AEW AEW Dynamite


Great recap of last week’s semi final matches of the TNT Championship Tournament.

Never thought I’d see the day where I miss Chris Jericho on Commentary. Still great to have JR and Excalibur back.

Nice to have full entrances on Dynamite again.
Interesting that Brandi did not come to ring with Cody tonight. Looks to be furthering what happened to her last week.
Joey Janela’s gear tonight looks like every woman’s bedroom in the 1980s.
Is looking like he just was on a bender before the match part of Janela’s gimmick?
Pineapple Pete is back in the audience this week. Guessing that Jericho paid to have him there just for the material.
Air Horn equals instant heat with EVERYONE. Spears is a genius.
What is with guys all the running starts lately?
Actually thought Janela was going to get the win for a split second there after the elbow.
Glad that they don’t have Cody use the weight belt as a weapon except on rare occassions. Doesn’t put a referee in a spot where they can look like garbage.
Nice German Suplex counter by Janela on Cody coming off the ropes for the disaster kick.
What a Cody Cutter off the top turnbuckle. How did that not finish the match?
Nice series of punches by Joey and Cody.
Cross Rhodes out of nowhere leads to the Pinfall Victory for Cody.
Nice sign of Sportsmanship with the post match handshake.

Who exactly said the match between Riho and Nyla was the best woman’s match in AEW history? It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t say it was the best.
Really like how they are putting over how the women’s division has evolved because of the circumstances.
They just put over 4 different women in one package.

Like that all the women put over in the package are at ringside for the most part. Great to see their reaction to this.
By “Athletic Woman” does JR mean she can be tossed around by Nyla Rose quite easily?
Nyla is likely one of the few that will have almost the entire wrestler crowd against them, with the exceptions of Spears and MJF.
Senton by Nyla into the false pin leading to Bryce warning her not to do it again.
Nyla just powerbombing Kenzie twice before hitting the Beast Bomb for the pinfall victory to send a message to the woman at ringside.
Liking the facial reactions of Hikaru Shida just giving the stare down. Feels like they are building to a multi woman match at Double or Nothing.

Why would they air a video promo when MJF was at ringside and you could have just had him interviewed there.
Great Promo to try to stop the comparisons while putting himself over.
Why the heck did MJF need to have the chairs switched out? AEW guys love their Chair imagery.

Getting a promo from Shawn Spears on Dynamite is great especially if we are getting the feud with Cody continued with the new fuel added.

So we still get the promo from MJF at ringside. Spears and MJF are just money together.

Will be great to have Moxley back in the ring but even better to have SCU boys back on AEW television.
Jericho fought Scorpio Sky, Moxley is fighting Kazarian, does this mean Daniels gets to wrestle the next AEW Champion?
Is that actually Pineapple Pete or someone dressed as him?
Makes me feel old hearing Kazarian called a veteran when I still remember him coming into TNA at the same time as Sabin and Shane in the Ultimate X era of the X Division.
Sick knee by Moxley on Kazarian sending Frankie to the outside.
Didn’t expect Kazarian to get that close of a two count.
Hearing that no one has taken the air horn away from Spears yet.
Looking at the crowd it reminded me of the WCW crowds at the end and it dawned on me that WCW was so innovative they were social distancing 20 years ahead of everyone else.
Does Moxley have his wedding ring tattoo’d to his ring finger?
Shida looks legit enjoying herself at ringside.
Moxley with the pinfall victory after the paradigm shift outof nowhere.

Well the Dark Order attacking Jon Moxley is not what I would have expected.
Interesting twist now that they can’t have Uno and Grayson at the tapings.
Like that they are using Ten as their new top member while the others are not available.
Looks like we know who the next contender for Moxley is going to be. Is Brodie going to do what Bray couldn’t?
What a novel concept to have everyone want the World Championship.
Great response from Moxley and even better counter response by The Dark Order.

Interesting to use Brandi Rhodes in a video piece to further the storyline with Lance Archer and Jake the Snake.
Well done by her.

I guess there is just a smart Archer Distancing rule that needs to be put in place now.
Surpised to see Jake the Snake at the tapings but shows how much he loves his role and the product.
If Dustin got destroyed in the end by Lance Archer what chance does QT Marshall have?
You know it is an impressive move when you manager is even impressed.
“Who throws a Shoe, Brandi?” from MJF is line of night so far.
It may not have led to a lot but the catching of Archer by Marshall in the corner was impressive.
The second time tonight that we have seen a heel pick up their opponent after a two count.
Interesting to recreate the head slamming bit from last week.
Apparently you don’t throw a woman’s show.
OMG I am having flashbacks to the Macho Man angle as a kid.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a porn director to understand the imagery of the snake on Brandi.

Wait so what happened to wins and losses mean everything if Brodie is getting a title shot?
So AEW is having their own Money in the Bank match?

Darby doesn’t seem to want Tazz’s advice but like the idea of Tazz as a manager if it is not booked by TNA Creative.

Have to admit to enjoy hearing people singing Jericho’s theme again.
Hey look I called it with Pineapple Pete.
Sammy got his cue cards but there was no picture in picture!
Going to be interesting to see Matt wrestle for once while he is actually motivated to put in something good.
Looks like Matt and Jericho shop for pants at the same place.
Not sure what made me mark out more, Jericho’s opponent for next week being announced to be Pineapple Pete or the fact they called him Pineapple Pete.
Why are Jericho and Hardy wearing similar outfits while Kenny and Sammy doing the same?
LMAO did he seriously change into old school Matt Hardy?
Nice Oh S Word from Sammy before the Suplex by Kenny.
Britt Baker loves being on TV so much she has followed the action?
Looks like they all are. Must be some kind of version of an airborne disease only at wrestling shows that make audience members follow a bunch of tough guys throwing stuff around.
Love the spot with Sammy take money out of the ATM after hitting Kenny with it.
Nice Powerbomb against the steel door to Sammy by Kenny and even better when Hager goes plowing into him against it.
They are doing a great job at the clothing changes of Matt Hardy.
Oh please let this end on the fifty yard line.
Sammy either can sell better than anyone or that dude has the worst luck. He looked like he got nailed by the golf cart.
How convenient for that table to have been set up next to that lift?
What a beautiful Moonsault by Kenny Omega off the lift.
Great plunder match that is hopefully leading to Blood & Guts again!
That is how you end a wrestling show!

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