Ready to continue my journey on 80s NWA Wrestling.

FEBRUARY 2, 1985

Magnum TA and Ricky Steamboat are the most over guys other than Dusty Rhodes from what I’ve seen the last few 80s NWA shows I’ve watched. Smart to put the two together here.
Steamboat taking some of the offense from Lang at the start of the match waiting for Magnum to get a hot tag and get the crowd/ladies going crazy.
Surprised this match has lasted as long as it has considering how quick Magnum TA matches have been and how huge Steamboat was at the time.
Lots of tags back and forth between Steambaot and Magnum. Match seems to be one to just highlight the two’s strengths for the crowd.
Literally the two tagged back and forth about 5 or 6 times before Magnum hits his Belly to Belly suplex finisher for the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is at the backdrop interviewing Dick Slater about his issues with J.J. Dillion, Ox Baker, and Terry Funk.
He said when you’re as dangerous as he is everyone is coming after you.
They showed the footage of the Terry Funk attack while Slater said you should have got the job done like he would have.

Finally going to see a Don Kernodle match after seeing all his attacks and highlights of feud with the Russians.
Couple spots where Larsen and Kernodle aren’t sure what the other want to do but I don’t think that is meant to be the idea.
Vines and Alexander doing a good job at keeping Larsen away from hitting the hot tag to Kernodle with quick tags and heel double teams.
The Russians run in after the Hot Tag to Don Kernodle which leads to the DQ or match being thrown out.
The Russians are trying to get their flag back which Kernodle had stolen from them. Kernodle keeps fighting both off.
Super hot angle as the fans keep yelling to Kernodle when one of the Russians would go for the flag so he would stop them.
Steamboat and Magnum eventually come out to make the save so Russians can’t get their flag back.

Keep getting recaps of Baby Doll as Tully’s Perfect 10.

Tony is doing his speed reading again to promote the future shows.
Ron Bass and J.J. Dillion are there to promote the match coming up against Dick Slater.
Tully and Baby Doll are out next to talk about his match against Dusty Rhodes.
Wahoo now to promote his match against Ricky Steamboat.

Back with Paul Jones and Superstar Billy Graham with his Kung Fu Fighting show.
Billy Graham just attacks Ron Rossi at the start of the bell and uses his Karate gear to choke out Rossi before Tommy Young takes it away from him.
Billy Graham doing doing his poses that Scott Steiner plays homage to with his Big Poppa Pump character.
I don’t think Rossi has got in any offense in yet.
The Taunts by the fans led to Paul Jones not attacking Rossi on the outside like he normally would. Interesting touch.
Superstar finally puts the Full Nelson Slam for the knockout victory and kept the hold on so long that Tommy Young started a five count but Superstar let it go before getting DQ’d.

David Crockett is at the Backdrop with Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll.
Tully is putting over how Baby Doll is better than every girl in the world and then explains why every thing he has is better than what Dusty Rhodes has.
Baby Doll goes over what Tully does for her.

They love to mention Manny Fernandez and Dusty Rhodes but I can’t think of them actually pushing an actual feud over the titles yet. Dusty is always involved in singles or non title feuds without Manny Fernandez.
Some nice mat wrestling from Manny Fernandez to start of the match.
Nicely put over Chop by Fernandez after two Deaton chops had zero impact.
Manny Fernandez gets the eventual win after coming off the middle turnbuckle and get the pinfall.

Slater just comes running down right after Dillion ignoring Inferno #1 only for Inferno #1 to attack Slater.
Slater takes advantage pretty quickly and Dillion just left as this is basically a job real quick for Slater over Inferno #1.

Back to Tony to promote the upcoming matches.
Dick Slater is here to promote the match against Bass to get his hands on Dillion.
Ricky in next to push his match against Wahoo for the US Title.

Back at the backdrop with David Crockett with Ric Flair and the Ten Pounds of Gold to go over Wahoo, Tully and Baby Doll attacking Ric Flair recently.
Flair actually said the word Feud about him and Wahoo. This is a great way to see Flair as the cocky flamboyant Flair without him being a heel.

Russians attack both men at the start of the match and take advantage.
Tony and David put over how pissed off the Russians are from not being able to get their flag back earlier in the episode.
David Crockett doesn’t sound like he was the best commentator when it comes to thinking on his feet.
Just pretty much a destruction by the Russians putting over their strength. Nikita gets the pinfall after a Russian Sickle Clothesline.

Back to Magnum TA, Steamboat & Kernodle are with David Crockett to first push Ricky and Wahoo for the US Title match with Magnum also wanting a shot.
Ricky putting over the Kernodle feud with The Russians and letting him know that Steamboat and Magnum are there to help with the fight when it comes.
Kernodle did a great passionate pro USA promo to end the show. He showed more passion than Steamboat does with his promos.

FEBRUARY 9, 1985

Once again the Commentators are putting over Steve Casey being able to wrestle both the American and European style wrestling.
Steve Casey gets the easy win after an airplane spin into the pinfall.

J.J. Dillion is at the backdrop with David Crockett to put over the feud with Dick Slater.
They show footage of Dick Slater vs. Ox Baker to put over what Dick Slater has done to Dillion’s men.
Dillion explains why he has brought in Dory Funk to take out Dick Slater this time.

Adidas is able to get the better of Dory Funk sending him to the outside after Dory started off the match with the advantage.
Either Dory Funk is able to cover up botches really well or they are so smart with how they do moves to show Dory is able to grab people mid move.
Dory gets the eventual submission win. Keeps the hold on after the match to send a message to Dick Slater while some fans throw some garbage in the ring.

Back to Tony to further push the upcoming shows.
All three Russians are there this time to push a Russian Chain Match coming up with Don Kernodle.
Tully with Baby Doll back to push the next match against Dusty Rhodes.
Now Wahoo is going to push his match against Steamboat for the US Title.

At the backdrop now with David Crockett interviewing Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll to go over a match from Dusty Rhodes and Tully Blanchard where the time limit draw happened before he could tap out.
Tully puts over Baby Doll attacking Dusty to get him to break the hold after the match.
Good work to put over they think Dusty was going to hit Baby Doll.
They show Dusty’s promo from after that match with him calling Baby Doll a Zero not a Perfect 10.

Back at the backdrop again for David to throw it to a video promo of Dusty responding to Tully.
Love Dusty saying this is the most prestigous title… other than the two he listed after that.

Crowd is hot for this match. Kernodle starts it off and takes out both.
Steamboat playing to the crowd in this one and the fans are loving it.
Interesting spot to have Nikita being too concerned with Kernodle to be in the corner to get the needed tag from Ivan.
One of the few matches I’ve seen so far on WorldWide that has a commercial break during it.
Ivan started trying to go over the Neck Brace and focus on the Neck of Don Kernodle, which you can’t blame them for if Kernodle is going to get in the ring.
Not sure if this is a Flag match as we know them nowadays or just a regular match with both flags on the line.
I like that you can hear Ivan yelling insults while Nikita and Kernodle are in the rest hold calling their spots.
Really good job concentrating on Kernodle to build to the hot tag to Steamboat that crowd are so depeserate for.
Steamboat eventually just came in to help Kernodle after the tag was stopped by The Russians again. Tommy Young doesn’t seem to be stopping him from being in there.
Kernodle gets the win after hitting Nikita with the move they took him out with to get the American Flag back.
Krusher Khruschev comes out to make it 3 on 2 in order to try and take the flag back.
Steamboat came back swinging with the flag pole.

Back with Tony to continue pushing the upcoming events.
Manny Fernandez and Dick Slater there are to push a match with Black Bart and Dory Funk. Manny is much better in a couple seconds then Dick Slater was.
Kernodle is out to promote his Russian Chain Match against Ivan Koloff.
Ricky Steamboat back to promote his match against Wahoo.
Sounds like Ricky is cutting the same promo that Wahoo did against Flair a couple weeks early about dodging challenges.

David Crockett is at the backdrop with Magnum TA to push his desire over the US Title and Wahoo.

A lot of feeling each other out but Fernandez keeps control of the match for most of the start of the match.
Fernandez gets the win after coming off the middle turnbuckle with his knee and gets the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is back at the Backdrop with Dick Slater to continue the feud and his future match with Dory Funk.
Ricky and Kernodle are there now with the Flag from earlier.

FEBRUARY 16, 1985

Starting the week off with the Russians. For not having the tag team titles they definitely are the only tag team to be highlighted every week.
The Russians get the win after highlighting both in the ring but was all Russians.

David Crockett is at the backdrop to go over a video from Mid Atlantic with Don Kernoble to further his feud with the Russians. Don was saying he is going to bring in a new partner.
The Russians interupted the promo with a lot of broken English.
The Russians eventually attack Kernoble.

Really like to see the Junior Heavyweight Champion in action as I’ve become a fan of his in ring skill but I don’t like his chances against Dory for so many reasons.
Tony and David are putting over Dory’s relationship with Dillion and feud with Dick Slater.
Denny almost got a three count which was good enough for Tony to finally mention Denny being the Junior Heavyweight Champion.
Really weird looking pin attempts where it looks like Dory is actually holding Denny Brown up.
Good job of this match not being a squash match as Denny Brown has actually got quite a bit of offense in.
Dory has started going for the Spinning Toe Hold but ended up pinning Denny Brown similar to how Cody pinned Spears while having the figure four on.
Dick Slater runs in to chase off Dory as he wasn’t letting the hold go after the win.

Off to Tony to let use know of events coming up.
Did Greensboro have shows every night?
The Russians cutting a promo on behalf of Ivan for the Russian Chain Match.
Tully with Baby Doll next to hype the Television championship match against Dusty.
Wahoo now cutting his promo on Ricky for their US Title match.

Is Manny Fernandez entrance music a Michael Jackson song?
Can’t say I have yet to see Dusty and Manny defend the titles. Heck I think I’ve only seen them together once or twice.
Nasty looking knees by Fernandez.
Manny gets the easy win quickly in a squash.

Magnum TA is with David Crockett at the Backdrop cutting another promo on Chief Wahoo.
I would hate to see what a transcript of the promos on these shows would look like. They sometimes seem like they were written by Ultimate Warrior and Scott Steiner.
David brings up how Magnum TA is also in the situation between Wahoo and Flair as we go to footage of a match between Wahoo and Flair where Wahoo uses a chair on Flair.
Magnum comes out to save Flair and the Referee from Wahoo’s attack then checks on the beaten Flair.
They now cut to Tony with Ric Flair. He talks about how Wahoo stole the belt from Flair after the match. Great fired up promo from Flair.

Barbarian appears to be without Paul Jones this week.
All Barbarian with him getting the win after the flying headbutt and the pinfall. After the match just keeps headbutting the body of Lang.

Tony back to once again to hype the Greensboro show.
Kernoble is there to hype the Russian Chain Match against Ivan Koloff.
Dusty back to hype his match against Tully for the TV title match.
Ricky is not hyping the match against Wahoo for the US Title.

Buzz Tyler sure knows how to get the crowd going. Baby Doll gets in the face of Buzz before the match starts.
Two of my favourites so far watching these old episodes fighting for the only title defended on the show, kind of how it should be.
Buzz gets the early advantage with a two count before Tully gets to the outside to join Baby Doll.
Tony and David put over that Tully is the longest reigning TV champion while Buzz continues to keep the advantage with multiple pinfall attempts.
Nice knee to the midsection by Avalanche using the trunks of Tully to get more momentum in the move.
Blanchard has been trying to escape the whole match and had little to no offense to this point.
Tully finally able to get in some offense but only got a one count.
Does Baby Doll film a 80s Rock Music Video before coming to the ring?
Tully continues to fight off the reversals by Tyler by using Heel tactics. Really helps get the fans behind the match dynamic.
Baby Doll starts to stalk Avalanche after he was thrown out of the ring but doesn’t interfere.
Tyler has regained the advantage as the crowd gets more pumped up.
A couple close two counts for Tyler has him frustrated with not being able to take out Tully and win the championship.
It looks like Tully may have been busted open from the punches to the head.
The second wind of Avalanche kicks in but still can only get a two count on Tully.
David Crockett is really biased on Commentary cheering for Buzz and it is great.
Avalanche is starting to pump up more and more.
Doing a great job of making you think Buzz Tyler could leave the match with the championship.
Looks like Tully may have got a foot to the groin of Tyler to regain the advantage.
Nice heel touch to have Tully hold on to the trunks for the whole multiple pin attempts.
Baby Doll got up on the ring to get the refs attention right when Tully was pinned to cause the DQ and let Tully keep the championship.
Baby Doll is taunting Tyler to hit like she did to Dusty but it didn’t work so Tully attacked him and escaped with the championship.

Over to David Crockett at the backdrop to talk to Tully and Baby Doll about what just happened.
Dusty comes out to confront Tully to push their match for the title. Baby Doll gets between both with Dusty threatening to slap Baby Doll multiple times.
Dusty cuts a promo after chasing Tully and Baby Doll off.

FEBRUARY 23, 1985

Back with another match with the European wrestler so the announcers can talk about his great ability at adapting to the American style.
Nice cartwheel spot by Steve Casey.
David and Tony seemed confused by why Steve Casey didn’t go for his airplane spin finisher while having Doug Vines up on his shoulders.
Steve Casey finally hits the Airplane Spin into the pinfall for the win.

Over to David Crockett and Chief Wahoo at the backdrop. David Crockett trying to get the click bait with pushing Wahoo over stealing the belt.
Great promo by Chief saying he is being descriminated against for being punished doing what others get away with.
He says he should be the champion because of that and that is why he took the belt.
Wahoo also brings up his upcoming feud with Magnum TA over the US Title.

John Tatum acts and looks like he got in a time machine and got out a few years ago and named himself Zicky Dice.
Paul Jones has come to ringside during the match and John Tatum went out and talked to him. Tony and David put over that they don’t have any official affiliation.
Tatum has the advantage ever since getting the advice from Paul Jones.
Tatum gets the win after a suplex and pinfall.

Off to see Tony to get an update on future events.
Paul Jones with Superster Billy Graham come by to put over a match with Barbarian against Dusty and Manny Fernandez for the Tag Team Titles.
Wahoo is out to promote his now official title defence against Magnum TA in a few weeks.

J.J. Dillion is at ringside discussing something with Paul Jones. Most likely something to do with the Bounty Dillion still has on Dick Slater.
Before Dillion and Jones can finish their conversation Barbarian has the pinfall victory.

Dusty Rhodes is with David Crockett at the backdrop to go over what Tully Blanchard did to him at their last match with Baby Doll stand in the way until Tully nailed Dusty with a studded bracelet.
Dusty threatens to spank Baby Doll next time.

We’re back with Tony in a locker room with Tully and Baby Doll after what I assume was the match with Dusty.
Tully explains why did the attack on Dusty.

Tony and David go over how Krusher is an traitor as he was raised American with an American Father but born in Russia.
Our weekly dose of getting the Russians hated by every wrestling fan that watches World Wide Wrestling.
Krusher attacks Lee Ramsey on the outside while Tommy Young is distracted.
The Russians get the win with a double team move off the top rope with Ivan getting the pinfall on Ramsey.

David Crockett is with Don Kernodle and Magnum TA at the backdrop to push his feud with the Russians. Don announces that Sgt. Slaughter is coming to join them to fight to get the right back.
Thinking this is when Ricky Steamboat left as no mention of him this week.

Dusty has joined Tony and David for commentary to further his feud with Tully and Baby Doll.
Baby Doll is wearing a hot pink outfit which is so different then the black leather outfits she has been wearing.
Larsen gets the advantage from the starts as seems to be par for the course with Tully title defenses on TV so far.
Tony and David put over how Tully seems to always be able to escape.
Good Heel work from Tully to keep dipping out of the ropes to keep Larsen back and regain the advantage.
Tully’s Television Title matches seem to be about really getting a lot of talent over or elevating them while keeping Tully a top dirty heel.
Tully gets the rin with the pinfall after his bouncing top rope suplex.

Back to Tony to promote the March events.
Magnum TA is there to push his US Title match against Wahoo McDaniel.
They’ve done a great job over these weeks to talk about how the United States Champion is the number 1 contender for the World Title.

Manny and Buzz seem like they would be a fun crowd pleasing regular tag team with their equal levels of charisma.
Dory Funk gets in Buzz’s face to lead to him tagging in only for Buzz to ask for Black Bart and Dory tags him in. What was the point of Dory drawing in Buzz if he was so willing to tag out?
Buzz has the advantage and has the crowd going crazy.
Manny Fernandez jumps on to Bart and Dory on the outside.
Lots of tags at the start of this match so no one really has the advantage until Funk starts laying the forearms on Manny.
J.J. and Black Bart get some shots in on Manny Fernandez on the outside while Tommy Young was distracted.
The Announcers are really putting over the announcement of Sgt. Slaughter coming to fight the Russians.
Bart and Dory isolating Manny Fernandez to build to an eventual hot tag to Buzz.
Manny starts no selling Dory’s forearms and Dory sold it perfectly with the crowd reaction.
Buzz Tyler in with the hot tag fighting off both Dory and Black Bart. Liked the spot that followed with Buzz missing and hitting turnbuckle for Dory to lock in his spinning lock while holding the rope for Tommy Young to finally look up and see it so kicks Dory’s arm loose.
J.J. Dillion pulled the rope causing Buzz to go to the outside causing a DQ but Manny was able to get some offense on him.

David Crockett is at the backdrop with the Russians acting cocky that Sgt. Slaughter is coming to take them out.
Ivan says that because of a clause from two years ago Sgt. Slaughter can’t team with Don Kernodle.
Nikita was just spouting giberrish and I think it was meant to be russian.

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