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Social Distancing LIMO DRIVER!
Did Ortiz just commit a felony on live television?

Those two look a lot happier being part of Dark Order now that they are holding the AEW championship.
Love the trash talk from the wrestlers at ringside.
How do I know if I put my pants on the same way as Brodie Lee unless he shows me how he puts his on?
If 10 loses, I don’t expect it to be good for him after.

Dark Order has left the ringside.
This could be quick if Moxley wants it to be over quickly.
Glad for 10’s sake that he actually got some offense in on Moxley.
Nice Cutter by 10. No Johnny Ace references allowed apparently.
Pile Driver by Moxley but no pin attempt as he is looking for Brodie and wanting to talk trash to Brodie who is not there.
Moxley picks 10 up and hits the paradigm shift for the pinfall win.

Looks like Moxley is going to try and bring out Brodie Lee by possibly dishing out more punishment to 10.
Looking to break the arm of 10.
At least Moxley is giving Brodie a chance but did anyone think Brodie would give it to him.
And that is going to be a broken arm as Brodie left 10 on his own.

Anyone else think we’re going to see Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus sooner rather than later?
Marko can’t even get his shirt out of the ring in one throw.
Can’t think of a better matchup to get MJF over as a cocky prick.
Love that he was “pretending” to be getting pulled down by Marko. If you’re an MJF fan there is so much to love in this match.
Making Marko hit himself then have him pick his own nose is GREAT heel heat.
You know it is a great clothesline when the guys leg hits your back when flipping over.
Like Marko moving causing MJF to hit the hardest part of the ring.
Armbar submission for the win by MJF. Great match that did it’s purpose.

Nice icing on the cake to have MJF rub the salt in the wound cutting the promo after the match and hitting him with the ring.
Poor Wardlow. He’s going to be meme’d like crazy with that slip.

Sit down with Jake the Snake and Arn Anderson with Tony Schiavone interviewing them. Seems like I am back watching 1985 wrestling.
Even at their age, I love hearing Jake and Arn talk. Two of the best talkers in the business. Just wish Tully was there too.
Calling Brandi a bimbo and keep dropping her name is probably not the best idea.
Don’t think I want Jake and Arn wrestling each other again. I like them just talking now.

I am liking Darby’s self made promos more with each new one he does.

So great to hear from PAC on Dynamite again.
Such a great idea to have PAC cut promos from home for Death Triangle and Rey Fenix do the fighting on Dynamite.

Great that Fenix was not able to pull off the sneak attack on Cassidy twice.
Oh no. Cassidy took his sunglasses off right away. He is ready for business. Must be personal.
Wow. The hand prints on Orange Cassidy from Rey Fenix.
Did Fenix just refer to Cassidy as a fly?
Nice springboard leg drop by Fenix.
What a viciious shot to the throat by Fenix in that stretch submission.
Call it a rising strike all you want but we all know it is the Superman Punch.
What a beautiful spinning DDT by Cassidy.
Another great variation of the DDT by Cassidy with the diving DDT that I wish had finished the match.
So many near falls. Got so bummed out when Kip Sabian came out with the ladder as it made me think this is not going to end cleanly.
Fenix gets the win after a low blow to a distracted Orange Cassidy. Great match, terrible ending.
Worked at getting the others in the Ladder match involved in a brawl to put the PPV match over.
I don’t think anIf 10 loses, I don’t expect it to be good for him after.
The back of Rey Fenix has to be hurt almost as much as Cassidy’s head after all that cluster stuff.
“What is Wrong with y’all” is probably line of the night.
Nice to see Cassidy left “standing” at the end.

That was a lot of booping to start a match. Wish it had not led to Tony Schiavone letting us know about his “boop” history.
So has Nyla stolen Shida’s kendo stick gimmick?
Smart Britt Baker to just get out of the ring.
Great pounce by Nyla Rose on Kris Statlander but why would Statlander go after the illegal person on the outside when Nyla Rose is still in the ring?
Like that Britt Baker is playing her character perfectly by not wanting to get involved physically with anyone unless it is advantageous to her.
Great spot with Kris and Shida throwing Nyla into Britt in the corner.
Loved that they showed that Kris Statlander can equal strength with Nyla Rose.
Could be really interesting have Nyla lose because of Britt getting medical attention at ringside.
Not sure it makes Shida and Statlander look good when Nyla got the pinfall win without even having Britt’s help at the end.
Post match we got Nyla getting a table and bringing it into the ring so announcers can remind us that the table will be legal on Saturday.

Good promo from Moxley putting over that things are only going to get worse on saturday.

Finally getting Shawn Spears segments outside of the Audience. He is doing a newsbit to announce the “retirement” of Dustin Rhodes.
I am thinking this is going to set up a feud between the two when he both mentioned Dustin’s drug addiction and he has no match at Double or Nothing.
Yup he has challenged Dustin publicly so that AEW has to make the match now.

Finally get to hear Sammy about the Golf Cart spot.
The more I see Sammy get hit with the Twist of Fate the more I think Sammy has a double jointed neck.

Wouldn’t Matt need a baseball bat to destory Sammy the same way they destoryed Vanguard?
Sammy sure can sell a move with his girlish screams, that and the fact it looks like every move kills him.
What an amazing counter by Sammy Guevara to the Twist of Fate. Have never seen someone do that before.
Is it legal to be high on Sammy Guevara? Asking for a friend.
Great knee by Sammy followed by a couple nice kicks to regain the advantage.
How did Sammy kick out when his neck looked like it got broke in half?
There is no way it is healthy to bite another person’s sock covered foot.
Beautiful springboard cutter by Sammy Guevara.
You can only have you neck broken in half by a twist of fate so many times before getting pinned. Matt Hardy gets the pinfall victory.
Matt goes out of the ring to get a chair post match to give more punishment to Sammy but cut to Kenny being torured by the other members of the Inner Circle in the stadium only for the Bucks to arrive with new face mask merchandise.
The only better way for Hangman Page to return would have been to ride into the stadium on a horse.
The end zones are painted for Inner Circle and The Elite. That’s great.
Nice picture to have Hangman walking away to help push the storyline and keep it going.

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