NWA Powerrr


So excited to finally get SuperPowerrr NEXT WEEK!

Does anyone else know that Ellsworth match against Aldis is still the most watched video on the NWA Channel?

Great thing about wrestlers who have a huge podcast following is they have the equipment to record such great voiceovers.
Has Tim Storm ever had words with Colt Cabana over saying just some school principal and not a true pro wrestler or challenger for the world title?
I liked that Colt was able to mention his past controversy with the title but is also able to put it over where it is now.
How great to see Curry Man on a wrestling program again?
Can we get Austin Idol back to be the J.J. Dillion of Strictly Business?

Would be such an amazing experience and an honour to have go to be part of that wrestling show in China.

Nick’s voice over sounds like he is a Villain in a Bond movie revealing his masterplan before Bond kills him.
Great job of showing Colt handle merchandise while Nick is talking about Colt knowing all about marketing schemes and maintaining a public image.
Great to see Ricky Morton on NWA even if it is just him touching Colt Cabana’s boob.
How many times are we going to see the footage of Colt winning both of his World Titles?

I think Nick’s prediction of the craziest year was off by a year or two.
Really love the stuff they had to do for the sponsors of the show as it made them feel like they’re being treated as such a big deal.
Really like that arena for a wrestling setup.

From a production standpoint, this has to be the best looking NWA World Title match in a very long time. That includes All In.
I’m sure the referee appreciates his authority being stomped on by Colt slapping him during the going over the rules moment.
Interesting to hear the reaction from the crowd with Nick Aldis doing the cocky pose on the top turnbuckle. Looks like they got the reaction they wanted as Nick is now doing some more taunting to keep the crowd alive.
Don’t think the camera man knew what Colt was thinking when just standing directly in front of him on the ramp before Colt did his running and diving punch.
Classic heel begging spot.
Nice recovery from both men after the slightly botched spot on the ring apron. Only true professionals can do that.
Good spot with Nick playing to the crowd with some Heel work allowing Colt to be ready to recover and meet him on the top turn buckle.
Really liked Cabana’s rollup on Aldis coming out of the corner backwards. Innovative.
Really good to show Colt is able to hit some hard hitting move without the comedy when it is time to get serious.
Beautiful looking elbow from Nick Aldis as always. Reminds me a lot of Randy Savage’s.
Aldis sold the Billy Goat’s Curse very well.
Good idea to have Nick switch to the figure four after not being able to lock in the cloverleaf.
Why would Colt voluntarily go up the turnbuckle after being thrown in to the corner by Aldis? That is like the girl running up the stairs in a horror movie.
Great match between Colt and Nick with getting the pinfall win after the counter of Colt’s Pin attempt.

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