Carnyland NWA


Interested to see how NWA follows up last week premiere episode of Carnyland.

At least I am still getting to see Joe Galli every week!

Wow. A voice over intro by Mr. Billy! Is he saying that everyone has the ability to be part of the series?
At this point Carnyland is Stock Photo Land.

Carnyland College and Heat 101 with Allysin Kay starts the show off.
Zicky Dice has an Outlandish interruption to show how someone does not understand social cues.

Breaking News with Joe Galli where Joe is apparently showing us his real life news skills. Stu comes in taking exception.
Joe Galli showing off his Emmy!
Stu has some Breaking News for us that involves Billy but we won’t know until the countdown on screen ends.

We come back to hear the end of a “Story” where James Storm said he is not allowed in Vermont without us knowing why.

Royce Issacs is here to sell us May’s 100% Pure Hand Sanitizer.

Time for a history lesson with Professor Storm with Kyle Davis and Marti Belle now as students. Kyle is not allowed to go to the bathroom apparently.
Today they’re covering Lincoln and his carny background.
Marti Belle asks about the rumour and that is edited out and class is quickly over.

Rosa is here now to talk gossip before we cut to Cultaholic’s Tom Campbell who hopes the rumour is the Junior Heavyweight is coming back. I agree.
Marti is then talking in Spanish about what she thinks the rumour is.

Over to Carnyland Therapy time. This week it is Sal Rinauro having a session to get something off his chest.
He thinks the big rumour is that he is going to get fired but it is pointed out he is not actually employed so can’t be fired.
He then says a lot of random stuff which the therapist says she has never met anyone like him in her entire career.

Wrestler Dad time with Nick Aldis and his son.
He is telling his son, who is not listening, what happened in 2009 when Sting wanted to be his opponent.
Every show in Wrestling is talking about Sting right now and I love it.
Nick now gets a text about the rumour.

Back to Joe Galli to confirm the rumour does in fact have something to do with Corgan and it will be at the end of the episode.
Stu comes back and calls Joe out for saying exactly what he said earlier.

You can now buy a Love Can Wait shirt featuring Royce and May.

Another ad from Jocephus selling a BNB that is actually a storage locker. Sure it is on the up and up.

Stu says the Mongrovian may have something to do with Billy’s rumour. Cut to Aron Stevens gives us more Mongrovia Geography.

Stricly Business Video Chat with Kamille not shutting up. How is this not the same thing as what NXT did with Undisputed Era and AEW did with The Bubbly Bunch?

News now about how Tom Segura outside Carnyland started a war with wrestling. Turns to how some character of Eli Drake started a war in Carnyland with Gardens. The character Pierre Le Pew.

Almost time for the announcement from Billy Corgan according to Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

Billy is hear to say the rumour is with the reactions from all the wrestlers.
He is looking for help for Carnyland as it needs it only one week in.
He is announcing an election for mayor of Carnyland.
The Candidates will be revealed next week.
Nick seems to like the idea of an election.
We then see all the Patreon members who are Carnyland positions.

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