Starting off the episode with Tony interviewing Manny Fernandez and Dusty Rhodes with the Tag Team Championships.
They are there answering a challenge from the Road Warriors.


No on screen graphics so may get the jobber team names wrong. Dusty and Manny are on commentary with Tony for the match to help push the upcoming match against the Road Warriors.
They’re doing a good job at putting over the Road Warriors on commentary. Dusty actually calls himself the dealer during commentary.
Road Warriors pick up the win in a squash match.

Tony is now interviewing Ricky Steamboat.
Ricky wishes everyone a happy new year before cutting a promo on Ric Flair who is the champion and why he feels he is in line for a championship match.
Still not a huge fan of Ricky Steamboat on the microphone at this point of his career.


Tony putting over the championships held by Tully and crew and explaining why J.J. Dillion is not at ringside.
David Diamond is not wearing the best choice of gear. As video has faded over time he looks like he is wearing nothing with the skin coloured tights.
Heels are doing a good job breaking as many rules as possible to get them over as dirty heels.
Surprised at how long this match has gone on and that the jobbers got a hot tag even if it did lead to all men brawling to give the heels the advantage again.
Blanchard gets the win with a pinfall on Ramsey.

Miss seeing people push future events. All before twitter when announcers didn’t have to fit 5 minutes information in a minute of space.
The RUssians are in to cut a promo to push the big show the next night in Greensboro.


I like the touch when they would have a wrestler like the Barbarian or another savage like character that has to be chained or secured when not in the match. Small touches add so much to a character.
Paul Jones getting his usual Heel manager shots in outside.
Tony quote of the match “And that did that.”
Barbarian went outside the ring to the corner but went back in to the ring to do another move and did that twice without going to the top of the turnbuckle. If Tony didn’t talk about that so much I would have thought it was a screw up as it looked so awkward.
Good selling by Deaton when he did the elbow but made it seem like it hurt him a lot more than it phased Barbarian.
Funny to see the fans actually get riled up by the jobber. Forgot how common it was in the territory days that fans got behind and invested in face jobbers.
Barbarian finally goes to the top turnbuckle to hit a flying headbutt before getting the pinfall victory.
Paul Jones then holds Tommy Young, the ref, away from Deaton as Barbarian attacks and acts like a savage towards Deaton in a post match beatdown.

Tony is not interviewing the Television Champion, Tully Blanchard.
How funny is that Tully was looking for a “TEN” in 1984 and 1985 then is now managing Shawn Spears.

Tony is now interviewing Bart and Bass with the Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championships and the Mid Atlantic Championship. Bass’ promo sounds A LOT like Jocephus nowadays. Starting to think Bass may be Jocephus reincarnated.
Great Promo!


Starting off with a lot of rest holds which I don’t expect from a lot of masked wrestlers in today’s time so weird to see.
Match finished shortly after that with a chop into the pinfall.

Tony is interviewing Paul Jones now pushing Billy Graham to build to a title match for him. Paul Jones is not a great promo guy. Sounds like he is trying to remember what to say.
They show highlights of a jobber match with Superstar getting the win with Paul Jones putting him over the whole time.


Now time for a Magnum match that apparently is at the beginning of his time in NWA or on WorldWide.
Putting over Magnum by the commentators saying this is one of his longest matches as his matches usually are over very fast.
Magnum gets the win with pinfall after a belly to belly suplex.

TIme to hear RIc Flair push his match against Harley Race the next night in Greensboro.
Back to Tony pushing the tag match against the Russians.

And back to Tony and Dusty together.
Dusty was so good at putting dramatic pauses into his promos so well that you don’t even realize he is trying to remember his lines.
THey are showing and putting over Don Kernodle’s return to the ring against Ivan Koloff.
Interesting to see that Flag matches have been around so long.
Footage now showing Dusty come out to save Don Kernodle while Dusty comments on the footage.

JANUARY 12TH, 1985

We are opening this episode with footage of a steel cage involving the Russians, I would assume the one being promoted on the previous episode.


We have Tony and one of the Crockett’s on commentary this week for this match.
Some of the double team moves between Manny and Magnum seem a little off at the start.
Quick match to help put over Magnum TA and Manny with Magnum getting the pinfallafter the belly to belly suplex.

David Crockett interviewing Dusty Rhodes. They are leading to Tilly finding his hot lady, Baby Doll. Men’s clothing in the 80s was terrible but women’s clothing? TOP DRAWER!
This video reminded me of the beginning of every 80s porn I’ve ever seen. DId I say every? I mean the only one.


Match is being used to introduce Steve Casey as a UK Star. Commentators talking about he is adapting to American style when he hits certain moves.
Casey appeared to botch doing a spot in the corner but turns it into an airplane spin then a pinfall victory over Alexander.

Tony is back to promote future shows.I don’t care that I can see Tony looking at his notes he promotes so much in such a short period of time.
Nikita Koloff and Ivan come in to continute feud with Kernodle.
Chief Wahoo comes in next to cut a promo against Flair.

Crockett is next interviewing Kernodle and Ricky Steamboat with Kernodle coming to the save for him in the steel cage that we saw at the beginning of the show.
They then have them commentate on what happened in the steel cage including Steamboat ripping the steel cage door off.
THey then show footage of Steamboat being taunted by Ivan in the ring only the be attacked from behind by Nikita.


Ricky still cutting his promo with Crockett while the match starts. They’re setting up Kernodle and Steamboat against the Russians.
Davis has the advantage for most of the start of the match.
Creative interference by J.J. Dillion right beside Tommy Young. The Trip led to the pin by Bass for the win.
Slater runs in to attack DIllion and brawl with Bass.
Dillion eventually comes in but is unable to get Slater to break the figure four he has locked in on Bass.
Locker room members are coming in to try to get Slater to break the hold.

Back with Tony to interview Chief Wahoo cutting another promo on Flair.
Like that Wahoo mentioned that Flair forgot where he comes from and how he trained Flair to help beat Race at Starrcade 83.

Crockett is interviewing Avalanche Buzz Tyler opening a gift that was sent to him. It’s a sweater.


Buzz takes the sweater off when he gets to the ring.
Black Bart comes on to the Commentary to cut a promo on Buzz Tyler while he wrestles.
Buzz Tyler gets the pinfall win after a running powerslam.

Once again in the back with Tony and Chief Wahoo McDaniel to further push him and Flair. He states being US Champion makes him number 1 contender but no one will answer him in the offices to give him his match at the NWA World Title.
The Cut to footage of Wahoo attacking Flair during a match to get his attention.

Over to Ric Flair to talk about what the Chief has said and done.
Flair goes over Chief’s accomplishments and why he respected him until the actions he took.
Great promo with Flair accepting Wahoo’s challenge saying he doesn’t want the belt if he isn’t actually better than Wahoo. Flair actually says he’s a Blood & Guts guy.


Nikita is not even letting Tommy Lane take his jacket off.
Koloff wins quickly with the knockout victory after the cobra clutch.
A blink and you’ll miss it type of match.

Tony doing his speed talking practice again to promote the upcoming events.
Over to Ric Flair to cut another promo on Chief about their match.

Crockett is back with an interview with Dick Slater. Is Dick Slater’s gimmick similar to Nick Dinsmore’s Eugene character? Related to Forrest Gump in some way?


Superstar coming out to Kung Fu fighting is hilarious on so many levels to me.
Paul Jordan joined the commentary during the match
The announcers have yet to mention who the opponents to Barbarian and Superstar Graham were.
Barbarian gets the win with the pinfall after his diving headbutt.
Crockett is now interviewing Paul Jones putting over both Barbarian and Superstar until some giant redhead guy came in to accept the full nelson challenge. Apparently his name is Starship.

JANUARY 19TH, 1985

We are starting off with Tully Blanchard waiting for a private airplane to arrive.

Crockett and Dusty are starting us off with $10,000 in bagged silver dollars. Dusty was challenging Tully Blanchard.


Manny starting the match off getting the crowd going with some fast paced action into a wrist lock rest hold.
Manny Fernandez gets the pinfall victory after a top rope knee lands.

Buzz Tyler joins David Crockett to go over some footage of Black Bart ripping his shirt which has apparently hurt him.
Really like Buzz’s charisma and passion in his promos. Never really heard of him until watching these old shows.


Dude is all in red and looks like a tobasco bottle.
Some miscommunication as Slater attempted to throw Inferno out but they weren’t sure where to throw him out. Also, how dumb is it that throwing someone over the top rope was illegal at this time?
Terry Funk joined the commentary with J.J. Dillion to ask if they have a deal with money. They actually got a picture in picture. Apparently Dillion has put a hit on Slater which Funk is taking up.
Terry Funk is running in to attack Dick Slater which has lead to him throwing Inferno over the top rope to get DQ’d.
THree on One with Dillion calling the shots with a nasty Piledriver by Funk on Slater.
Bart and Bass hold off the first wave of locker room faces. The big names come out to save Slater eventually.
Funny to actually be able to see Funk walk at an actual speed. Must still have his original hips at this point.
Good angle that got Terry Funk over as a loose cannon and helped further the storyline between Slater and DIllion.

Tony is back to start the upcoming events report.
The Long RIders with Dillion join Tony to push their match against Dusty and Manny for the belts.
The Russians are out next to push the next Flag match.

Crockett then cuts to Tully Blanchard Video revealing Baby Doll as his new valet.
Damn do I ever love leather pants on a woman.


Assassin #1 gets the advantage early on in this match. Since I am not sure of either teams history and going on what i remember from the past few episodes I would say Assassin and Casey are the ones who aren’t jobbers here.
Casey has lost the advantage when he comes in but only momentarily.
Casey does the airplane spin and gets the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is now interviewing The Russians who are holding a huge trophy.
Apparently they are now the World 6 Man Champions.
They are pushing the angle we saw last week with Steamboat.

Back with Tony who is letting us know Chief Wahoo recently defended the US Championship and have Chief push his match for the World Title against Flair coming up.
Chief is still talking about the footage we saw the week before of his attack on Flair.

Superstar Billy Graham coming out to show off his karate skills with his Kung Fu fighting theme song.
This is a Full Nelson Challenge where The Eagle has 30 seconds to break the hold.
Not sure what is worse, The Eagle’s trunks or Paul Jordan’s suit.
Superstar isn’t able to get the hold on but they start acting like it was on.
Eagle was unable to break the hold in the 30 seconds.
Paul Jordan holds Barbarian back from wanting to go savage on The Eagle afterwards.

David Crockett is now interviewing Chief promoting the World Title match against Flair and his next US Title defense and willingness to defend it saying he will do anything to hold on to it.


Denny Brown starts the match off actually getting a two count on Black Bart.
Black Bart gets the pinfall victory pretty much out of no where to get the squash win.

Back with Tony promoting the future events with Kernodle to push the flag match against Nikita.
Then it is cut to Flair promoting his match against Wahoo.

Now we got Crockett with J.J. and Terry Funk with Dillion saying he doesn’t like Funk but willing to work with him. Funk puts over he is a lone wolf and goes where ever he gets paid and works for no one.
Funk states he wants Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat after he is done collecting for Slater.
I may never have been a fan of Funk’s in ring style but the dude can cut a promo.


Mike Davis got the advantage to start leading to Tully heading to the outside to be looked after from Baby Doll.
Kernodle joined commentary to once again promote the upcoming flag match and feud with the Koloff’s.
Davis has had the advantage for most of the match at this point.
Baby Doll doesn’t like seeing her meal ticket getting beat up by Mike Davis.
Tully able to get the advantage then hit his SUplex off the top rope to get the pinfall win and retain his championship and money.
Tully and Baby Doll joins David Crockett for an interview after the match.

JANUARY 26TH, 1985


Starting off with a match right away this episode.
Apparently Valiant is able to come back already after just losing a loser leaves town match against Paul Jones at Starrcade 84.
Buzz Tyler has had Doug in a headlock for about 2 or 3 of the first 5 minutes of this match.
Avalanche Slam by Buzz Tyler for the easy pinfall win.

David Crockett is with Magnum TA to push for a match against Wahoo for the US Title bringing up he has the same reason for that match as Wahoo does for his match against Flair.


Fever is taking it right to Magnum but Magnum got the match with a pinfall win after a Belly to Belly Suplex in less than a minute.

I love the little outros to commercial highlighting facts of Ric Flair. The NWA should do that for Aldis now.

Tony time and he’s promoting the upcoming events.
Lone Riders join Tony to promote a match against Manny and Dusty for the Tag Team Titles.
Nikita back again with Ivan to once again promote the Flag match against Kernodle with Ivan banned from the arena.
Wahoo out next to promote the match against Flair.

Showing Funk’s promo from the previous episode where he says he only wrestles for himself.
Back to Crockett with Dillion to continue the story with Funk and his feud with Slater.
Dillion promoting Ox Baker coming in to take up more of the bounty posted by Dillion on Slater.


Denny Brown getting another chance against the Lone Riders with a different partner this week.
They mentioned this week that Brown is the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion although he is nothing more than a glorified jobber against the Lone Riders.
Black Bart keeps picking up Lang from the pin to keep the match going. Lang did kick out of a pin by Bass however.
Denny Brown finally got the hot tag after Lone Riders kept Lang isolated for so long.
Black Bart gets the Pin on Lang for the win.

HIghlight of Flair’s promo from a week or two ago before cutting to Wahoo with David Crockett to recap his attack on Flair to get his title match coming up.
Wahoo also cuts a promo response to Magnum TA telling him to get more experience before taking him on.


Magnum TA has joined Tony and David on commentary to push his challenge for the US Title and Wahoo.
All CHief Wahoo until Sam is able to get some fight out of the corner but Wahoo is able to eventually answer it.
This match has gone on longer than I had expected but It seems Wahoo is trying to send a message at times in the match but then Houston still is able to kick out when Wahoo does go for the pin.
Wahoo is able to hold off the comeback with a giant chop to Houston which leads to the pinfall victory for Wahoo.

David Crockett is here with Tully and Baby Doll.
Tully is to further the feud with Dusty who challenged him last week.
Calls back to his match at Starrcade against Ricky to remind Dusty what happens when he puts up money in a match.
THe interactions between Baby Doll and David Crockett are reminding me a bit of Tony and Britt in AEW and a little bit of Kamille and Joe Galli in NWA today.


So when I looked up who Starship Coyote was and in no way does that look like Scott Hall, even with the degrading of video sources over time.
Coyote does a good job at selling the bear hug from Supertar Billy Graham.
Simple but great spot for the crowd with Coyote breaking the bear hug with just old school strength.
They try to get the Barbarian over as a savage yet he seems to know how to cheat without the ref seeing quite well. I know Jones could teach him that but could he not also teach him how not to attack people without reason?
Good work to help build to the hot tag to The Eagle as Coyote takes on the brunt of the ring work for the match.
Very awkward hot tag as the fans didn’t even realize there was a tag and neither did I until the announcers say he did.
Barbarian gets the pinfall on Coyote after a flying headbutt.

Time again for Tony to promote the future events.
They cut back to the Ric Flair promo hyping his match with Wahoo McDaniel.

David Crockett is back with Tommy Lane and Mike Davis announced they are retiring because they are disgusted with the promotions and JCP.


Great to see old school heels when fans hate them so much they want to throw stuff at them.
All Ivan Koloff to start the match.
Why do most of the jobbers of this era look like chubby versions of Joey Ryan?
Extremely sloppy clothesline by Ivan Koloff off the top rope leading to the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is interviewing Dick Slater after showing the beat down he got from the Lone Riders and Terry Funk last week.
Dick is now pushing his new feud with Ox Baker after what Dillion revealed in his earlier promo.
Slater showed a lot of passion in explaining what it will take to get rid of him.
He challenges Terry Funk to have a GOOD fight and tells him to keep everyone else away.

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