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Nice recap of last week’s events setting up tonight’s matchups.
Love that Sammy getting hit by the golf cart has entered the intro to Dynamite.

How many rolling puns are we going to get from Britt Baker over the coming months?

Starting off with a championship match is always a great way to start a show off.
Am I the only one who hates “Tag Teams” that don’t come out as a tag team let alone the champions AND the challengers both doing that?
Penelope having her presence felt pretty early on tripping up Kenny Omega behind Knox’s back.
Nice to see the Best Friends at ringside being able to scout who their opponent will be. One of many new story telling elements that have been added by having wrestlers as your audience.
Even better to have FTR sitting in seats in the stands watching the match showing how much they appreciate AEW showing off Tag Team wrestling.
Terrible spot where Jimmy Havoc literally stops moving toward Kip because Kenny and Hangman weren’t ready to stop the tag yet.
Love seeing Penelope have to explain to Knox after Hangman caught her. She gets the boot but it allows Knox to be distracted while Havoc hits Omega and Page with a wrench but can only get a two count.
Knox didn’t play along with the field goal bit this week leading to Hangman recovering and taking out Havoc and Sabian to be able to get the hot tag to Omega.
Why would Havoc put Hangman in the ring after throwing him into the barricade outside?
Page is able to break up the count as close as it can get without being a three.
Really good back and forth match where both feel like they could come out with the win.
Havoc is hit with the Last Call by Omega and Page to get the pinfall victory and retain their titles.
Like that they showed FTR and Best Friends in the audience after.

Nice to see Fyter Fest is going to be special episode of Dynamite over two weeks and not another PPV.

Would have loved them to show the entire Tully promo again even if I have watched it four or five times so far.
Is that the same glove that Ron Bass brought back from Japan in 1985?

Do we really need to see the recap of Tyson and Jericho AGAIN?

I doubt this match is going to last long if Taz is not going to sit down.
Well it is going to last as long as Brian Cage wants it to last.
Well you know it is not WWE when you see the bucklebomb.
Drillclaw by Cage leads to the Pinfall Victory over Dean, like there was any doubt.
Post match Taz grabs a mic to talk about Moxley’s commentary during Cage’s match last week.
You know it is serious when someone drops an S Bomb.
Doesn’t take much to get Moxley to come out as his music hits after Taz hits the catchphrase.
Taz tells Moxley to think before entering the ring which Moxley doesn’t think about and just enters the ring.
Moxley puts over Cage explaining why he was laughing and smiling because he is looking forward to facing someone of Cage’s level.
How many people were at the show or did AEW pipe in some crowd noise to the edit? Sounded like a lot of people cheering for Mox.

Back with Alex Marvez who has found Jake Roberts and Lance Archer beating up a luchador in a construction site. Archer explains that a loss changes nothing.

They are showing a blossoming relationship between Matt Hardy and Private Party.
Matt Hardy says that they are the future of tag team wrestling and says they remind them of him and his brother. Matt offers them his services and they call the trio Hardy Party.
Hardy runs into Sammy while leaving and says they’re cool and offers him respect.

Another recap of Cody winning the TNT Championship and helps put over Cody’s mission to defend the Championship.
Now time to show highlights of the Battle Royal with Jungle Boy winning last week before showing highlights of Jungle Boy’s match against Jericho.

Fyter Fest promo now showing it is over two weeks on TNT.
Another Recap of last week’s pep rally leading to the Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho attack. Showing all the headlines and views it got to put it over as a big deal in mainstream.
At least they are showing why we are getting Colt vs. Jericho this week.

I was starting to wonder if Jericho and Cabana had fought in a one off in WWE at some time but thankfully JR was able to let me know that has never happened.
How does Sammy not know all the words to Judas by now?
How is the Blade okay with Allie all over QT Marshall at ringside?
Cabana having nothing of Jericho’s intimidation tactics and takes it right to Jericho.
Colt is busted in the mouth but still able to get a nice moonsault on Hager and Jericho on the outside.
Hager finally able to get in an attack on Cabana while Jericho distracts Aubrey inside the ring.
Back from Commercial with Jericho in full control of Cabana.
Colt Cabana is able to count and send Jericho into the corner crotch first.
Jericho is just able to get his shoulder up after a splash from Colt.
Nice spot with it looking like Jericho was in position for the superman pin but Jericho moves his legs and turns it into a Lion Tamer.
Classic Jericho thinking he won when Aubrey broke the submission after Colt got to the ropes.
Colt walks right into the currently most protected move in Wrestling in the Judas Effect for Jericho to get the Pinfall victory.
Post match Jericho grabs a mic and tells everyone to treat him with respect. He says Tyson will get the same treatment as Colt and also dropped a S bomb.
Jericho says he wants Mike Tyson now not next week or next PPV.
Orange Cassidy comes out instead of Tyson. Cassidy is able to avoid all contact from Hager and Jericho and Cassidy joins Best Friends at ringside with a faceoff between Inner Circle and Best Friends. Looking forward to seeing how they handle this new feud until Death Triangle is back in full force.

Just realized that Fyter Fest will be at 10pm which means it will be an hour after Dynamite each night most likely and not a special episode of Dynamite.

A recap of what just happened with Jericho calling out Tyson.

You have to give them credit that they are able to keep Britt’s character going even with the injury. If they keep this up the whole time it is going to be great.

So looks like the Yellow Power Ranger is about to get destroyed by Nyla Rose after being pissed over the loss.
Interesting looks from Hikaru who looks more scared or unsure of Nyla which is not a good look for the champion.
Swole able to avoid the elbows from Nyla.
Well match has already lasted longer than I thought it would before the match started.
Swole actually getting some offense in including sending Nyla to the outside by holding down the top rope.
Big Swole able to actually get a two count after a slingshot cutter through the ropes. They’re definitely make Swole look good but making Nyla look more beatable with Swole getting another close two count.
Spear from Nyla gives her control right back but Swole is able to fight back until Nyla Rose hits the spinebuster/sit down powerbomb move to get a pinfall victory in a lot closer match than I expected.
Post match Tony is interviewing Big Swole at ringside after her loss but Britt taunts her which Swole decides to take it right to her.

Backstage to an earlier interview with Tony and Darby Allin saying Darby isn’t cleared by the doctors. Helps further the story between him and Taz/Cage.

Back from commercial we get the interview with FTR by Tony.
FTR says they have had a year and a half to think about everyone they want to fight in AEW including Santana & Ortiz, the Lucha Bros as well as the Tag Champions.
Tony calls them out for not mentioning the Young Bucks. FTR says they are not a dream match to them and don’t agree and think they are much better than them and could beat the Bucks in 3 seconds.
FTR says they want the Bucks to be at the top of the game and 100% and not beaten down so there are no excuses.
Butcher and Blade then show up just as the interview ends so looks like this is setting up a match. FTR says we will be happy to wrestle them.

Back to Marvez with Colt Cabana to interview him about his loss against Jericho.
Colt talks about how he is unable to get big wins which leads to Brodie entering to offer him help. Who thinks the water is spiked and Colt starts to join up.

Anyone else catch the mistake on commentary saying Rey Fenix would be challenging for the TNT title next week even though they showed a graphic earlier saying Marq Quinn from Private Party will be?
Finally seeing Cody fight like he has something to lose is a nice change to his usual presence in matches lately.
Cody holding on to the figure four showing he is being smart and not emotional with his actions in the ring now.
Cody throwing Jungle Boy on to the Gunn Club at ringside.
Back from commercial and Cody is still in control of the match.
Nice spot with Jungle Boy moving out of the way and Cody headbutting the wall which leads to Jungle Boy and MJF talking trash so Cody can blade as he is now busted open.
Jungle Boy now going right for the open forehead of Cody.
Nice selling by Cody on the clothesline from Jungle Boy.
Been a long time since I’ve seen someone hold another up that long while standing on the second rope.
Great camera shot from Arn Anderson after Cody and Jungle Boy fell through the table from the top. Cody got up a lot quicker than one would expect from the spot.
Cody with a Cross Rhodes to get the Pinfall Victory over Jungle Boy in a great fight.
Post Match Brandi, Dustin, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt come out to check on both men.

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