Still remember watching the debut of Walter live. That was one hell of a moment thanks to how the fans reacted to Walter and treating him a Star.

Hard to believe Walter has barely been in NXT for a year a half.
Weird to see Walter without the NXT UK Championship around his waist when he is walking to the ring.
Oh poor Jack Starz. The look on that dudes face.
I don’t think Jack Starz needed the fans to remind him of what Walter was going to do to him.
That first chop by Walter got a standing ovation from the crowd it was so loud and hard.
Marko Stunt got more offense in on Brodie Lee then Jack Starz is able to get in on Walter.
How awesome was the crowd breaking out into the Imperium theme?
Bad idea with the chop to Walter.
You know fans today respect a wrestler when they tell each other to be quiet before moves.
Powerbomb for the mercy pinfall by Walter for his first Victory in NXT UK.
Crowd just let everyone know that Walter was a star whether you knew of him before or not.

Nice to hear from some of the lower card wrestlers share their thoughts on the debut of Walter. Even better hearing from Jack Starz himself and showing us the literal hand print of Walter in busted blood vessels on his chest.

Sad that we don’t get to rewatch that Takeover match but still nice to see the highlights of such a great match.

I know they have a lot more to tell in the story of Imperium but would have liked getting this match from the start.
I like that even Walter will protect the finger breaking spot from Pete Dunne.
Still would love to see Dunne regain the Championship back one day from Walter instead of someone like Balor just as it will help Dunne a lot more especially if Walter gets to beat Balor.
Says a lot that the fans actually have bought in to Dunne being able to get the win in this match.
That clothesline was sold like a million dollars.
Really love the spot of putting Walter’s hand inside the turnbuckle.
Great looking reversal from Dunne during the powerbomb off the top by Walter.
Prime example of how selling the entire match can cause a massive pop when you pull out a no sell later on in the match like with Walter no selling.
Aichner out to push the rope so Walter can get his foot on the rope then Barthel comes in to hit Dunne with the Championship with the Referee distracted. Walter then does a full weight pin on Dunne to retain.
Post match we see Aichner and Barthel join Walter in the ring with all three eventually standing tall together to show the first formation of Imperium.

Now we hear about Walter and Barthel’s history from Marcel.
Nice to hear from Aichner on why he felt they are a good fit.

Love the line “You call yourself Big Strong Boys. Imperium are Big Strong MEN.” It really it home what that feud was about.

Once again, disappointed getting this match in progress especially now that it means we don’t get the British Strong Style entrance.
That boot by Walter on Seven looked like it legit connected with the side of Trent’s head.
Love when teams work together on a pinfall where one partner stops any attacks during the pinfall.
Impressive touch to have Tyler Bate hold Barthel in the air for a moment before doing the suplex.
Great to know that Tyler’s punches are still considered effective against Walter.
For a team created in the WWE/NXT system, Barthel and Aichner work really well together.
Great series of tags from British Strong Style with only Walter being able to stop the pin.
Interesting way to have a ref bump.
Wolfe coming out right when it is fitting as the Heel motto should always been, when you are losing at even strength, increase the numbers.

Nice to hear from Alexander Wolfe about his joining the group. Great that all three members were able to show joining Walter without saying a word and simply stood with him.

Time to relive one of the greatest angles that I am glad we got before the world went to hell.
Still great to see Walter just tell all four members of Undisputed Era to bring it when they had him surronded.

I guess if there is a good time to join a match in progress it would be after the one guy got taken out with a legit injury.
This was such a great example of how fans will get behind a match comprised entirely with heels.
Always great the facial expressions we get from O’Reilly but the stuff he did while in the ring with Walter was at a whole other level.
Beautiful double suplex from Walter that is made better by how creative it was to bring Strong into the ring.
That chop to O’Reilly seemed like it was stronger than the one Walter hit on Starz but with a lot more abuse taken before getting it.
Looks like Barthel missed O’Reilly with the double team and actually hit Aichner.
Great series of forearms from Strong on Walter only for Walter to hit that sick clothesline.
The crowd reation for the members of Undisputed Era ganging up on Walter only for it to turn to boos was a great example of the makeup of this match.
Beautiful Olympic Slam from Roderick Strong on Walter through a table. Always a huge spot when the crowd chant Mama Mia when Mauro isn’t even there.
How did Aichner catch O’Reilly and able to hit that Brain Buster?
I remember who won this match and I still thought O’Reilly was going to make Barthel tap.
Great looking springboard moonsault from Aichner.
Hard to believe that Walter is actually a hot tag in a North American arena.
Nasty looking powerbomb on Roderick Strong from Walter.
The crowd was into every bit of this match at the end.
Forgot how great that spot was with both sides lining up in the ring.
Still shocked they let Imperium get the win even if it was Walter getting the pinfall on Bobby Fish.

Great to hear Imperium talk about how he is happy with what they have done and how they’re ready to keep moving forward.
Nice that they kept the Finn Balor feud stewing.

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