Carnyland NWA


Who else is ready to see what the heck this is?

Can’t go wrong when we start hearing from Eddie Kingston. How will we be remembered is a question that is, ironically enough, the answer to life.
Great opening that I made the mistake of cutting onions while watching!

The opening felt like a salespitch for stock photos.
Can’t go wrong with Stu Bennett telling us a story.

Time to hear a true story from Nick Aldis about a story before this version of the NWA.
Being stiffed for a hotel from a bad promoter where he got out paying but the Promoter was trying to get Aldis to pay.

Allysin Kay is now telling us how to cut a Cliche Promo.

Joe Galli laying on a coach for Carnyland College and complaining about Stu interrupting him earlier.

Headed to Eli Drake now with his Impact Tag Team title in the background.
This is the Eli Drake Show: Countdown to getting Fired! At least it was short and sweet. I need a portal like his!

History Lesson with Mr. Tim Storm about Benjamin Franklin. Going over all he did from inventor to diplomat.
Franklin was apparently a dirty old man who liked to torture animals with electricity.

On to David Marquez to promote Championship Wrestling from Hollywood while doing a bit for the carny translator.
Laughed at the translation of “Hey we will be back with all of our friends”

Oh thank god we get Jocephus! And now I can be a champion like Jocephus.
Ordering Now!

Nick Adlis is back to push his new webshow coming on Monday’s. He seems to be making fun of the worst fan interviews out there. What’s Causin Aldis coming this monday with Crimson and Latimer.

Apparently anything can happen on Carnyland.
Joe Galli is promoting more of the new content coming to the youtube channel.
Stu the Narrator comes back to send us to Aron Steven’s self financed show.

Mongrovian Unmasked. Looks like we are getting more kayfabe background on Mongrovia.
The Questionable Bay is where I want to retire.
Maybe Mount St Question is what is causing everything in 2020 upset that Question Mark is not back home.

Time for Entice Zicky Dice interviewing Fiona who doesn’t know what she is doing there.
That was totally not a shot of the Hearst Castle.
Kayfabe! Always remember, Kayfabe!
His new shirt is looking pretty outlandish.

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