This is either going to be the greatest thing ever or the biggest train wreck.

Loved seeing Big E dancing to the Lucha House Party theme music.
When was the last time Jakson Ryker actually wrestled?
Three teams that have more than two members and they all have their “B Teams” wrestling here. Can’t blame New Day Xavier on the DL.
Did Kofi seriously just no sell what looked like his head getting spiked into the mat?
Did John Morrison seriously just do a Spanish Fly with Gran Metalik off the top rope on to the rest of the men in the match on the outside?
Nice to hear Michael Cole actually mention Wesley Blake being a former NXT Tag Team Champion.
A lot of miscommunication between Morrison and Lince. One point I actually see Morrison nod at him to perform the move.
Lots of tags without using the tag rope.

Did Lacey Evans give off most of her plans for the match and her inside knowledge?

Not the greatest promo in the world but still Drew got his point across.

Truth came out before MVP and after MVP comes out and ask what he is doing he says he is trying to teach him how to Ball.
Sounded like MVP was going to assault Truth until Bobby Lashley’s music hit and comes out. Who else remembers the two in TNA. Apparently, Truth is going to take on Bobby now but I don’t think he is agreeing to it. He accidently just slapped Bobby.

At least this can be a funny squash if anything.
Lashley is just throwing Truth around the ring. Truth got one kick in but had little impact on Bobby.
Spear from Lashley gets the easy pinfall win over Truth.
Is this going to be the start of MVP and Lashley together in WWE.

Time to hear from King Corbin to hype up the Money in the Bank match.
Do wrestlers get a bonus every time they say the risk is worth the reward?

Sasha Banks outfit tonight… WOW! So is Sasha stealing Kamille’s gimmick?

Awesome to hear Heels boo their opponents during the introduction. Easy heel heat and I love it.
Do you really want to push and pie face someone twice the size of you? Not a good idea no matter how cocky you are.
Bayley doing the classic work over the leg of the bigger opponent. Using the ring post and some kicks.
Nice counter to the Superkick with Bayley putting the “knee bar” on Tamina.
Nice spot having Tamina fall down on the back of Bayley as she couldn’t hold her up.
How nice of Bayley to offer Tamina some water.
Liked the Clothesline on the outside on Bayley as she bounced off the ropes.
What the heck was the spot with Tamina just limping off the top turnbuckle?
Bayley gets the win with the Ronda/Becky pin. Sasha comes to the save for Bayley as Tamina gets up and tries to Samoan Drop Bayley.
I’d bow to Sasha Banks if she asked. In a completely unrelated note, I love my wife.

Backstage monotone promo from the Monday Night Messiah to push tonight’s WWE Championship match. Like the Heel character doing it for your own good story motivation.

Time to recap the events leading to Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman for the Universal Title.

Love that it is Bray and not The Fiend. Always great when you have a character that can play multiple characters in the ring and make it logical from a wrestling storyline perspective.
The amount Bray laughed at the start of this match it reminded me of the last time I went “camping.”
Really like this booking of Bray just letting Braun get the offence in and play a victim until letting loose.
Man did Bray do an awesome sell job falling out of the ring. Smart booking to have it lead to Bray getting out of the way of Braun’s Running Pounce.
Oh here come the puppets. One advantage of the no crowds.
Interesting to have Bray feel bad for hurting Braun and blaming Braun for making him do it too.
Wow. I actually thought Bray was going to win after that Sister Abegail it was such a close count.
This is a really interesting match where Braun is not walking over Bray without hurting his image as the monster either. Well booked so far.
What is up with Braun putting the mask on? That is some clever mindgames on Braun’s part.
Probably went longer then it had to but nice to see the reaction from all the puppets.
Running Powerslam on Bray and Braun gets the pinfall victory to retain the championship. Great way to keep the belt on Braun for now and have him drop it to The Fiend down the road.

We get a hacker segment.

Not sure how I feel about Drew’s badass face character. It is bordering between Sean Connery Bond and Jinder Mahal.
Nice heel move to have Rollins knowingly hold on to the move until the four count. Really shows how insense he is getting in his quest to get the title back.
How much religious imagery are they going to use with Rollins. The arms in the crucifix position while on the announce table seemed a little much and not needed.
Never good when the table doesn’t break. Poor Seth’s Back.
It really is amazing to see a guy the size of Drew that can move at the speed and heights that he can.
A 1 Count is one way to send a message. A second one immediately after a frog splash sends an even bigger message.
Isn’t it cute when Referee’s try to act tough?
That DDT that Drew hit seemed familar to a DDT another guy beat Seth at a previous Money in the Bank but his name is escaping me at the moment.
What a wicked counter on Seth from Drew out of the corner when hanging upside down.
Didn’t think Drew was going to be winning after that stomp from Rollins but still kicks out.
Nice series of back and forth strikes leading to the Claymore and a Pinfall victory for Drew McIntyre to retain the championship.
Interesting to have Drew offer his hand to Seth in respect. More interesting to have Seth actually shake it without a cheap shot.

Poor Truth. Good for Truth for at least thinking he won and against MVP. He needs to find his belt again.

So we are still getting intros? I like that they are even getting graphics but find it funny how close they are to Video Game looks.
Is AJ actually wearing an OC shirt?
I can’t believe they actually call Carmella a two time Money in the Bank winner when the second one was because the first one was nulified.
Aleister Black doesn’t look as tough when walking in to a gym as he does. King Corbin looks even more ridiculous though.
Where Asuka at? This is going to be interesting. Oh there’s Asuka!
Poor Asuka, never an elevator when you need one.
How many fights are we going to have to witness in a weight room during this era of wrestling?
Corbin’s face after wrecking the mirror was probably the look on every wrestlers face when WWE comes up on their caller ID.
Otis has been the star for me in the early stages of this match.
LMAO at Brother Love cameo.
How great that the lobby for those elevators had turnbuckles, ropes, and a cage fence? Otis doing the Yes chants while Bryan kicks Corbin was great even moreso when Bryan kicks Otis.
Was that Doink?
Nice swerve with Dana grabbing some random briefcase but the Steph bit was obviously taped at a different time.
Hey look there was a Roman appearance!
Nice touch to have AJ get freaked out from the Undertaker poster in the hall. Took it another step with the Urn and Casket in the room.
Is that just Paul Heyman’s lunch?
How does Dana still have the picture frame on her? I don’t think Brock is going to like that Otis threw the food at Paul like that?
Why would Shayna try to choke out one of the men even if it did lead to a hilarious spot of Nia and Otis squishing Rey.
Apparently easiest way to distract Otis is with some pie.
Oh god, not people power! Well at least Otis is forever a face for throwing a Pie in Big John’s face.
Can you honestly say that one day you’d see AJ and Daniel Bryan fighting in Vince’s office? I don’t think Vince would have. Hilarious spot when they put the chairs back.
Here we go, roof time. Nia and Asuka are the first two there with Lacey soon behind.
That was one sloppy press by Nia Jax on Lacey Evans.
First Ladder has entered the ring thanks to Nia. Really cool seeing the traffic in the background.
All those hits from Asuka and Nia hits back. One Woman’s Right and Nia is knocked down. That helps Lacey’s move but kills Asuka.
What happens if someone grabs the wrong briefcase?
If a woman can win the men’s rumble why wouldn’t they be allowed to win the Men’s Money in the Bank as well?
Asuka is alone on the ladder with Lacey and Nia knocked out. Corbin has arrived and climbs the ladder and tries to stop Asuka from grabbing her case but she knocks him off.
Asuka has won the Women’s Money in the Bank.
If Asuka win’s the Raw Women’s championship now she will beat Bayley as she will be the only one to have won the NXT, Smackdown, and Raw Championships as well as Money in the Bank AND the Royal Rumble. Not to mention Asuka never lost the NXT Title, technically.
Otis, Rey and Black have all arrived on the roof now. AJ arrives in time to push Rey and Black off the ladder.
Corbin then throws both Rey and Black off the roof. How is that not a crime even in Wrestling World?
Bryan has arrived to bring the four left who are not dead in the ring.
Corbin and AJ are now fighting over the briefcase at the top of the ladder. Elias returns to take out Corbin but AJ drops the Briefcase right into Otis’ arms meaning Otis is now Mr. Money in the Bank. Talk about getting pushed to the moon!

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