No one has heard OF Dustin Rhodes? Nice slip from Excalibur.

Has any one heard from Tony Schiavone since they taped that bit with Jake.
Jake is sounding more and more like Herbert from Family Guy.

Private Party are pretty much the dollar store version of Street Proffits.
Like the standoff between teams with eachmember hitting the same move on the other member.
Thank god that Trent got his headband back on.
Is Isaiah Cassidy related to Orange Cassidy?
Why did they not count the pin when Trent had the pin waiting for the double team by Private Party.
The Private Party double teams are just so slow and set up it takes me right out of the match.
Best Friends thankfully get the win.

Back to Tony interviewing Arn Anderson about Archer versus Cody.


Great opening to recap the angles.
I really like that we are getting a promo to hype Joey Janela being added to the ladder match.
HoW great do JImmy, Kip and Penelope look in that video. These guys could be the next big thing.

Can’t believe we are starting with the Ladder match.
Interesting to see both members of SCU starting the match.
Not sure how it will figure but I like the added idea of SCU starting.
You had to know Havoc was going to get involved with Kip in the match.
Darby is number 4. How does someone think of the idea of jumping off one ladder with his skateboard on to another.
Orange Cassidy asking the rules of a Ladder Match.
Orange Cassidy is pure entertainment.
Colt Cabana is next out.
Really liked the spot with Colt falling with the ladder only to have his fingers trapped in the ladder.
No delay for Joey Janela just taking everyone out.
Now we get Luchasaurus out.
Not much space between the crowd and the ring when Kip got bombed to the outside.
Nice code red by Darby Allin on Luchasaurus.
Mystery Entrant is Brian Cage with Tazz to feud with Darby Allin.
Cassidy using Brian Cage to piggy back a way to the top of the ladder.
Great way to put Brian Cage over having 8 guys to take him out. Love them using the large chip to pin him down.
Nice Van Dam Inator by Kip Sabian with the ladder on COlt Cabana.
Worst things to have fall on you than Penelope Ford.
Orange Cassidy’s attempted Choke Slam was better than any Hurricane has done.
Terrible spot with Luchasaurus and Frankie Kazarian.
Nice to finally come back to SCU competing at the top of ladder.
Terrible again with Brian Cage having to try a second time to get Darby Allin on the ladder.
Brian Cage wins the Ladder match.

Haven’t seen Jungle Boy out show off anyone let alone MJF.
Note that Jungle Boy does NOT like getting slapped while upside down.
Am I the only one that thinks MJF wasn’t actually hurt? Such a classic heel move.
Seeing Aubrey with the gloves on made me look at who was busted open since I didn’t see any blood.
Great working over the Arm by MJF that Arn Anderson would be proud.
I really like Jungle Boy having to let go of the crossface because of the arm being worked over during the match.
The great angles of that move to the hardest part of the ring by Jungle Boy on MJF was great.
Really like Aubrey sold that she knocked Jungle Boy down inadvertantly because of MJF.
Great selling by Jungle Boy on that arm.
Really good heel move from MJF to use the poke of the eye to break the pin.
MJF gets the pinfall victory after back and forth rollups.

The belt almost looks like the same outlined shape of the old WInged Eagle.
Mike Tyson’s reaction to Lance Archer bringing out some random to chokeslam was priceless.
Line so far of the night is “I don’t give a sh*t” when the rules are being said.
Great idea to have Cody at least roll out of the ring after Lance hit the move right away.
Great looking pounce to counter Cody’s cutter off the ropes.
Those ladies at ringside did not like being called the word Lance Archer called them.
Nice Murderhawk Moonsault, as JR has named it, after walking the ropes.
Nice message by Cody using the DDT looking right at Jake only to have Lance use the Spinebuster.
Nice springboard cutter from Cody off the turnbuckle on Archer.
That was some dirty Horseman antics by Arn Anderson. Nice to have Arn get the boot because of the interference since Paul Turner saw it. At least they got Roberts out too.
Am I the only one who thought we’d see a swerve with Mike Tyson?
I honestly thought Lance Archer would win as it doesn’t help his monster status losing to Cody in here.
Cody is your first TNT Champion.

Loved Kip coming out all dressed up like he is hurt. Really think it was just so he could have the crutches.
Not disappointed in Britt being replaced here since the match was very last minute to start with.
Looked like Kris Statlander went head first into the barricade.
Terrible looking spot with Kris basically headbutting Penelope’s foot coming off the top.
That was one hell of a sloppy hurricarana.
Kris Statlander gets the win with the Big Bang Theory package piledriver into the pinfall.

How cocky are you when you are so sure that your opponent won’t show up that you don’t wear your gear.
Nice heel move to have them play Dustin’s music. That is right out of HBK’s greatest playbook.
Nice camera work having Dustin come from behind. WIthout the crowd we didn’t have the surprise ruined which just added to it.
THought SPears was having a warddrobe malfunction but it is just soe graphic on his undies.
Love that it is Tully’s Face on his underwear.
Rhodes with the final reckoning to get the pinfall win over Spears.
Isn’t Moose the current TNA Champion?

Nice tribute to Hana Kimura and a good message to stop the twitter abuse.

Nice recap showing how deserving Hikaru Shida is for this championship match.
Once again can I find out when some of these ladies get their outfits? Need to get Shida’s outfit.
Big Swole has a big mouth but backs up the minute Nyla gets in her face.
As someone who has worked in a casino, I loved seeing someone go through the poker table.
Hitting someone in the back of the head so your opponent doesn’t see you is kind of the point.
Nice call back with Shida saying she found her kendo stick.
What exactly does the brainbuster on the Kendo stick where Nyla just falls on the Kendo stick do exactly?
Rare that the person who sets the table up didn’t go through the table when Nyla was able to put Shida through the table.
What the heck does THROWING a Kendo Stick do to someone? Does this Kendo have COVID?
Nice Avalanche Falcon Arrow by Shida that I thought would get the win.
So many close pinfalls that I thought SHida was going to win.
Wow She actually won and we have our first third title holder in AEW with Shida as your new Women’s champion.

Great to see 10 having his arm in the sling after the attack by Moxley on Dynamite.
Jim Ross is starting to enjoy saying Tope Suicida.
Brodie is looking in great shape.
So far it has been a really good hard fought match topped with a vicious piledriver.
Nice kick double kick to each other although it looked like it was meant to only be a kick to Moxley.
Second time tonight that someone has gone through something that they themselves didn’t set up when Moxley put Brodie through the table.
Smart counter by Moxley to hook the leg into a pinfall.
Beautiful big boot by Brodie that led to a pinfall that I thought was going to be 3.
Good shot of both faces with Jon showing the most fatigue of them.
Beautiful spot with the Paradigm Shift through the entrance ramp by Moxley on Brodie Lee.
I didn’t realize that Jerry Lynn worked for AEW.
Brodie sure knows how to do a blade job but I am sure being hidden inside the ramp helped with that.
Only a one count after the next Paradigm Shift?
Moxley wins with the sleeper hold victory but given the submission decision.

If you are friends with Tazz can’t you just call him before Wednesday to find out what is happening with him and Brian Cage?

This definitely is what the Wargames match was meant to be.
Broken Matt Hardy has basically become three faces of Foley with him switching between gimmicks.
LOVE the football entrances this is already better than the XFL.
Ortiz with the helmet was great. Sammy is the one who really needs the Helmet with all the DDTs he takes.
If Hangman doesn’t come in on a Horse, it is a lost opportunity.
This is the best new match concept ever.
Vince has got to have the biggest Bulge watching a wrestling match and football mixed.
Called it with the Horse but even better with him trying to run down Sammy.
The Cheerleaders joining in for the cheering of Sammy was a nice touch.
Beautiful Acai Moonsault from Ortiz.
How did Sammy come back and was back for so long without Hangman getting back when he was on a freaking horse?
I like that they were smart to include as many referees as they can.
Hangman is STILL wearing his tag team belt. Of course He is going to the bar.
Always nice when your boss owns a Football stadium that you can use for a wrestling match.
Poor Omega but love that we got all those replays instantly thanks to the match having been taped ahead of time.
I noticed the pool at the same time as Tony and we knew someone was going in. How great was Ortiz not being able to go in the pool.
Great stuff in the pool with Version 1.0 and Broken both coming out.
How convenient that a table was set up right by the bell? Beautiful spot having Santana going through them.
Man even Ortiz can sell a bell ringing. What can’t he do?
Smart Hager being able to figure out where Hangman was going to be.
“Did you come here to fight or drink? what’s the difference” Line of the night goes to Hangman.
Well if anyone was going to know his way around a bar in a fight it would be Hangman Page.
Of COURSE it is a case of A Little Bit of the Bubbly.
Beautiful combo Buckshot. Nice moment for Omega and Hangman to have a drink together.
Good spot having Nick try to push Jericho’s face in the fan.
“That will move the chains” from Jericho is line of the night runner up.
You knew someone had to go into the Jaguar head.
Seriously? a 100 yard run for Matt and Sammy doing the suplexes?
Good touch having Aubrey giving the Touchdown sign when Jericho got superkicked into the practice net.
Not sure how I feel about the Instant Replay spot? Love the interactions between Aubrey and Jericho.
Every NFL player wishes they could superkick a ref after getting a penalty flag.
Jericho is a great sport for letting them paint the line on him.
What won’t SAmmy do for our entertainment.
Loving that they want back to the well with Sammy being chased by Omega and Hardy in the golf cart.
I can’t but help and laugh at the NEO 1.
That one winged angel by Omega on Sammy for the win.
Even better touch to have the Gatorade Bath Celebration.
Great finish!

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