AEW AEW Dynamite


We start with a video recap of Double or Nothing.

Now we are with The Inner Circle with a bunch of shirts saying Inner Circle Spring Stampede Champions. Those are going to fly off the shelves when they go on sale.

I like that Cody is going to have to to defend the TNT Championship so soon.
I thought Best Friends were the top contenders so why are SCU and Sabian & Havoc fighting for a shot?

We get a promo video with the winning team of the Spring Stampede with Kenny and Hangman leaving pretty quickly.
“I am picking up what you are putting down” from Broken Matt is quote of the night so far.
Who exactly is Wilbur Schneider?
Blade not too happy Nick Jackson took out Blade and now we have a brawl between them and the Young Bucks.
Nice Destroyer by Nick Jackson.
I kept forgetting Joey Janela was in the match until each time he would be involved in the match.
Who exactly which opponent was Matt Hardy pinning while on top of all three.
Nice Double Dropkick by Joey Janela on the Young Bucks that comes back to haunt him when they hit him with a Superkick Party.
Quinn looks like he hurt his leg while doing a moonsault over the top rope to the outside.
More Bang for your buck by the Young Bucks and all three pin Isaiah Kassidy to get the win.
Post Match Matt Hardy helps Quinn to the stage and to the back.
This leads to Butcher and Blade attacking the Young Bucks in the ring once they were alone at ringside.
This is a feud I am looking forward to.
Nice to finally see a team come in as a possible face team saving the Bucks from Butcher and Blade. The Tag Team Division just picked up.
Can’t believe we are FINALLY seeing FTR and The Young Bucks in the ring together. FTR then just walk off as Bucks approach them. Great debut!

Here comes the CHAMP. Jon Moxley actually wearing colours even if it is just green camouflage.
Looks like he is headed for the commentary table.
Puts over his great fight with Brodie Lee at Double or Nothing and about how his contenders seem to keep getting stronger.
Seeing highlights of Cage in the Ladder Match.

Brian wastes no time and goes right after Lee Johnson and is basically just showing off his destructive ability.
THey show QT Marshall not watching the match and talking about the ladies.
Cage gets the easy pinfall victory.
Post Match Taz grabs a mic to cut a promo on Jon Moxley. He says for Mox to bring everything he is famous for so Brian Cage can destory him at his best.
Great to hear Taz use his old school survive catchphrase.

TIme for Tony to interview Britt Baker who is in a wheelchair that has “Roll Model” written on it.
Was that Law & Order music after Tony intro’d the bit?
Britt is going over and blaming all three for injury hurting her and saying it was a plan months in the making.
At least Britt is using current photos with Britt having the Belt and Nyla not.
According to the “Board” she is also blaming Aubrey Edwards as the brains of the operation.
Only thing that makes the Inner Circle segments better is having Orange Cassidy walk behind them. Looks like we are getting Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho now.

Even if it is not for the title, you have to commend Hikaru Shida for fighting just three days after winning the belt from Nyla Rose in one hell of a fight.
Christi does not seem impressed with the champ or the Holy Shida chants. Apparently she has a Holy Shida shirt for sale.
Great arm drag combination by Jaynes and even better heel work with the cocky taunting after it.
Shida making Christi pay for it by taking advantage.
Great step up enziguri by Jaynes on Shida who was all the way up on the top turnbuckle.
Did JR just say that Jaynes likes to go down?
Falcon Arrow by Shida into the pinfall victory.

Off to see what Hangman and Omega have been doing but there is no sound to what they are doing. Just sitting on the couch and apparently they were watching the show and realize there is a camera on them. Great stuff with them acting it up for the camera now.
I love that they are not meant to pretend they don’t see themselves or aren’t watching the show backstage.

Recap from the TNT Championship match between Cody and Archer at Double or Nothing.
Time for Cody to come out for an interview with Tony in the ring to talk about his Win. Interesting that his lower third is silver and red like the title and not gold like the other champions have. Arn lets him head to the ring and goes on back to the backstage.
It is apparently Allie, not Bunny, that QT Marshall is talking up.
Cody doesn’t think he is welcome back in CT. Nice Jab to WWE.
Cody says he like Tom Brady the most because like him they are not the first person people think of and that is what drives them.
Cody says he is going to defend the title every week, which is how a television championship should be defended.
Great promo from Cody to start off his reign.

Is it not bad enough I already have to figure out the conversion between lbs and kg all the time that Havoc makes me figure out what a stone is as well?
At least they mention that Best Friends will get their title shot but it will be against the winner of the champs against the winner of this match. Not sure what the point of being #1 Contender if someone else gets a title shot before you.
Liked the catapult into the Eye Poke by Havoc and Sabian to Frankie behind Aubrey Edwards back.
Are we going to get the Football ref jokes even outside of the context of Stadium Stampede.
The way Austin Gunn spends the entire show basically leaning over the barricade I am starting to think he is unaware of how to sit or stand properly.
Scorpio Sky is finally able to get the Hot Tag from Frankie Kazarian.
A lot of miscommunication between Frankie with the others near the end of the match.
How is Penelope Ford grabbing Frankie’s leg not a DQ? It leads to enough of a distraction for Havoc and Sabian getting the pinfall win and a shot against Hangman and Omega for the titles next week.

Off the MJF in a video promo about tonights Battle Royal for a shot at Cody’s TNT Championship.
He is not happy at the fact he has not got a title shot and is blaming Cody without naming him.
Wardlow doesn’t seem he is on board with MJF winning and Wardlow having to eliminate himself for that win.

MJF is first out and they then go to commercial while the rest enter the ring. Wardlow is next and it appears he may have a new entrance.
The next entrants are Luther, Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler, Christopher Daniels, all of Jurassic Express, Sonny Kiss, Colt Cabana.
Back live to Billy Gunn entering from the crowd to finally get some action in. Orange Cassidy is next but doesn’t get to the ring before the bell rings. He is attacked by Santana and Ortiz before Cassidy makes it to the ring.
MJF is sitting on the top turnbuckle in one corner with MJF just standing in front of him staying out of all the action. Very smart.
Luther almost breaks Marko in half which leads to Luchasaurus eliminating Luther but then Marko tries to eliminate Luchasaurus but to no avail.
Sonny Kiss is eliminated by Wardlow for apparently showing up MJF.
Billy eliminates Colt after Colt tries to hit his running arm in the corner.
Dark Order looks to be trying to recruit Colt Cabana.
Cutler and Avalon face off to further their bigger loser angle. They try to eliminate each other to no avail. They both are crotched on the top rope leading to the obvious double elimination of each other.
Wardlow takes it to Luchasaurus and Billy and Marko tries take him on to no avail but is able to eliminate Daniels before getting eliminated by Wardlow himself.
Luchasaurus start to face off after Luchasaurus tries to eliminate MJF. Billy and Luchasaurus sqaure off while fending off Wardlow at the same time. Both get eliminated by MJF and Wardlow when distracted with MJF telling Billy to Suck it!
Orange Cassidy has finally made it in the ring after the attack. MJF knocks Wardlow out with the Diamond Ring while holding Cassidy leading to Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy eliminating MJF.
Final three are now Wardlow, Cassidy and Jungle Boy.
Wardlow then is instantly eliminated by The other two.
JR finally calls it a Superman Punch! Then corrected himself saying it is Superman Like.
Jungle Boy eliminates Orange Cassidy to win a shot at Cody and the TNT Championship.

Time now for a recap of the great Stadium Stampede match.

Seeing the cheerleaders reminded of the old days of the Nitro girls.

Did they seriously reference Deadwood during AEW Dynamite? I don’t care that it was a promo spot for HBO max!
Vickie Guerrero as the head chearleader for the Pep Rally? Are you kidding me?
Jake Hager is first out, followed by Santana and Ortiz. Sammy has trouble getting out with the neck brace and his crutches. Jericho is out last of course.
Jericho starts by giving out the shirts for free.
Someone keeps throwing the shirt back.
Participation trophies are handed out thanks to Sammy even though they don’t say particpation.
Santana gives out his presents next. My Wife’s family always says the same about it. Must be cultures with a Spanish background.
Chris gives Sammy a Hit Me Up Scooter so he doesn’t need the crutches.
Jake Hager reads everyone a poem. How many swears are we going to get in one episode. Also how many movie quotes did Hager combine in that poem?
Jericho just said he wants Tyson’s head on a platter after what happened between them 10 years ago.
Here comes Mike Tyson and his posse to confront Jericho. Who is the dude with the TR shirt that looks like he has been on a bender for months.
Mike is not the best promo but he is going to sell PPVs.
Mike sure had a lot of trouble ripping that shirt off. How much of the Bubbly did he have before going out there. Push turns to shove and we have a brawl with Tyson’s posse and the Inner Circle. Locker room clears to keep every apart.

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