MARCH 2, 1985

Starting off with some instrumental music with someone putting on their boots and getting ready. It was Manny Fernandez, the raging bull.
Was Manny Fernandez the 1980s NWA version of Eddie Guerrero?

We are back with David Crockett and Tony Schiavone on commentary as has been the case for all the episodes lately.
They’re pushing the event of SIlverStarr 85 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of JCP.
The commentators have yet to talk about the action in the ring.
They are finally talking about Steve Casey and his British style. David Crockett seems to say literally the exact same three things each week. Tony at least tries to mix it up and relate it to the match.
Don’t see a lot of guys do cartwheels in 1985. Fans seemed to enjoy seeing Casey doing it.
I really like the heel work from what I have seen in these classics NWA shows. He really works the referee and helps put the face over in almost every match.
Nice add by Tony regarding the height of Casey and how that is not the usual case for European wrestlers.
Casey gets the pinfall win after a flying crossbody off the second turnbuckle.

Over to David Crockett with the US Champion, Chief Wahoo McDaniel at the backdrop. He’s continuing his feud with Ric Flair over the World Title. He is asking Flair for an Indian Strap Match. Apparently he is the best Strap Match wrestler of all time and has never lost a strap match.

David Crockett is now promoting SilverStar 85. Over to Tony with Magnum TA, Don Kernodle and Sgt. Slaughter for a contract signing for the match against The Russians.
Magnum TA explains why Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle are actually able to tag together in this match.
So great to hear Sgt. Slaighter cut a promo again but man was Don Kernodle was annoying with his hand gestures during the segment!
Why was Slaughter the ONLY one holding his heart during the pledge of allegiance?

Apparently Cordinelli said recently he will be the guy to beat The Barbarian.
Cordinelli did get some offense in after Barbarian started with the advantage.
Surprised Jones didn’t take the chance to attack Cordinelli after Barbarian threw him out.
Wasn’t a complete squash but Barbarian gets the pinfall win after the flying headbutt.
Fans were not very happy about it as trash was being thrown at him and Jones after the match.

Time for the first edition of Tony Schiavone speed talking to promote the upcoming shows.
Loved how Tony apparently had to repeat three times the show time and location and the match before Wahoo was able to get at the camera. Makes me wonder why there wasn’t editing for these segments back then.
You have to respect the wrestlers who have cut great promos without a script when you watch these promos and most of what they are doing is either long pauses or repeating themselves.

Ivan Koloff is with David Crockett giving commentary during the match the further push the 6 man tag match.
They didn’t announce who The Russians are fighting but they are getting destroyed by the Russians.
Krusher gets the pinfall after a flying clothesline of the turnbuckles.

Dusty Rhodes is the one we are seeing facts about this week before going to commercial. Liked the Flair and Tully Blanchard ones they had done.

Back with David at the backdrop with the World Champion, Ric Flair.
I see they are no longer mentioning Flair being from Minnesota as they were earlier on in these episodes as he was talking about being from Charlotte.
He is putting over the belt and how everyone wants to hold the Ten Pounds of Gold before going over the footage of Wahoo attacking him with a Chair.
He says that he can’t defend the belt in a Strap Match because of NWA rules and not him and he wants to face him and have the match.

Manny definitely has that charisma and speed style that I associate with Eddie Guerrero.
David Crockett sounds like he has a crush on Manny Fernandez during the commentary of this match.
Chick Donovan got a little bit of offense in before Manny Fernandez regains the advantage to hit a flying knee drop from the second rope to get the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is now with Paul Jones at the backdrop.
They throw to footage of an interview with the Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant.
Wish they wouldn’t be playing the music during his promo. They thankfully heard me back in 1985 and stopped playing it.
Jimmy says Paul Jones took his beard then made him leave.
Valiant is telling Barbarian and Billy Graham to stay out of his fight with Paul Jones as it is just between them. I’m sure that will happen.
Back to Crockett with Jones pissed off over this and explaining why he has surronded himself with Barbarian and Superstar and says he needs to get through them if he wants to face him.

Great to get a Ric Flair match on WorldWide even if it is just an enhancement match.
Made a mention of Bob Backlund on commentary. I am assuming he was not in WWF at the time if they were mentioning him on a JCP broadcast.
Great to see Flair was doing the flip over the top rope in the corner spot even back then.
Great trash talking from Flair in the ring on Vines telling him to show Flair how bad he is.
Doug Vines submits to the Figure Four of Ric Flair to give Flair the submission victory.

Back to Tony to promote the big March show.
This time he has Dusty Rhodes in to promote the US Title match between Magnum TA and Wahoo as well as the desire to defend the tag titles with Manny Fernandez against the Koloffs.
Apparently they were negotiating the match as they spoke but it was not “official” yet.

We are getting the Junior Heavyweight Champion challenging for the NWA Television Championship.
Tully getting put over on the commentary for his long reign as champion while mentioning his heel tactics.
Nice spot with Denny Brown throwing Tully into the corner where Tommy Young had to jump up on to the turnbuckles to avoid a ref bump with Tully.
Tully throws Denny Brown outside the ring and distracts Tommy so Baby Doll can kick Denny Brown. That leads to Tully bringing Denny into the ring, hitting his finisher for the pinfall victory.
Dusty comes out before Baby Doll and Tully can celebrate the victory.
Dusty wants a fight with Tully but Blanchard and Baby Doll walked away.
Tully went to the backdrop instead to cut a promo. Good point that Dusty challenges him after he just had a match.
Tully sends Baby Doll to tell Dusty he is not accepting the challenge today.
Baby Doll is confronting Dusty and slaps him but Dusty slaps her back and she plays the victim and Dusty is upset with himself for doing it.
Tully goes back to ringside to check on Baby Doll but he won’t get in the ring.
Tully has got in the ring once Baby Doll left but does the fake out and leaves with Baby Doll.
Crowd was super hot for this angle.
David is at ringside with Dusty talking about what just happened. Dusty apologizes to all women for hitting Baby Doll.

MARCH 9, 1985

This week we are with Tony Schiavone and Johnny Weaver so no David Crockett this week.

Did a good job putting Krusher over with the crowd with him hitting the sicklel clothesline then putting on the Clutch to get the knockout squash victory.

Over to Tony at the backdrop to go over NWA’s response for Chief Wahoo’s Strap Match for the NWA World Title.
Bob Geigel explains that says there is no history for this and says that the NWA will not be allowing the Strap Match be for the championship.
Back to Tony to throw it to Chief Wahoo’s response but we cut to Ric Flair going to the ring in street clothes for Wahoo to join him in the same situation.
The two hook up in the ring in their street clothes.
Tully and Baby Doll have come out to join Wahoo with the Strap to help attack Flair. They whip Flair with the Strap.
Eventually the locker room comes to try and rescue Flair.

Over to the Mid Atlantic backdrop to promote SilverStar 85.
Biggest take is the announcement of Dusty vs. Tully with Baby Doll in a cage above the ring.
Jim Crockett is out to further promote the card including the 6 man tag and the world title matches. Apparently Dusty has said that he won’t wrestling in Mid Atlantic Wrestling if he loses the match against Tully.
Flair pops in to cut a promo on Wahoo. Looks like it happened right after the beat down.

They might as well call the team of Deaton, Vines and Terror as the Job Squad.
Interesting they just put faces together because they are fan favourites and for no other reasons. I can’t think of any story line reason for Magnum, Tyler and Slater to be in a team together.
The ladies definitely love Magnum TA with the reactions he gets when ever he is tagged in.
All three faces have had a shot against Doug Vines now.
Commentators explain on commentary during the match the reason behind Barbarian vs. Dick Slater is because of what we saw with J.J. Dillion coming out to see Paul Jones during a match last month.
Magnum TA gets the Pinfall victory after his belly to belly.

Off to Tony promoting the future events in front of the orange and red wall.
They’ve started mentioning Arn Anderson now.
Paul Jones and Superstar Billy Graham are in now to promote a match against Jimmy Valiant.
Ivan Koloff is in with Krusher to promote a match against Magnum TA and apparently it is for the title if Magnum beats Chief Wahoo.
Tully to promote his match next.

Well speak of the devil we have Arn Anderson’s debut on WorldWide now.
Great to see Arn move so fast.
Interesting observation from Tony to explain how all the Andersons love working the arm in their matches once Arn started dedicating his offense on the arm.
Arn actually gets the Submission Win after having him in an armbar.

Back over to Tony at the backdrop to talk about Dusty and Baby Doll’s confrontation from last week.
Time to hear from Tully and Baby Doll about the confrontation.
Did Tully actually call Rhodes, Macho Man Dusty Rhodes?

Starting to wonder how much of Ernest The Cat Miller’s gimmick was based on this version of Superstar Billy Graham.
Superstar gets the squash win after a submission win with the full neslon.
Jimmy Valiant hits the ring and takes out Billy Graham and Paul Jones until Barbarian come in for the save and the three beat down Valiant.
Jones and Graham hold down Valiant as Barbarian hits repeated flying headbutts until Buzz Tyler and Dick Slater run in for the save.

Back with Tony at the backdrop with Dick Slater to push his upcoming match against Barbarian in his series of matches of people hired by J.J. Dillion to take him out.

Great to see some classic Kabuki as I only had limited experience with his matches.
Paul Jones joined commentary during the match to push his feud with Valiant pushing that Kabuki has been added.
A great sell job is pointless when right after the other wrestler takes the move off by basically having their hands slide away like it is nothing.
Kabuki gets the submission win with the Crab and no mist needed.

Back to Tony in front of the Blue wall this time to promote the upcoming shows.
Jimmy Valiant out to promote his match against Superstar and feud with Paul Jones.
Magnum TA next to promote his match against Ivan Koloff while still mentioning his quest for the US Title and Wahoo McDaniel.
Dusty in now to push his match against Tully telling them not to worry about the SilverStar stipulation.

Just how many people called themselves Nature Boys back in the day?
What is with Heels focusing on the tights being the one rule Faces always break?
Keith Larsen getting a LOT of offence in here but Buddy Landell gets the pinfall victory after an elbow drop.

Over to Tony at the backdrop with Arn Anderson to cut a promo on his WorldWide debut.
Looks like they are setting up a feud between Manny Fernandez after Manny stuck his nose in his nose with his earlier match.
Loving Arn’s Hat but he seems to want to concentrate on his body being the best body and why he is going to be on the top soon.

MARCH 16, 1985

I really like seeing that Trophy representing the 6 Man Champions in the NWA.
Typical Russians match from each week with them getting in a lot of offence and getting the crowd heat up before getting their squash win.
Deaton got enough offence to tag out to Lang for the delight of the crowd but the advantage was short lived and the Russians were back in control of Lang within seconds.
Krusher appeared to draw the ref away from Lang after throwing him to the outside but Nikita was not able to use that to their advantage as Deaton came to his save first.
Krusher gets the Sickle off the top rope to get the pinfall victory.

David Crockett is at the backdrop with Jimmy Valiant.
Why wear a shirt that says No Time To Talk and show it to everyone if you are then going to tell us you have plenty of time to talk.
They go to commercial during the promo then come back and let Jimmy Valiant know that Paul Jones would be there.
Jimmy once again is telling the muscle for Jones to stay away again.

Loving getting to see young Arn Anderson. Like that they said we get to see him every week even though this is only his second appearance on WorldWide.
The commentators tried to do their best to explain how the NWA rules at the time are designed to find the very best wrestlers. They cited the one save rule that apparently exists in tag team wrestling at the time.
Gene Ligon got some offense in after Arn got cocky but Anderson regained the advantage and hits a front drop to get the pinfall victory.

Over to Tony in front of the orange and red wall to promote the upcoming shows.
Paul Jones is first to push his feud with Jimmy Valiant.
Krusher is out next to push his match with Nikita against Kernoble.
Tully and Baby Doll next to promote the Match against Dusty. Baby Doll was smiling like my wife does when she just farted and is waiting for someone to smell it.

Next we are set for a tag team match with Barbarian and Kabuki but Buzz Tyler and Jimmy Valiant come out and pay off their opponents to become the new opponents.

Buzz is a great partner for Jimmy as they have the same energy and charisma.
After a bit of protesting Barbarian and Kabuki eventually start the match to the delight of the fans.
Buzz Tyler his one of the stiffest looking punches to Great Kabuki I have ever seen.
Almost all Tyler and Valiant to start the match to the delight of the fans. These two are loved by the crowd.
Jimmy Valiant was attacked by Barbarian and Paul Jones and walked off dazed leaving Buzz Tyler to get double teams.
Valiant comes back with a club to clear the ring but Tommy Young DQd them giving the win to Barbarian and Kabuki.

Back with David at the backdrop with Tully and Baby Doll. Tully starts off by giving fashion tips to David Crockett.
Tully once again pushing his match against Dusty and him putting up his $10K each time. Goes over why they agreed to putting Baby Doll in the cage.

Next David is interviewing Arn Anderson. He is saying his only friend is his banker because of the money he comes in.
THey show his attack on Manny Fernandez to continue that new feud.
Don’t think we’d be able to hear “half Breed Mexican” on a wrestling show today.

Great to cut to the ring for a match with Manny Fernandez to help push that feud with Arn.
Manny gets the quick and easy win with his flying knee into a pinfall.
Post match he is challenging Arn to come to the ring.
Manny gets the early advantage but it quickly turns to an even brawl.
Fernandez gets the advantage and Arn walks away as Tommy Young holds Manny Fernandez back from going after arn.

David is now with Don Kernodle and his brother to push his continued feud with The Russians.
Don Kernodle seems so awkward when he has to do actual actions instead of just talking. His brother seems to be the opposite.

Before I could finish writing anything Magnum TA has pinned both men after hitting belly to belly suplex.
Apparently Handicap matches at the time meant you had to beat both opponents in elimination style.

Back to Tony at the blue wall to continue the push for the future events.
Jimmy Valiant is the first out to push his match against Superstar Billy Graham.
Now it is Magnum TA to talk about his match against Ivan Koloff while still mentioning his quest for the US Title.
And now Dusty is there to push the TV Title match against Tully.

Back to the backdrop with David Crockett to have an interview with Dusty. He starts about Manny and Arn before talking about Tully and Baby Doll.

Interesting to see Tully offer a handshake to Steve Casey to start the match.
Should be interesting to see how long before David Crockett goes into his prepared notes about Steve Casey and his European Wrestling background. So far they’re pushing the long reign of Tully and the feud with Dusty first.
There we go, only took a few minutes for Crockett to mention it.
Tully backing away and out of the ring the minute Steve Casey started to get the advantage.
Tully pulled himself over the rop while Casey set him up for the airplane move and Tommy Young almost DQd Casey because of the NWA rule on over the top usage.
Dusty has now come to the ring and the whole match is just thrown out. Baby Doll scratched the eyes of Dusty so Tully could get the figure four on him. When Dusty reversed the hold she put her heel in the neck of Dusty. Steve Casey eventually able to make the save for Dusty.

Back to David Crockett at the backdrop who is going over what just happened in the ring between Dusty and Baby Doll.
Magnum TA has arrived to add his two cents on the issue. David Crockett changes it back to Magnum where they are talking about how he and Ric Flair run a battle royale to give them money and a future shot. They show the footage of that final moments with Chief Wahoo and Tully. He explains the feud with Wahoo is not over. Magnum has challenged Chief Wahoo for a No DQ Steel Cage match for the US Title. Turned out to be a good passionate promo even if it ran in circles for a lot of it.

MARCH 23, 1985

They are starting off with what appears to be footage highlights/stills from SilverStarr 85. Seeing clips of Tully vs. Dusty with Baby Doll getting in the cage. They show Dusty with the Television championship before the intro starts.

Time for some more 1980s Zicky Dice in John Tatum.
Pez Whatley gets the advantage to start after some fast paced action.
The commentators have let us know that the Russians are the new tag team champions and Dusty has ended Tully’s reign as Television champion.
They also mention Buzz Tyler has won the Mid Atlantic Championship.
Line of the night from David Crockett “All the best from the World come here because they know this is where the best come.”
Pez gets the win after a flying headbutt into a pinfall.

David Crockett is at the backdrop to interview Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll but no Television Championship.
Tully admits defeat to Dusty saying he is a big man for admitting it as well. Then he starts making his excuses and mainly saying Dusty is a master of manipulation. He has now challenged Dusty for a rematch but in a Barbed Wire Bunkhouse Brawl match. That will not be a pretty match.

David Crockett wasted no time mentioning Steve Casey being from Europe as it was the first sentence he said at the start of the match.
This should actually be a good mat wrestling match.
Really good mat wrestling with Casey getting the better of Arn at the start.
Arn over selling is the most goofy thing when you are trying to take him seriously.
I just realized that Steve Casey has become the glorified Jobber. He gets wins against Jobbers but losers to the higher talent. I’ve not heard a single promo from him but buy him as an almost equal to Anderson in this match.
Great spot with Casey strong in the Bridge with Arn’s punches having zero impact only for Arn to kick him in the back.
Great back and forth that the crowd was really getting into.
Arn gets the pinfall victory out of nowhere hitting his front face drop into the pin.

off to Tony at the Orange and Red wall to promote the future events.
They cut to Wahoo, Tully, and Baby Doll with Tony backstage at SilverStarr 85. They are answering a challenge from Flair and Dusty in a tag steel cage match.
Back to Tony at the wall with the new Tag Team Champions to promote Ivan Koloff’s match against Magnum TA.

Back with David Crockett at the backdrop with the new Television Champion, Dusty Rhodes.
They show the clip of Dusty winning after Tully went into a chair. Then you see Wahoo and Tully attacking Dusty after the match with Ric Flair coming out for the save.
He then talks about slapping Baby Doll and asks for the women’s forgiveness even though it was Baby Doll he slapped and should have asked for forgiveness from.

David Crockett is not with The Russians holding the Tag Team Championships and the 6 Man Tag Team Championships. They say that means any of the three can defend the titles.
The men are all smoking cigars during the promo, different times (unless you are Joey Janela or Cody).

Sam Houston gets the early advantage on Ivan Koloff while Nikita is getting his stuff off. It didn’t last long once Ivan got his boot up.
Gene Ligon wasn’t able to get in any offence and tags once Houston has regained enough strength but finds the same fate.
Ivan Koloff hits the Russian Sickle from the top rope to get the pinfall victory.

Jimmy Valiant is now with David Crockett over at the backdrop with his new lady, a club with Paul Jones name on it (literally written on it).
They show footage of Jones, Barbarian and Graham attacking Dick Slater until Valiant comes out for the save and hits Jones with the bat and apparently putting him in the hospital.
Valiant then goes over the order he is going to face Jones’ men.

RPM’s look like they are the 80s version of the west hollywood blondes.
It is all Magnum and Manny at the start.
Tony referred to the RPM’s as a very flamboyant tag team which only furthers my comparison of the West Hollywood Blondes.
They do a great job at hiding the mouths when calling spots back in the day. Some wrestlers today do nothing to hide the fact they’re calling spots.
RPMs finally getting the advantage using some heel double team tactics.
Really weird spot when Manny Fernandez was trying to go over one of the RPMs and he just flopped on the ground not even going over the top of him.
He looked like he was pretty pissed with himself after the tag to Magnum.
Double Belly to Belly by Magnum and Manny to get the pinfall win.

Back over to Tony to first give WPWR in Chicago the station of the week aware. Then off to him at the blue wall to push the future events before cutting to him backstage with Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair where they were making the challenge for the Steel Cage Tag Match. Great promo where they say they don’t have to lake each other but they respect each other and just a great promo you’d expect from the two.
Next it is Tony back at the wall with Magnum TA to push his match against Ivan Koloff.

Off to Jimmy Valiant at ringside. He is facing Superstar Billy Graham so I guess he lied when he said Great Kabuki was first on his list.
Jimmy Valiant working the Sleeper hold almost immediately at the start of the match once they get in the ring. Billy Graham makes it to the ropes to break the hold.
Once Valiant had a solid advantage Barbarian and Great Kabuki hit the ring to destory Jimmy Valiant giving Valiant the win by DQ. The faces come to make the save chasing off Jones’ crew.

David Crockett is at the backdrop with J.J. Dillion with Buddy Landell looking a LOT like Nature Boy Ric Flair. He looks so much like him I had to look hard. The Minute he talks and sounds like AJ Styles, you know it ain’t Ric Flair.

MARCH 30, 1985

Starting off the episode with clips of Wahoo McDaniel winning the US Title and also him losing to Magnum TA previously.

Don’t have a lot of faith in Casey winning this match but he does get the advantage early on.
The Announcers are hyping the main event is Magnum TA vs. Chief Wahoo for the US Title in a Steel Cage.
Paul Jones apparently had to have his arm operated on because of Jimmy Valiant’s attack on him and why he is not with Graham now.
Superstar Graham gets the win out of nowhere after hitting Casey on the top rope and hitting a elbow drop for the pinfall victory.

Starting to turn into a Super WorldWide episode at this point with this match and the Steel Match still to come.
Manny gets the early advantage after a back and forth to the huge delight of the crowd.
Interesting to have Manny Fernandez work the arm since that is what they have built Arn as doing to his opponents.
Back from Commercial and Manny is in control until a failed cross body on Arn Anderson hurting his wrist in doing so. Arn goes after it like a shark to blood but Manny holds off without submitting.
Arn keeps going back to the arm bar to try and get Manny to submit every chance he gets.
Arn works more on the arm using the ropes before going back to the submissions.
Manny finally comes back after a leaping clothesline on Arn as Arn is coming off the second rope.
Manny throws Tommy Young twice after Tommy tries to get him to stop throwing repeated punches. Arn gets the DQ win because of it.
When Manny argues with Tommy Arn attacks from behind. Tommy tries to now get Arn to stop but is tossed by Arn now. Takes multiple refs to get Manny out of the ring and away from Arn Anderson. Great heel building angle.

This weeks stations of the week is WPHL in Philadelphia!
Tony is at the Red and Orange wall to let us know about the upcoming cards in April.
Arn Anderson is in to promote his match against Manny Fernandez. He is wondering why Manny wants more since Arn keeps destroying him. Arn really likes using Half Breed as an insult.

David Crockett is now at the backdrop with Ivan and Nikita and the tag team championships. They’re emphasizing that any combination of them can defend the championships.
They are saying Nikita is coming after Ric Flair and wanting the NWA World Championship. Nikita also wants to challenge the Road Warriors.

Back to David after the commercial at the backdrop to kill time until they have the steel cage ready.
They first show the attack by Wahoo and Tully attacking Flair.
Next they are showing where Wahoo and Flair were fighting until Tully came out with the strap.
Now they’re showing footage of Magnum TA and David Crockett doesn’t show any hint of being impartial in his talking of Wahoo and Magnum.

Tony is doing the ring announcing making this main event feel like something special compared to the rest of the matches.
Going to break right after the introductions.

Tony is at the blue wall to promote the future shows coming in April.
Pistol Pez out to push his match against one of the RPM’s. Great charisma leading to a great promo.

Back to the ring for the start of the match.
When you see the top of the cage of this old school cage you see why there was no escape rules as it was like a real fence at the top and that is going to hurt to be crotched on.
So this is a No DQ Steel Cage match yet Magnum TA breaks the hold when Wahoo gets to the ropes? Or are there DQs? Some of these old school NWA rules, much like rules from promotions today, can be confusing.
Crowd, and David Crockett, are very hot for Magnum TA.
Another commercial break as Magnum is getting the advantage again.

Back at the blue wall with Tony to promote the April show in Allentown.
Manny Fernandez is there to promote his match with Arn Anderson. Sounds like he is doing an impersonation of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Back to the ring with Magnum and Wahoo in the cage. Both men are showing the fatigue at this point.
Lots of rope breaks stopping pins in this match.
Magnum TA is able to bring Chief Wahoo down after two run ins with the cage wall.
David Crockett is openly rooting for Magnum on commentary yelling for him to pin Wahoo.
Wahoo able to stop the offense and get the advantage by grabbing Magnum’s tights and throwing him into the cage wall.
Magnum now stops the offense of Wahoo but is too fatigued to get the advantage.
Even after what I said earlier, Wahoo tried to escape but didn’t come close to having to worry about the spikes on the top.
Yet another rope break on the pin. And another.
Magnum hits the Belly to Belly and gets the pinfall on Chief Wahoo and become the New United States Champion!

Off to the back with David Crockett in the locker room where everyone is congratulating Magnum TA on his title win.
J.J. Dillion came in with Buddy Landell to set up a future match between the two where Buddy basically said he wanted Magnum’s lady.
Magnum looks like he is all bloody. He says if Buddy Landell wants a shot, he has it and then he is off to party with his friends.
Dusty comes in to talk about the match and put over Magnum TA. Next is Don Kernodle to put over Magnum TA. Tommy Young is out next to say it was the best match he ever refereed. Manny Fernandez now takes credit since he brought Magnum TA in.
Really great segment to help put over the moment as the big deal it was.

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