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Pretty sure that was Shawn Dean that Lance Archer tossed out the entrance tunnel.
Did someone expect Jake The Snake to apologize for his actions?
Misogynist Jake is going to only add to their heat. Not sure I needed to know that Lance Archer matches make Jake Horny.
That was the most anti climatic rev up EVER and I went to high school in Northern Ontario.
How does someone no sell a chair to the face?

Great promo putting over the tag division helping put most of the teams over while even mentioning Dark Order who aren’t able to get to the tapings.

Jungle Boy and Chuck Taylor having some miscommunication in the ring for a couple awkward spots.
Thank you Chuck for chesing Marko away from Orange Cassidy. Marko seems like Scrappy Doo with Orange Cassidy being Scooby.
Nice spot having Jungle Boy take out the Best Friends during their hug.
Rey Fenix with a kick OUT OF NOWHERE.
How interesting to have Jungle Boy get taken out by MJF to push his match then have Wardlow take out Marko after the match.
Best Friends got the pinfall win on Jungle Boy because of interference.
Boring match with a great end. Rey Fenix taking out Orange Cassidy is so interesting since both are in the Ladder match at Double or Nothing but also the feud with Death Triangle and Best Friends.

Moxley is going to give an interview when he doesn’t have his championship belt?

How great has Spears been with his reactions in the crowd over the last couple months. Nice added touch to have Kip come out of the audience to join Ford instead of going to the back to join her.
Not sure “OPEN WIDE” in giant letters is the best thing for an entrance.
Doesn’t Penelope know that is not how you great an Alien as it could start an intergalactic war?
Nice to see Britt always trying to go for the Lock Jaw on Hikaru only for others to break it up once she gets it on.
Looks like Penelope may have had a nose job after being face planted ino the mat by Kris Statlander.
Give it to Kris Statlander for holding on to Penelope but she should have fulling recovered it before slamming her.
Interesting series of Pins between Baker, Statlander and Shida.
Nice Canadian Destroyer by Baker, just glad she didn’t hit the Panama Sunrise.
Ladies doing a good job at telling the story that they’ve built the last few weeks.
How much punishment has Penelope Ford taken in this match?
Why would Baker put the lock jaw on Statlander on the outside when she could be winning the match instead?
Shida gets the pinfall on Penelope Ford while Britt is putting the lock jaw on Statlander on the outside.

Good on Pineapple Pete for owning it. Good package to show the history building to his match with Jericho.

Would you expect any less from Santana and Ortiz than attacking Kenny while he is alone?
Broken Matt Hardy is probably the only person that can out crazy Ortiz.
Loving the reason for JR’s hatred for the back scratch.
How have we not had an update on Sammy Guevara yet?
Just saw baby Shawn Stasiak, aka Mike Reed, in the audience.
Tag ropes seem to be ignored in this match by some people. Couldn’t even see a tag rop in the corner Matt Hardy was standing in.
Sure JR really liked Kenny hitting the suplex after the chest scratch from Ortiz.
Great teamwork from Ortiz and Santana with Ortiz rolling Santana who hit the cutter on Omega.
Nice counter to the street sweeper from Omega.
I guess we are getting an update on Sammy. How does Sammy look lke he breaks his neck every week? He is turning into AEW’s version of South Park’s Kenny.
Hardy gets the pinfall on Ortiz.

Another Tazz getting turned down by Darby Allin segment.

Not sure how I am feeling about the rules for the ladder match at Double or Nothing.

Dumbest segment with Nyla hitting Shida with the kendo stick but that’s because we could see the kendo the whole time.

Great match to rebuild MJF’s heat while being off TV for those few weeks. Lots of heel spots with the showboating and taunting.
What a slap from MJF. Doesn’t seem like MJF liked being chopped.
The powerbomb from MJF on the hardest part of the ring on Johnson looked almost as bad the one Owens hit on Sami Zayn.
MJF wins with a arm bar submission.
I am finally looking forward to seeing a Marko Stunt match just to see what MJF can do to him.

Nice that he got billed as Pineapple Pete with video screen and all.
The more confident Jericho looks walking into a match, the more I expect it to be a competitive match.
I really do want one of the Bubbly Bunch shirts. Almost as much as the Pineapple Pete shirt Jericho is wearing.
Pineapple Pete is making a lot of his opportunity until Jericho hit the Judas Effect and gets the pinfall after one move.
Been watching too much old NWA that I expected Jericho to start calling the baseball bat his lady.
Stadium Stampede match? They are going to fight in the football stadium? Betting it is more like a bunkhouse brawl.
Classic Comedy having Hager holding the tiny shirt.
Who else expects Jericho to hit Vanguard with the baseball bat?
So the bat is not Jericho’s lady but it is Floyd or Lloyd?
Anyone else have an urge to watch Office Space after they smashed Vanguard with a baseball bat?
Matt Hardy finally came out but it was too late as Vanguard has passed on.

Happy to see Arn is coming back and just hope that means we are going to see Tully Blanchard back again soon too.


Calling yourself the “Self Proclaimed World Champion” is just great heel stuff.
Great of them to let everyone know that tests have been done to the point of even explaining the wrist bands.
Liking the calm like mind games that Brodie Lee is able to do with everyone. Right down to not putting his hands on Bryce but simply getting him to back away.
Dark Order and SCU get into in the ring to break up the submission by Daniels.
Brodie Lee kicked out at 1 after the Angel’s Wings.
Nice to see the Best Moonsault Ever again.
I wouldn’t say that was a Counter Power Bomb from Brodie as it was more just a not making it all the way to Brodie by Daniels.
Brodie gets the eventual pinfall win.
Dasha is forced to once again Call Brodie the Self Proclaimed Brodie.
Had to know Moxley was coming for his property.
Nice to hold off Moxley getting his hands on Brodie and 10.

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