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Decided Impact has done enough lately to pique my interest to watch this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling instead of AEW Dark.

Starting with a recap of last week. First with Moose defending the TNA World Title against Suicide.
Then a recap of two opening round matches with Ace Austin beating Rhino and Elgin beating Sami Callihan.

Forgot how much I hated Josh Matthews on Commentary. I mean, he’s not David Crockett bad but still not great.
Austin trying to take it to Hernandez but having little to no impact on Hernandez.
Couple missed spots with Austin in the corner then the kick on Hernandez after it.
Interesting contrast of styles between Austin and Hernandez (who doesn’t move like he did back in the TNA days) that they are making work even with the couple missed spots.
Classic heel work by Ace Austin kicking the ropes to low blow Hernandez behind the ref’s back. Great way to gain the advantage finally.
Credit where credit is due, so far, Madison Rayne is the best female commentator I have heard do commentary. So much more natural in her delivery than others, I find.
How is it okay to use your shirt to choke toss someone?
Not a lot of pinfall attempts at the point when Hernandez got the two count on Austin.
Ace Austin keeps getting out of the Border Toss.
Good counter by Austin after cocky rock the baby by Hernandez after catching Austin.
Close 2 count for Ace Austin after holding the pants/gear of Hernandez.
Beautiful finished by Ace Austin on Hernandez to get the shocking pinfall win over Hernandez to advance to the finals of the tournament.

It took Madison Rayne to tell Josh Matthews to not touch her for me to remember that they are married. How she said it to him, every married man can recognize that tone.

Seeing someone get dressed and go on a motor cycle only to pass Cody Deaner at his compound.

Back to Chris Bey with Johnny Swinger with Swinger teaching him how to be old school.

Now a video of the North in a Limo heading to the Deaner’s Compound. Appears this is their way of filming stuff in Canada and the USA.

A Promo from Michael Elgin about his match against Trey tonight in the Semi Final Match and why he feels he is the only rightful #1 Contender to the World Title.

Haven’t these two wrestle much before. Think I’ve seen only one or two Bey matches and that is about it.
Chris Bey has a kind of Heel version of Cedric Alexander thing going on.
Like how they are explaining why some wrestlers are in different places when storyline wise they technically should be together.
Josh Matthews keeps saying that Chris Bey is using Johnny Swinger to his advantage in a one sided relationship kind of thing.
Someone needs to let Josh Matthews know that wearing Sunglasses inside at night is what cool people do.
Bey has the advantage but has been a back and forth matchup so far.
The ref in this match does the five count for a break REALLY fast.
Chris Bey tries to do Willie Mack’s standing moonsault but Jake moved to regain the advantage and start destroying him.
Piledriver by Jake but Chris Bey is able to kick out at 2.
Nice counter by Bey into a Destroyer for a two fall.
Starting to get regular two count near falls as both keep trying to put the other way.
Swinger gets on the ring edge and causes enough of distraction for Bey to get in his finisher for the pinfall win.
Post match Willie Mack saves Cousin Jake from a beatdown by Swinger and Bey.

Rahit is being interviewed about not having the Desi Hit Squad with him now. Chase Stevens enters upsetting Rahit about TNA Originals stealing his spotlight.
Sets up a match between the two for next week.
Chase Stevens plays it off this was his plan all along since he technically doesn’t work there and now has a match.

Kimber Lee always seems to come to the ring like she is high on the best new stuff.
Lee is taking it right to Havok but Havok is able to fight her off to gain the advantage.
A couple roundhouse kicks from Kimber Lee gets Havok down on one knee allowing Lee to get a sleeper hold on.
Ref was out of position and Kimber Lee was about to rake the face of Havok.
Someone named Neveah? came in to stop Kimber Lee from using Brass Knuckles and it leads to Kimber Lee getting the DQ win.
Post Match Neveah and Havok join forces.

Backstage we see Kylie Rae run in to Tasha Steelez and I believe Kiera Hogan who start arguing. Some girl then comes out with some weird Lullabuy music. Seems she is Susie. Is that Su Yung without the makeup? Yup it is Su Yung as the screen goes red showing Su Yung when she implies she is angry.

Back to the Compound of the Deaners with The North arriving to a barn.

Backstage now with OVE and Joey Ryan with him inviting OVE to the ring for his match against Crazy Steve.

Once again to the Deaner Compound with Cody and others. The North are not happy that there are 19 Deaner’s and only meant to be facing two.
So the Wheel’s is not the guy in the wheel chair, he’s the ref, as Wheels starts coming in on a Tractor.
Nope that is not Wheels that is just some hot farming chick.
Apparently Wheels like to play with Toy Cars and he is a big dude as water starts to shake as he shows up.
Interesting spot where the camera cuts out after Page throws a bag of golf clubs at Wheels and also takes out the camera.
Action has now left the confines of the barn and Cody gets double team razor edges out of the back of a transport on to a crowd of Deaners.
Who is this guy that is basically Mose from The Office?
Cody chases Josh Alexander on to the top of trailer like every cinematic match has to have apparently. Piledriver by Alexander on Deaner leaves him out while The North take on Wheels in the ring but can’t get the three count.
The Boys finally attack the ref but fights back only missing a moonsault off the top. The Ref has no legs.
Ref is knocked out after Deaner hits the DDT and has the pin. The North comeback while Deaner is trying to revive the ref.
Not sure who he is but some guy low blows Wheels and reveals a ref shirt to count the fast three for The North to retain their belts.

Back to an interview with TJP and Fallah about their chances at a title shot. The Rascalz come in and talk about why they are more deserving. Leads to a match set for next week to see who has the advantage.

All three Rascalz are now doing a Round table video promo about the possibility of a title shot when Moose comes in.
Moose has the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and they ask why he has it. He deflects the question but says Trey should come after his title instead of Tessa if he wins the tournament. Trying to legitimize his title is an interesting point.

Flashback moment of Cody vs. Moose from 2017.
This was from that stupid rounds matches thing.
Oh yes the Grand Championship. That is when I stopped watching Impact.
Match went to the judges decision.

Video promo for Deonna Purrazzo who has now signed with Impact Wrestling after her NXT 30 Day No Compete Clause has ended.
Impact has done more with her in one episode then WWE did in two years.

Next is some promo I didn’t understand from Rosemay and John E Bravo.
John tells Rosemary that he feels Taya treats him like he sold his soul to her. Looks like he is teaming up with Rosemary instead of Taya for now.

So the Rascalz gimmick is they are stoners? Do they hang out with RVD?
Trey is finally able to get Elgin down after hitting a spring back DDT off the ropes on to the floor.
Trey is able to get a two count after a split legged moonsault.
Madison and Josh play up the history of Trey and Ace Austin to push the possible finals matchup between the two.
Elgin hits a great move off the corner that looks likea flipping double eat defeat that led to only a two count.
Elgin getting angry and starting talking to Trey saying he just won’t quit after yet another two count.
Trey has started to no sell the chops and hits from Elgin and is not going blow for blow but Elgin is able to get a kick to the midsection.
Both men are down as they go to break.
CLose pinfall attempt by Trey with Elgin just kicking out.
Elgin hits a nice cutter on Trey pulling him into the ring using the top rope to slingshot him into the cutter.
Elgin hits a clothesline after no selling a destroyer then Trey countered Elgin with a cutter and both men are down.
Elgin still kicks out at two after a springing low cutter by Trey.
This has been a great match with a great story being told. They have really made you think that Trey could pull out the win.
Elgin kicks out after Trey hits a double knee from the top rope driving Elgin into the mat.
Michael ELgin goes nuts after only getting a two count on Trey after countering a top rope dropkick into a sit out powerbomb.
Some hacker thing saying ICU on the screen is apparently from Sami Callihan but no one comes out. It does distract Elgin enough for Trey to get the roll up and the win to advance to the final against Ace Austin.
Post Match Elgin is trashing things around the ring after being eliminated from the tournament.

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