NWA Powerrr


Excited to have some NEW NWA content to watch after watching so much classic stuff the last couple weeks.

Really like that the intro first shows all the champions. Really like the opening highlighted the champions of NWA this time.

Man have I missed Joe Galli and Stu Bennett. Sounds like we are being repeated with the Kamille angle.

Over to David Marquez at the podium introducing Marty Scurll and Brody King.
Great to hear Brody King bring up his win with PCO at last year’s Crockett Cup as well as putting over Marty Scurll for being the mastermind behind all of their success.

Now highlighting the incident between Allysin Kay and Melina where Kamille speared Allysin.

Getting the recap of the build to Kamille not speaking starting back all the way to the clothesline by Aldis during the first episode of Powerrr.

Excited to rewatch this match to see if it has changed in my mind.
Really like the protecting of her character here where she literally has no concern over anything including the warnings from Brian Hebner.
Even the offense Madi gets in has almost no impact on Kamille.
Kamille did seem to be getting exhausted as the match goes on after going so strong at the beginning of the match.

Still a great debut speaking segment by Kamille. Great to see how it fit into the actual episode.
Really puts Kamille over when she is able and willing to take on the entire female roster.

We need more Austin Idol every week.

Time to recap Trevor Murdoch storyline with Stevens and Question Mark. They then show Stevens and Mark challenging RNR Express to help them become tag team champion contenders.

Over to Sean Mooney at the Podium to interview the Rock and Roll Express.
Great to hear a nice mention of the Briscoes who I want to see more of on NWA. Sad that they were talking about the Crockett Cup 2020 knowing we haven’t got to watch it yet.

Lots of crowd work to start the match as to be expected from Stevens and Question Mark.
Stevens playing the coward perfectly with Question Mark gaining the advantage with Rock & Roll regaining it once Stevens tagged in.
Great spot with Stevens showing his acting chops falling down after the back and forth punches from Rock N Roll.
Trevor Murdoch as arrived at ringside leading to Stevens grabbing a microphone.
Stevens says that Murdoch coming out is against the rules. Stevens brings out Question Mark Jr. which appears to be one of the Beer City Bruisers with a question mark mask. Thanks to the great Joe Galli journalistic skills he figured that out too.
Rock N Roll Express get the pinfall victory after Murdoch and Question Mark Jr are distracting everyone at ringside.

Recap now of Zicky Dice winning the Television Championship from Ricky Starks.
TIme for a video promo from Zicky Dice. Great way to push his new t-shirt, which is quite outlandish.

Now a recap of Thunder Rosa as Champion and the breakdown with Melina. Once again seeing Allysin Kay attacking Melina only to be speared by Kamille.

Now Kyle Davis is at the podium to interview Melina. That is a whole lot of Pink. Looks like her Black and White outfit got cleaned with a red sock.
Melina got sidetracked with countering the audiences taunts which is the one good thing about Empty Arena shows is that doesn’t happen.
Allysin Kay is now brought out after Melina talks about being more deserving. Allysin Kay says why she deserves a shot more than Melina but says she wants to fight Melina more than Rosa right now.
Now Thunder Rosa is brought out just to add to the tensions.
Appears they have made Rosa more of a tweener with this promo which is her challenging both Melina and Allysin Kay at Crockett Cup in a triple threat for the Women’s Championship.

Great now I have a craving for Waffles and Tire Irons! Like I haven’t gained enough weight during Isolation.

Time to give a recap on Tim Storm or should I say Mamma Storm’s Baby Boy?
Did we really need to see Danny Deals as “Momma Storm” again?
Looking forward to Jax Dane getting some time on NWA now with a storyline that actually has a lot of History.

Danny Deals could become the new Paul Jones if they play him right. Always nice to have good heel managers.
Good touch to have Jax Dane ambush Tim Storm as he was coming out from the back for the match.
Joe Galli going over the history more really helps shows that NWA is where History matters.
Match is no count out and possibly no DQ as they are fighting all over the studio.
Looks like Jax Dane has been busted open over the nose.
Why not just move the cup out of the way instead of holding it for Tim Storm to throw Jax Dane in to.
That was one loud freaking chop by Dane, until each one followed.
Looked like Tim Storm hit his head on the floor during the Belly to Belly from Jax Dane.
Danny Deals has provided Dane with a chair which he puts in the corner.
What a no sell by Jax Dane after the big Boot from Tim Storm.
Tim Storm avoids Jax Dane who goes into the Chair leading to a Perfect Storm from Tim Storm who gets the pinfall victory over Jax Dane.
Tim Storm will now get five minutes in the ring with Danny Deals.
Please don’t reference Spin The Wheel Make A Deal again, please.
Danny actually had to get dressed as Momma Storm first?
After a lot of begging and delaying Tim Storm hits the Perfect Storm on Danny Deals. He hits it once more after the Crowds request.

Time for another May Valentine Vlog?
She is going over being upset over Royce’s reaction to the vlog her Sal were doing.
No May, NO GUY, is JUST friends with a girl. They simply hang out until you are single.

Interesting to offer the handshake to Marti Belle who blows both girls off. Looks like going to be a typical triple threat with one heel. Faces working each other until Marti finds her spot to attack.
Honestly feel Marti Belle is the one who needs this win the most.
Tasha Steelz reminds me too much of Kayden Carter.
Nice looking submission from Ashley Vox on Tasha.
Tasha gets the pinfall on Marti Belle after Marti takes Ashley Vox out.

Time to recap the Pope and Eddie Kingston Storyline including the match between the Tag Champs and the Beer City Bruiser.
Still love the reactions from Eddie Kingston.
Back to David Marquez at the podium for an interview with Eddie Kingston, Eli Drake and James Storm.
I like how Eddie was able to control the crowd and push the storyline while getting ready to cut his promo. Nice to mention the dumb stable in TNA with James Storm and Bram without actually mentioning it.
Great promo from all three putting over themselves and the business by being serious without getting away from the face crowd work they have been doing.
Eli did a great job pushing the Crockett Cup and Tag Team wrestling.
Nice way to have the partners use each others phrases.

Time to recap the Storyline between Strictly Business and Villain Enterprises

Just not the same seeing Marty come out for a match without his music. Thankfully the Studio audience filled in for it.
Nick doing the old Bait Switch tag to put Thom in the ring against Marty.
Marty tags out before locking up leading us to Brody and Thom starting off the match.
Nice spot having Brody eat the drop kick from Latimer only to also put Latimer to the mat.
Only thing worse then getting that chop from Brody is having Marty chirp in your ear afterwards.
Nice spot about the knees from the opponents outside only to have Marty act like Nick did it to him with the back turned. Modern Eddie G right there.
Strictly Business is out Villaining the Villain.
Did anyone else catch Stu Bennett call the World Championship the Big Gold Belt?
That Piledriver from Brody King on Nick Aldis was one of the sickest Piledrivers I have seen.
Kamille must hate Chicken Wings to come out right when Marty was going to hit it. Royce has come out to lead to chaos with Hebner distracted. Brody gets low blowed from latimer and Aldis hits the elbow drop to get the pinfall win on Brody King.

Carnyland? I am intrigued.

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