against a guy the size of Lance Archer says a lot about both men.
When did this turn into Texas Geography with Jericho and Tony?
Only a 1 count after the Cross Rhodes? Wow. They are really building Archer well without having him just run over someone established like Dustin.
Without an audience, Aubrey’s reactions really help with telling the story of the match.
Never seen Undertaker do that when walking the ropes. What a nice moonsault.
Great to hear Jericho’s mindset wanting to get Archer on his side and why he would need to take him out otherwise.
Aubrey hesitated with that 2 count by Dustin on Archer.
Okay that is a blatant DQ putting the guys head into the exposed turnbuckle.
Interesting twist to have Cody come down for the towel spot as well.
Lance gets the eventual win and will now face Cody in the finals.

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