If they are just going to have the “crowd” boo the heels and cheer the faces why not just pipe the crowd noise in? Sounds just as fake to me.
Candice tried to start the match with a cheap shot to Mia but it back fires and Mia has completely control to start the match.
Good job by Mia Yim to sell the back after Candice did so much to it. It’s the little things!
Vicious looking wheelbarrel by Mia Yim into the Barricade on the outside.
Fight on the outside leads to a double countout but the fight continues with them breaking part of the video wall.
Tegan, Dakota, Raquel and Shotzi join to make it a brawl but ends up just being Yim and Lerae again but then Gargano and Lee come out to push their feud and Regal announces they are going to have a mixed tag match right now.

Back from Commercial and Johnny is complaining that he is not dressed to wrestle so the Gargano’s try to leave but are stopped by Keith who carries both back to the ring.
Johnny is still complaining about not being dressed.
Lerae is able to get the cheap shot on Yim after Mia tries to kick Gargano.
Mia Yim looking right at Gargano and the ref as she face washes Candice in the corner.
Gargano finally gets involved to break up a pin attempt from Mia Yim on Candice.
Nice touch to have Gargano use his car keys to Keith Lee since it makes since he would have those in his street clothes.
Candice uses the moment to roll up Mia Yim to get the pinfall victory.
Post Match Johnny Gargano takes the opportunity to also crush Keith Lee’s hand with the ring steps.
Johnny steals the North American Title and lays it on the In Your House Logo to send a message.

Video promo from Ciampa pushing his match with Kross at TakeOver.

Interview time with Dexter Lumis who just walks away after being asked a question only to come back with a canvas to start a painting before they go to commercial.

Back with an earlier today interview outside with Drake Maverick. He is in a great mood before his match. He is saying it is the only day he has never felt pressure because it could be the best day or worst day of his life.

Now it is the prime target segment promoting the Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream match at Takeover.
They have Undisputed Era pick up Adam Cole and his Championship to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of his title reign.
Cut to Velveteen Dream rollerblading and vlogging about the history between him and Cole.
Kyle O’Reilly NEEDS a shave ASAP.
Now Velveteen is on his couch to talk about how he pinned Cole the last time they were in the ring together.
Apparently Prince talks to Velveteen Dream through a mirror.
We are now hearing from Sam Roberts, Drew McIntyre, Pat McAfee and others about the match.

Back from commercial with Dexter’s painting of him driving a car with Undisputed Era in it. They say it is creepy but I have seen the stuff he has done not meant to be seen on television.

Nice that we are actually getting a match with a backstory coming out of the Cruiserweight Tournament. This is one of the advantages of the Round Robin tournaments.
Swerve taking it right to Nese to showing how pissed he is.
Fight goes to the outside and both men barely get back in but thankfully we didn’t get another double count out.
Nice seeing Swerve showing some power to come out of the submission by Nese and turn it into a deadlift brainbuster.
Swerve was about to throw Nese back into the ring but pauses then throws him into the steel steps instead.
Jack Gallagher comes out in street clothes causing Scott to get distracted and Nese gets an advantage but Swerve counters with a rollup to get the win.
Post match Swerve escapes a beatdown from Gallagher and Nese.

Backstage we see Lorcan & Burch as well as Strong & Fish getting ready for the triple threat match.

We get a new entrance for Tyler Breeze and Fandango as astronauts. They put over that Fandango didn’t get surgery and went with physical therapy to get back sooner.
Three men in the ring at a time and first pinfall or submission gets the win.
Stare down between Breeze and Danny Burch which ends when Roddy comes into the ring illegally so they team up to throw him out.
Back from commercial Roderick is getting a mudhole stomped into him from Burch and Breeze.
Did Beth say Burch needed to go to a cover when the other two were out on the ring? Did she forget the TWO men standing on the ring apron able to break up a pin?
Fandango finally gets in the ring to show his lack of ring rust.
Great spot with Lorcan doing the uppercuts in the corner to Fish in one corner and Fandango in the other only to take out Strong in the middle of the ring in between the uppercuts.
Another good spot with Burch throwing Fandago over the top to the outside on the rest outside.
Shot of Dexter Lumis at ringside watching Undisputed Era which allows Breezango to get a shot in with Fandango hitting a Last Dance leg drop to get the win and become the Number 1 Contenders.
Post Match Imperium come out only to be followed by Bivens and his boys leading to a three way standoff.

Backstage we see Drake getting ready for his match.

Back from the commercial we see Chelsea Green pushing Flair out of the way to save her. Now we see a clip from last week with Stone and Green where Green fired Stone.

So am I guessing that with Chelsea going to the main roster Aliyah is going to be the next to take that spot.
Santana back to her orange gear. Really not sure what her character is at this point.
Doesn’t take long for Robert Stone to show up at ringside to cheer on Aliyah telling her she needs to win the match.
All Aliyah so far but still only able to get a two count.
Really interesting to see that Stone is looking dishevelled. It shows he is not taking losing Green that well.
Garrett wakes up after getting slapped by Aliyah and gets a pinfall victory.
Aliyah looks almost as upset as Stone does over Aliyah over the loss.

Backstage we see El Hijo Del Fantasma getting ready in the back.

Now time for Prime Target highlighting the NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat match.
Io getting to cut a promo in Japanese with subtitles is a good sign. She talks about enjoying being alone and how that makes her stronger. She switches to English to finish her promo.
Cut to Rhea choosing to get up early to be the best me she can be and why she works out early in the morning. She says 2019 was highest of high and 2020 has had it all fall away.
Over to Charlotte working out in the ring talking about her nerves being back on a TakeOver. She says she was offended when fans chanted she doesn’t go there.
We get to hear from Nattie and other talking heads.
Rhea is now talking about how she saw an opportunity and took it when Charlotte won the Rumble to get HER Wrestlemania moment.
Sam Roberts, Beth Phoenix and others go over how great Io Shirai is.

Grimes is talking about how he beat Finn Balor last week as he walks to the ring.
If it hadn’t been forever since I remember seeing Bronson Reed on NXT I would think he could beat Grimes.
Grimes did a nice chop that Reed no sold with a great reaction from Grimes.
Grimes able to take advantage after Reed misses a splash from the top rope. He hits the cave in to get the pinfall victory on Reed without making Reed look weak.
Post Match Grimes talks about beating Balor again but turns around to see Kross in the ring and bails out immediately. Kross destroys Reed instead and sends a message to Ciampa.

I really wish Fantasma would add the Punisher-like face mask to his lucha mask as it looks even cooler with the two combined.
Nice Handshake to start the match with Fantasma rolling up Maverick right away but only gets a two count. Drake is shocked but composes himself.
Fantasma keeps getting close pin attempts which is frustrating Maverick so he collects himself leading to Drake getting some offense in.
Back from Commercial and Drake is in control of the match having Fantasma in the corner.
Drake goes to get Fantasma outside to bring him back in but Fantasma hits a sit out powerbomb on the padding on the outside. Drake sells it great even if Fantasma only gets a two count.
I really like Drake’s dropkick to the lower leg putting his opponent into the middle turnbuckle. Great move that fits his size and character.
Nice to see Fantasma keep bringing out Submission moves focusing on the back since the move on the outside. Drake keeps saying he won’t quit which Fantasma seems shocked about.
Another powerbomb by Fantasma and another two count to further frustrate/shock Fantasma.
A slap from Maverick leads to a fury of offense by Fantasma but Maverick still able to hit a clothesline and a bunch of punches in the corner where the ref had to do two four counts back to back.
Maverick able to get a two count but Fantasma still able to kick out.
Both men fighting on the turnbuckles leading to one going to the outside while Maverick was in the ring.
Two gold masked luchadors in suits come out but Maverick takes them out but Fantasma takes out Maverick upon returning to the ring. Fantasma gets the pinfall win and is now the Interim Cruiserweight Champion.
Post match Fantasma celebrates while Beth and Mauro put over the end of Drake’s dream job.
Fans give Drake an ovation and Drake talks to the camera saying Thank You to everyone for their support.
Triple H comes out and offers Drake an NXT Contract saying he deserves it.

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