At least Todd doesn’t still have his Mullet.
How many House puns are we going to get throughout the night?

Wouldn’t be NXT without a Triple H twist of having heavy metal to open the show.
Really like seeing the return of the old style set.
The more I hear how bad the PC talents have it as a crowd the more I think of them as trying to escape when banging on the Plexiglas.

Oh. My. God. Dakota Kai is a redhead now. I’m going to need a minute.
Nice opening showing off the strength of Raquel Gonzalez against Mia Yim.
How long is it going to take before Tegan Nox is fully transformed into Lady Kane?
Not sure if the spot with Dakota and Tegan with Nox sliding before the rollup was how it was supposed to come off but looked good in the end.
Nice spot with Raquel Gonzalez catching Shotzi but the spot with Mia Yim stopping for her spot was a slight miscommunication spot. Great move off the top to the outside on everyone by Tegan Nox though.
How fitting that I am eating Lumpia Shanghai while watching Shotzi Blackheart!
Great dragon suplex from Mia Yim.
What a beautiful looking powerbomb by Raquel Gonzalez on Tegan Nox that Tegan deserves just as much credit for.
Mia and Candice have fought to the back so Blackheart and Tegan can get the advantage after Dakota misses kick.
Tegan gets the pinfall victory on Dakota Kai.

We got an actual “paid spot” like the old days and even better was narrated by William Regal.

Back seeing Rhea pacing backstage before her triple threat match for the Women’s Title.

Am I the only one who thinks it would have been so much better if they had the wrestlers coming in through the door?
That was the best opening to a non Demon Finn Balor match to date.
Talk about anti climatic with the sidewalk slam on the hardest part of the ring by Priest on Balor.
Nice selling by Priest on the Jaw Breaker by Balor.
Does AJ Styles know that Finn Balor is using the Pele kick? Those two like to steal roles and moves from each other.
A lot of no selling by Damian Priest so far.
Razors Edge by Damian Priest to Finn Balor on to the hardest part of the ring.
Priest telling the ref not to stop the match as he is not done doesn’t sound as tough as they think it does.
Sick looking bump with Priest falling back on to the ring steps from the ring apron.
Double stomp from the top rope by Balor to get the pinfall victory and set a record for most TakeOver Victories.

Well I guess someone does get to use the front door of the set. Is Gargano supposed to be a Storm Trooper.
Mauro has to know that Michael Hayes will just be happy to have been seen on TV again.
Nice start with Gargano have zero impact on Keith Lee with him literally being shrugged off.
Nice to see that Keith Lee and Johnny Gargano were able to recreate a scene right out of a Romance Movie with that catch and holding Gargano.
Wait the doorbell camera was an actual camera? That was a nice angle even though it makes no sense since the set was no longer behind the door.
I like that they had Johnny take advantage by going after the injured eye and hand that Johnny caused earlier in the feud.
At least the “crowd” were able to come up with some cheers of their own.
Remember when AEW did the one eyed wrestler… TWICE? Nice to see NXT likes to wait a month or two before ripping off other shows.
Nice spot with Keith Lee able to use the bad arm to lift Gargano only for Johnny to pull at the fingers/hand to counter.
Nice Tope Suicida into the DDT on the floor by Gargano on to Keith Lee.
Why wouldn’t Johnny just break the count the normal way and go back to the outside right away?
Nice to see it didn’t take long for the Plexiglas to get used in a spot but if you are going to have the Wrestlers go out there why have the Plexiglas in the first place?
Mia Yim and Candice LeRae have joined the fray distracting the ref for Johnny to get the keys out of his trunks and dig in Keith’s eye. DDT leads to only a two count.
Johnny keeps going for pins after the stiff kicks to the head but Keith Lee keeps kicking out with Authority.
Keith Lee gets the pinfall victory but not like there is any doubt when the guy is wearing Black Lives Matter on his trunks.

Now we see Charlotte Flair getting ready for the triple threat women’s title match.

How is this not the main event?
Man seeing Adam Cole come in on the Monster Truck made me flashback to pre-nWo WCW with Hulk Hogan and The Giant.
Velveteen Dream is dressed like the dude from Walking Dead with the bat.
You have to know that someone is getting slammed in the back of that truck and I don’t think it will be Britt Baker!
Why wouldn’t you just get in the car you came in?
Did someone call for an Uber? How good is the security and health checks if the Uber gets in to the back-lot where a ring is set up?
Has this match had any action in the ring yet?
Missed opportunity not having Dream go to the top of the Undisputed Era Truck instead of the ladder.
Nice to see someone still went in to a windshield during the match.
Once Roddy and Fish showed up that Dexter Lumis would be showing up at some point. And right on cue!
Why would Adam Cole enter the ring on his own accord when he can only lose the belt in the ring?
Cole is able to kick out at two after a Dream Valley Driver on a pile of chairs in the ring.
Panama Sunrise on to the steel chairs from Adam Cole to get the pinfall victory and Velveteen Dream can no longer challenge for the NXT Title until Cole loses the title.

Wouldn’t be an In Your House without a merchandise spot!
Love the 900 number joke!
Seriously? AOL Chat? At least it was Old people who were trying to use it.

What is Scarlett wearing? Or should a better question be, what ISN’T Scarlett wearing?
All Karrion Kross to start the match which is to be expected since Kross is the one being pushed here.
How did it take this long for someone to say “You’re in my House”?
Good spot to get heat having Kross toss Ciampa spine first into the edge of the ring apron.
Kross is concentrating his attack on the back and spine of Ciampa now.
Ciampa has yet to get even a little bit of offense in as it is basically a squash at this point.
Kross has got to the point where he was taunting Ciampa to hit him but just ducked the swing and continued to take out Ciampa with ease.
Ciampa finally has got a flurry in and has taken Kross off his feet and even getting a Willows Cross in but only gets a two count on Kross.
Kross is back in advantage and all business now and puts on the Kross Jacket to choke out Ciampa and get the Knock Out submission victory.

Looks like the self destruction of Robert Stone has continued. Really interested where that is heading.

This is only the main event, in my opinion, because Charlotte Flair is in it. Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream had the better story more deserving of the main event spot.
Is it me or is Rhea basically getting the exact same story that Toni Storm was having in NXT UK? Both are struggling for their identity without being a Champion.
The only way you can get a crowd to cheer Charlotte Flair at this point is to be paying the crowd.
They’re having issues with feedback that has become more noticeable as the night has gone on.
Has it really been THAT long since the Women have Main Evented a TakeOver?
Even the paid crowd won’t cheer for Flair, that is telling you something.
Looked like some nasty whiplash on Rhea after taking the neckbreaker from Charlotte.
Nice series of chops from Charlotte on both to lead both to attack Charlotte that didn’t last long.
Not the best timing on the Frakensteiner with Charlotte not flipping until Io was already fully extended.
The kicks from Io looked terrible because Charlotte was obviously leaning down to get the kick. Hoping it was just miscommunication between Charlotte and Io due to not working with each other much.
Interesting double spear from Flair on both Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai.
Did Charlotte just tell the paid crowd to Suck It via the crotch signal?
Nice counter to the Riptide by Io Shirai on Rhea Ripley.
Very obvious that the ref was telling io Shirai to wait on the move until the replay had finished being shown.
Nice to see the set getting used finally.
How did Io Shirai get to the top of the set? Charlotte may need another nose job after that move.
Vicious boot by Charlotte on Io Shirai who was hanging down in Rhea’s arms.
That riptide off the top rope by Rhea did not look at all impressive.
Love one Rhea faces women who can make that hook submission of hers as impressive as Io was able to in a short period.
Surprised it took this long for the Kendo Stick to make its way in to the match.
Wow even better than the Cruiserweight triple threat match it was simply Charlotte unable to get out of the submission fast enough to break up the pin with Io Shirai becoming new champion after pinning Rhea Ripley while in the figure eight.

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