Back for another week of in depth looks into an NXT UK group and this week it is Gallus!

We are starting off with a look at the NXT UK Championship Tournament from 2018 where the Coffey boys attacked. They then showed Wolfgang joining them before leading to the build between Joe Coffey and Pete Dunne at the first NXT UK Takeover.

Someone’s busted open early as ref has the Black Gloves on and not the black glove like the one Tully gave Shawn Spears!
Really love hearing the ref telling wrestlers to hold on to the tag ropes.
Still not sure who is busted open yet.
Bate able to get the hot tag to Seven after Gallus worked him over for the majority of the match so far.
Miscommunication between Mark Coffey and Wolfgang to let Seven get a near fall on Wolfgang.
Nasty sounding move to the ringsteps by Joe Coffey on Trent Seven behind the ref’s back.
Nice heel move by Wolfgang to be able to hold the tights of Seven without the ref seeing so Joe Coffey could continue the attack on Seven in the corner.
Pete Dunne finally gets the hot tag after Seven had been worked over for the second portion of the match.
Wolfgang able to drag Pete Dunne to the corner while in the submission to get the tag to Mark Coffey. Nice that Mark gets put in the submission upon entering the ring and when Mark tags back to Wolfgang the same thing happens again.
Wolfgang eventually is able to suplex Pete Dunne to break the series of submissions.
Love how fast Joe Coffey can move and how high he can fly even if Tyler Bate was not home for the cross body off the top rope.
Always amazed at the people Tyler Bate can helicopter spin and for how long he can do it to them like with Joe Coffey here.
Loved the spot with Joe blocking the one hand of Tyler Bate to then hit the headbutt only for Tyler to punch Joe for both to go down.
Good spot with the ring cleared of everyone but Joe and Pete for them to just go at it blow for blow in the middle of the ring. Great story telling to push the upcoming match between the two.
Interesting spot with Dunne blocking the tag and doing his finger breaking only not to see the blind tag in the end.
What a corkscrew senton off the top rope by Tyler Bate to everyone else on the outside.
Great Lariat to counter Tyler’s springback off the ropes for Joe Coffey to be able to get the pin and win.

Video promo about how Gallus wants to take anyone out that stands in their way.
Next up is the Bomber against the King.

Back from the break we see Joe Coffey putting himself over and how he just want to fight and win the Gallus way. Joe says everyone are lambs for the slaughter and that his bark is as big as his bite.

Joe is by himself to come out but is wrapping a chain around his wrist from the entrance leading to Mastiff just running at him in the entrance way to start the match.
And with that Mastiff through Coffey into the turnbuckle so hard that the top turnbuckle broke leading to the rope coming off.
Mastiff is not using the turnbuckle as a weapon before going to break.
Back from break and Mastiff is whipping Joe with the chain on the outside of the ring.
Someone let Devon know because Dave Mastiff has just got a table from under the ring.
Nice tug of war over the chain with Mastiff being smart and just letting go causing Joe to fall back. This leads to Mastiff being able to put Coffey through the table but both men made it up before 10.
They have head into the crowd with Mastiff using a chair on Joe with Joe eventually punching the chair away using the chain around his hand to somewhat protect it and force Mastiff to drop the chair.
Both men get back up and just stare down with Mastiff starting to laugh as he picks up two chairs before tossing one of them to Joe Coffey. Great spot with both men charging down an aisle at each other and crashing into each other with the chairs.
They’ve made their way over to the Broadcast booth where Mastiff starts to prepare the table for a spot.
That has to hurt. The table did not break after Mastiff tries to put Coffey through the table.
Coffey is able to get back up and both are up above the booth now on a platform leading to a Please Don’t Die chant from the fans.
A headbutt leads to both men falling from the platform through another table placed below.
Nice finish with both men trying to use the rolling cases to get up and at 9 Joe is able to kick away the one Mastiff was using allowing him to be up but Mastiff to stay down for the 10 count.

We now see Gallus winning the Tag Belts before showing the other Scottish Champions in the WWE fold leading to a Zoom call segment with Andy Shephard and the five Scottish Superstars holding gold.
Mark is first to talk about how his family and community reacted to him getting signed to WWE and how he felt about it.
Wolfgang talks about how all five of them holding gold can be motivating to young Scottish fans seeing they can achieve things on a global scale.
Wolfgang said he has noticed even more support coming since all five have held the belts more so than when Gallus first won the tag belts.
They then cut to show a graphic advertising watching the rest on Youtube.

Now to the video promo of Gallus from Scotland and talking about how they like it ugly. They are promoting a tag match between Wolfgang & Mark and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. I remember how much I enjoyed this promo when they first aired it.

Starting off already in progress with Imperium in the ring Flash Morgan Webster seeing Webster go head first into the bottom of a ladder.
Nice spot by Mark Andrews sliding under the ladder and getting the double Pele style kick to Imperium.
Enter Grizzled Young Veterans to take out Mark Andrews.
Love that Nigel calls out Mark Andrews for hitting the moonsault instead of going for the Titles. They try to play it off but it clearly looked like he could have climbed and got them instead.
That double springing moonsault off the ropes by Aichner on to Webster on the ladder was freaking awesome but could have been REALLY bad.
Why would Gibson and Drake waste so much time to set up a ladder when Barthel was still dazed on a ladder? Was too much of an obvious spot setup.
All eight men are on ladders together now with five ladders set up together.
Aichner and Coffey are first to go then Wolfgang and Barthel. Webster goes out of the ring hard off the ladder. Andrews is alone on the ladder but Gibson and Drake still stopping him.
Nice 450 splash off the set up ladder by James Drake to Mark Andrews.
Gibson was encouraging Drake to get up so they could go up the ladder but they are not able to reach them in time before Aichner gets back in. European Bomb by Imperium on Drake to take him out.
Imperium decides to clear the ring of all the ladders but one but that allows Gallus to get in to stop them from climbing the lone ladder.
Gallus gets a second ladder to sandwich both members of Imperium individually between ladders.
Smart spot to have Andrews and Webster take the only ladder out of the ring to prevent Gallus from getting it.
One of the things I remember about this match is the massive spot on the outside with Andrews and Webster that we are getting close to seeing again.
Never good when a table breaks just by having a guy on the table and not landing on it.
The Double Senton almost Spanish Fly like by Andrews & Webster through Wolfgang is still insane.
A kendo stick has now been introduced by Andrews and he unleashes with it on the Grizzled Young Veteran after Gibson begs him not to.
Barthel is the first to get his hands on the belts but Mark Coffey starts to try and suplex him but Aichner saves it.
Wolfgang saves Mark Coffey with a spear on Aichener through a ladder and after sending Barthel to the outside Gallus climb the ladder and get their Tag Team Championships!
Still a great match 6 months later!

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