Back with Cody and Tony on Commentary for the final time.
Liking that we are going to get Kip Sabian vs. Colt Cabana finally.

Is Ryan Ryles supposed to have a name similar to Ryan Stiles of Whose Line Is It Anyways?
I like that they are making one of the unknown masked Dark Order members to look a bit more serious.
First time I expected a Dark Order member to get the win at the start of the match.
Is Brodie Lee going to feud with Shawn Spears over being called the Chairman?
How do we know that 10 had a background in college football? Do we know his actual name?
Interesting to have Brodie get upset just over the offense happening even if it had no impact on 10.
10 gets the pinfall win and no punishment from Mr. Brodie.

Our weekly dose of seeing the Double or Nothing highlights and promo for this years show.

How does on get on the bowling team or their bowling league?
Nice of Cody to put over Sammy’s YouTube accomplishments.
Sammy showed no love to the Pineapple Pete side of the ring.
I don’t think Shawn Dean is going to enjoy the vlogging too much.
After what happened to Sammy’s rayban’s you would think he would want to get the phone out of the ring as soon as possible.
Nice that Tony and Cody brought up why Sammy is doing moves that are usually for the audience in the ring.
We need Pineapple Pete vs. Chris Jericho at some point.
Sammy looks like he is running out of hair products as his hair is not holding like it usually does.
Sammy gets the decisive win after his version of the GTS into the Pinfall.

We get the same promo twice? Couldn’t we have got a promo for tomorrow night’s Dynamite instead?

Never a bad day when you get to see Penelope Ford.
Glad they are showing what led to this match even if it was like 6 weeks ago and nothing really has been touched on since then.
Second Colt Cabana match I’ve watched today.
Great to see Pineapple Pete and some other dude singing with Colt’s theme.
Give you director a raise for keeping the shot on Penelope so long.
Looks like there was a slight edit after the slap and stare down at the start of the match.
Are you allowed to touch a lady or tickle a lady without her permission?
I know it is meant to be a fun match but so far they are making Kip seem like a rube.
I’d want to impress Penelope Ford if she was at ringside regardless if she is there for me or not.
Really like that Kip stopped when Colt told him to but when Kip tried the same spot Colt just ran through him.
Interesting that Kip obviously kicked Colt to the outside for Penelope to attack him but she didn’t want to do it and followed it up with the lack of a kiss.
Good job at getting Kip some of his heat back as he took the advantage of the match.
Colt almost beat Kip in the way Nick beat Colt in the China match.
I had just mentioned how innovative the rollup with the opponent coming out of the corner was in my NWA Soundoff today and here he is doing it again. Most mean I just don’t watch a lot of Colt matches.
Penelope Ford finally comes in just to get in the way instead of doing anything Physical so Kip could do the dirty work.
Kip gets the pinfall victory after the low blow. Great match that helps put Kip over and added some elements to the Kip and Penelope relationship.

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