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Start with a recap of the number 1 contenders tournament.

Still not sure what to make of Susie as a character not having seen the evolution from Su Yung.
I like the idea of Tasha as a heel a lot more than what NWA was doing with her as a face.
Susie comes in without seemingly knowing what a wrestling match is until she finally slaps Tasha for taunting her leading to Tasha tagging out to Kiera.
Tasha back in wants to shake hands with Susie leading to putting her in the corner allowing Kiera to get the cheap shot on Susie.
From the commentary it sounds like Impact is thinking about bringing back the Knockout Tag Team Championships.
Interesting spot with Susie getting Kylie’s bow back that was stolen last week leading to an almost hulk up from Kylie.
A little bit of confusion from Kiera and Tasha but the eventually are able to take out Kylie and get the pinfall victory on Susie.

Ace Austin is in the back for an interview where he is just checking out the interviewer. He says he is not concerned about the past and only is looking forward.
Moose comes in with the TNA Heavyweight Championship to further his cause as being the real World Champion in Impact.

Like that we finally get to see Joey Ryan in a gimmick other than his 80s sleezeball gimmick.
Crazzy Steve is a TNA original? What is the criteria? Having wrestled while it was called TNA?
Crazzy Steve says he knows Ryan and points at the crotch of Ryan who gets upset and tries to take out Ryan but Steve is able to keep the advantage until a dropkick from Ryan connects.
Anyone notice that Crazzy Steve got some of his paint on Ryan’s nice shirt?
Jake eventually gets on the ring to distract to allow Dave to get the interference in behind the back of the ref and Joseph Ryan takes advantage and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match Joseph Ryan cuts a promo pushing Cancel Culture and invites the Crist’s to join and they say they are willing but Ryan wants them to prove they are willing. He wants Jake to take out his own brother which he does without question. Genuinely interested where this is leading.

What ever you do, don’t take a shot every time someone says “TNA Original” as you will likely be in the hospital.
When did Chase Stevens turn into mini James Storm?
A lot of offense from Rohit so far but he is just not able to capitalize on it with only getting two counts.
Rohit tells the camera he won’t let Stevens steal his spotlight and continues by trash talking Stevens instead of taking it to him and it costs Rohit.
Steven’s gets a close two count after a flurry of offense.
Rohit Raju gets the knees up to stop a moonsault from Stevens but is only able to regain the advantage after pulling the ref in to stop a running move by Stevens.
Cheap shot from Rohit leads to him getting the advantage, hitting his finisher and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match Rohit talks trash to the camera not seeing Rhino hit the ring and gore him once he turns around.

Havok and Neveah are in the back to be interviewed about what brings Neveah to Impact. They say they are now a team.

Time for Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger to interview Chris Bey.
Johnny wants to introduce Bey as his new partner but Madison cuts him off as she is the host.
Swinger is very excited with Bey being there but Bey seems more annoying by Swinger than anything.
Swinger keeps cutting off Bey from answering and answers for him.
Swinger once again answers for Bey about whether Bey is ready to take the X Division title from Mack and become a tag team champion with him.
Swinger says he and Bey will challenge two guys next week and Bey agrees if Swinger then helps him win the X Division title from Mack.

Flashback Moment time between Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley. This is when Lashley took the belt from Drew.

Back to the interview station to hear from Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace only to be interrupted by Taya Valkyrie.
Taya talks about how Jordynne hasn’t been there and says why not face Taya tonight which Taya backs away from so Jordynne says let’s do it next week instead and the match is set.

Nice to see a tag team that not only mentions but fully embraces their filipino heritage!
Fallah Bahh says not to shake hands to start the match because of the touching. Fallah then keeps moving TJP to the corner in order to start the match leading to a comedy spot of TJP trying to do the same thing.
Lots of spots with the boys trying to move Fallah to no avail.
A lot of fast paced action when TJP is in the ring with the Rascalz.
Rascalz are now isolating TJP to lead to a possible hot tag to Fallah Bahh.
Fallah Bahh gets the hot tag and is taking out both The Rascalz even using one as a lawn dart against the other.
Love the move of having TJP jump on the back of Fallah before Fallah does the bodysplash to add his weight to Fallah’s.
Not sure which team is the Heel team if either are even supposed to be heels.
A lot of close two counts but no winners yet with Fallah Bahh still on the floor on the outside until he needs to come in to break the count.
Nice spot with Wentz and Fallah changing the positions of TJP and Dez for multiple two counts.
TJP is able to put on an ankle lock when Dez came out of nowhere with a springboard.
Rascalz get the pin when Dez is trying to escape the anklelock but Wentz pushes Dez back into a bridging pin for the pinfall victory and become the number 1 contenders.
Show of respect from both teams post match with Rascalz offering a title shot if they win.

Another video promo from Deonna Purrazzo to show once again Impact has already used her better than WWE/NXT ever did. Her debut match will be next week.

Back from Commercial with Bravo and Rosemary. She is trying to get him to bite an apple but right before he is going to Taya calls and he stops everything and goes to Taya.

Michael Elgin is backstage making someone play his music so he can go out the ring with a microphone.
He mentions Sami costing him the match last week leading to the Sami hacking thing showing up on the screen and doesn’t even phase Elgin.
He says he is not going to let the #1 Contenders Match to happen as he is going to take out anyone who comes out to the ring until he is called the #1 Contender or the Champion.
Ken Shamrock comes out to take on Elgin after Elgin took him out of the tournament weeks ago.
Elgin is able to get away and keeps telling Shamrock it will be on his time and not Shamrocks and leaves.

They go to the back where Trey has been taken out and is out cold.
Ace seems falsely shocked over the attack and is saying on the mic he should be the #1 contender now because his opponent can’t be there.
Wentz has come out to confront Ace Austin saying he knows it was Austin who attacked Trey.
Scott D’Amore has come out now to settle things down with Ace Austin saying he didn’t need to take him out.
D’Amore says fine, this is the match now and it is Wentz taking Trey’s spot.
Wentz is losing it in his attacking of Ace Austin leading to the Ref trying to tell him to be smart and keep his mind in the ring and not about what is going on in the back.
Commercial Break time.
Back from Commercial and Ace Austin has appeared to have gained the advantage during the break.
Madison Rayne makes a good point about why Wentz doesn’t deserve this spot where Ace Austin actually did earn his way to the final, regardless of how he made it.
It really doesn’t help with building Ace Austin has a strong contender the longer it takes for him to pull off the win against someone who has already wrestled a match tonight.
Wentz backs up to the stage to get a running start on a move but Austin catches him with a roundhouse kick as we go to commercial.
Back from the final Commercial Break with Austin in control again.
Josh keeps implying it was Ace Austin that attacked Trey backstage with Rayne playing devil’s advocate saying we don’t know who did the attack. She also keeps saying Wentz is an opportunist for coming out here instead of staying with his friend in the back.
Ace Austin uses a laminated card to go after the fingers of Wentz.
Both men able to beat the ten count with Wentz hulking up to hold the advantage.
Both men are starting to slow down as we get closer to the finish.
Ace Austin gets the knees up as Wentz comes off the top with a swanton giving Austin the advantage.
Austin hits the Fold and gets the pinfall victory to become the #1 Contender for the World Championship.

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