Starting with the recap of last week’s title matches with Charlotte getting DQ’d to save her title and Dexter Lumis possibly costing The Dream the NXT Championship.
Now we show the build for the NXT Tag Team Championship match tonight.

While funny, Thatcher shouldn’t be shocked over Riddle’s slippers flying around as anyone who has seen one of his matches should expect it.
Everything about all members of Imperium just says cold and calculated.
That giant NXT to the left of the ring/screen reminds me of the old WCW’s to the side of the entrance on Nitro back in the day.
That slap by Thatcher was insane.
Good work at showing the frustration between Thatcher and Riddle early on in the match that they planted the seeds for since Thatcher’s arrival.
Nice series of suplexes on Aichner and Barthel by Riddle.
I hate when it is so obvious that they can tag each other but they are not reaching out.
Thatcher going to really be that pissed off because he threw someone into him? What a prima donna?
Nice sequence to crown new NXT Tag Team Champions in Imperium after being able to hit the European Uppercut Bomb on the second attempt to get the pin on Riddle.

At least we don’t have Riddle in the tag team division now. I hope.

The red hair is making me think Tegan is turning more and more into Lady Kane each day.
Let’s hope we don’t start a wrestle war between Kiwi’s and Aussies with the size of the roster from those two places.
Really pushing Indi Hartwell with the strong advantage to start the match.
Did Tegan seriously pull down the middle rope but Hartwell just jumped over the top rope?
Saddest Chokeslam but still cool to hear Mauro call her Lady Kane.
Shiniest Wizard by Nox leads to the pinfall victory but would not have called it Decisive like Beth did.

Io Shirai couldn’t get the job done? How so? The match ended had nothing to do with her.

Thatcher is going to be an interesting heel.

Drake does not want that Tie with Atlas because if it is head to head that decides the tie break Atlas has the victory on Maverick which would eliminate Drake from advancing if Atlas wins this. I hope they don’t do the Maverick fights for Atlas even if he knows he is out because Atlas was nice to him.
Good job from Nese to cheap shot Atlas for doing his showboating taunt.
Good camera cuts in the match when the guys are going back and forth with the hard hitting moves.
So if they are not going to do a tie break match, with Atlas beating Nese he has eliminated Maverick regardless of the result against Kushida.
Although Kushida would also be 2-1 and he has a win over Atlas and a loss to Maverick. So it could be possible they say it is a tie and have all three fight in a triple threat.

So Undisputed Era have their own Bubbly Bunch now? Like they tried to do what Jericho did but not even close to the same thing.
All that to set up Roderick Strong against Dexter Lumis?

Does Kross remind anyone else a bit of Nikita Koloff? No clue what to make of the Kross promo.

Nice to finally hear from Dakota Kai about her transformation.
Why do tough people always have to ride motorcycles?
Please don’t tell me their name is actually Hurt Business.

Swerve seemed like he got into Riddle’s stuff before cutting this promo. Jack Gallagher was an after thought in his promo and more about him saying he should have to retire if he couldn’t even get a single win in this tournament.

Down where?
Who else needs to check out the HHH vs. Henry Godwin from that first In Your House?

Should be interesting to see how long this match lasts. All depends on whether they want to bury Grimes after all the solid booking of him they have done recently.
Good on Grimes for taking it right to Balor only for Balor to have to actually fight to gain the advantage.
Well they’re booking it even so that is good. Actually showing Grimes can draw some animal inside to take it to his opponents.
Starting to almost feel like they are booking the match like Balor took Grimes so lightly and it is backfiring on him.
It actually like Cameron Grimes did slap the you know what out of Balor but we were proven wrong when Balor came at Grimes out of nowhere.
Priest really likes to stick his nose in people’s business as much as Dexter Lumis does.
Grimes pins Balor after Priest hits Balor with the Knightstick behind the ref’s back.
So Priest keeps coming up short so he just continues to attack bigger guys? He says he is the one who attacked him before… Duh.

Tony Nese attacks Swerve over his comments about not being able to get a win in the tournament and should retire because of it.
Jack Gallagher takes advantage but only gets a two count as Swerve got to the Ropes to break the pin.
Swerve slowly regaining the advantage hitting the House Call kick on Gallagher but only gets a two count on him.
Beautiful leap into the submission by Gallagher.
Good selling by Scott to not be able to hit the full dead lift leading to Gallagher able to get the pinfall over Scott for the win.

Really loving that Kayden is fully embracing her Filipino Heritage. Really nice to have that representation with TJ in Impact now.
Aliyah reminds me of every girl that poured drinks on nerds for fun at my high school growing up.
Nice springing dropkick by Kayden.
Robert Stone out now to further his story with Aliyah and seems to be fired up by it and trying to impress him but backfires as Kayden fights back.
Really like that submission by Kayden Carter. She gets a great win with it and makes the story for Aliyah and Stone more interesting.

Johnny and Candice are coming off as the type who watch their own sex tapes.
What is it with people hating their name being said?
Breaking down Kacy being American but no Ninja or Warrior. Seems like they’re setting up Mia Yim against Candice next.
Time for Johnny to get his North American championship back from Keith Lee.

Like the old school idea of the first match of the night setting up the main event of that night. WCW used to do that on Saturday Night and Nitro all the time.
Thatcher is really good at selling. His fall from the kick by Riddle was great.
Great work to keep attacking the barefeet of Riddle.
Really good mat wrestling and hard hitting strikes in this match.
That was a stiff Bro To Sleep by Riddle on Thatcher’s head.
Saw that pin coming as Thatcher’s shoulder just got closer to the match every second. Riddle with the pinfall victory.
That crazed beat down by Thatcher makes me want to see him and Grimes together as a team.

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