NWA NWA RETRO World Championship Wrestling


Opening with footage of Dusty vs. Tully in an arena before heading the intro.

We are starting off strong with Magnum TA and Ric Flair at the podium with David and Tony. Magnum TA is dressed to wrestle but Flair is in his suit but has Sweet Charlotte with him.
Ric Flair takes a dig at Magnum about the clothes as well. Ric Flair questions David calling Magnum TA being the big star as he takes exception. He further explains the differences between him and Magnum.
Magnum again pushe the fact they will fight for the world title one day.

David and Tony are pushing the black glove being worn by Bass since getting back from his last tour and how it is part of his ring gear now.
David and Tony have stated now that Tully has won the NWA World Television Title back from Dusty Rhodes.
All Ron Bass at this time. He seems to just be breaking down Ligon down with rest holds and strikes to different body parts.
Ligon finally gets a bit of offense in but only a few strikes before Bass regains the advantage.
Gene is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to prevent the three count.
Bass puts the claw on to Ligon with the glove hand and slowly takes Ligon to the mat and gets the three count.
They play up that the ref and Dillion need to help get the claw off the head of Ligon. Nice heel move.

Over to Tony at the Podium with Paul Jones and Abdullah The Butcher to push the feud with Jimmy Valiant.

Back from commercial with Jimmy Valiant at the podium to be interviewed by Tony. Valiant tries to speak but gives up and uses the chalkboard again.

Jimmy just gets in with a lot of energy and goes right after Barber.
Jones comes out to ringside to join the commentary to further the feud more.
Valiant choked Barber while pointing and looking right Jones which leads to Jones complaining that Valiant is praised for doing the same things Valiant is cheered for.
After an elbow drop Valiant gets the pinfall win and goes straight for Jones chasing him into the ring.
Valiant chokes Valiant out until Abdullah the Butcher finally comes in for the save and goes right after the throat of Valiant which Jimmy sells a lot.
Some jobbers try to come in for the save but it takes Magnum and others to make the eventual save.
Going to commercial with Valiant screaming in pain.

Back from Commercial with Tony at the podium with the NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Russians.
They go over the fact that they have not seen Dusty’s Gorilla yet and it is all lies. Ivan reads a letter from a “fan.”
Nikita cuts a promo on Ric Flair being soft and says the title belongs to him.

Tully has his Television Championship back and seems to be back to his old cocky self.
Tully keeps taunting the jobber and makes him come to him and takes advantage every time.
Tully is all smiles while working over the leg of Williams.
Not sure which is worse when Tully has an arm bar on, the arm bar itself or the fact Tully pushes his ass against your face while doing it.
Just for fun Tully throws Williams back outside the ring the minute Williams got back in from the first time he was thrown outside the ring.
How did the referee not DQ Tully for Baby Doll slapping the face of Williams directly in front of the referee?
Tully finally hits the Slingshot Suplex into the pinfall for the win.

Ole and Arn Anderson are with Tony at the Podium to show off their newly won NWA National Tag Team Championships.

All Black Bart from the word go. Bart bites the face of Glover while looking right into the main camera.
Glover is just getting tossed around by Bart.
Bass came out and said something to Black Bart leading to Bart saying this is for you and chokes Glover for at least a minute.
Sounds like we even got a Boring Chant from the crowd during this one because it is going on for WAY too long.
Bart finally gets the pinfall victory after a leg drop by Bart out of the corner.

Back to Tony and David at the podium to give anniversary wishes before the commercial break.

Back from commercial with Dusty Rhodes at the podium with some bananas to give his thoughts first on Tully taking his title belt.
Now time for Dusty to reveal his Gorilla which appears to be someone in a Gorilla Suit.
Dusty tells Tony to interview the Gorilla who just grunts. Dusty says he is going to leave him out there in the cage with Tony and David.

Golden Terror goes after Magnumn but is slammed and Magnum is able to hit the Belly to Belly to get the pinfall victory just like that.

Tony is now interviewing Ron Bass about his black glove and put himself over.

Ric Flair starts by talking trash to Magnum TA who is at ringside with Tony.
We got to the commercial break now for the hour break and Flair is in control once they get back.
Not long after coming back Ric Flair puts the Figure Four on and gets the easy Submission win.
Post match Flair instantly goes to the Podium to cut a promo on Magnum and basically challenges Magnum to a match which Magnum is more than happy to accept.
Flair gets in the ring only to leave the ring right away. Flair plays it off that he is being a good guy and not defeat him on national television.

Before the break Tully Blanchard comes out with Baby Doll to put over winning the World Television Championship. Tully tells Dusty to get to the bottom of the ladder where he belongs.

Back from commercial again with Dusty and Tony again. Dusty says the audience wants to call the Gorilla Baby Doll #2.

As always the Anderson’s go right after the arms of their opponents. Love that they go after the new man the minute the tag is made even before the man can get in the ring.
Loving how the Anderson’s are all about the arm with every single move they do.
The Anderson’s get the submission win after Ole hits a knee drop from the top on the arm of Dye.

Back from Commercial with the Anderson’s at the podium to put over that they got the titles now but willing to show Manny and Thunderbolt they are better again.

You know you have watched a lot of 1980s NWA when you start recognizing the jobbers.
Pez gets the quick and easy pinfall victory after flying headbutt takes down Doug Vines.

Black Bart is at the podium with Tony by himself to cut a promo about how he is not seen many people against him so challenges a bunch of faces.

Nikita and Ivan take their time coming to the ring because of the Gorilla.
A Couple shots of the Gorilla now agitated that the Russians are out there.
Nikita is making a lot of the same sounds and grunts as the Gorilla while tearing Allan Martin apart.
After the clothesline Nikita gets the pinfall victory.

Back from the break and we have Tony interviewing the Russians at the podium once again but this time the Gorilla is throwing stuff at them.
THe Russians get close to the Gorilla who steals the headband of Ivan Koloff.

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