Starting off with footage of Tully Blanchard facing who appears to be Buzz Tyler before going to the intro.

Starting off with David and Tony at the podium to go over what is on the show tonight.

Ron Garvin’s National Heavyweight Championship is not on the line in this match.
All Garvin from the word go with him just going from one hold to another.
Clark was looking very clumsy in this match and seemed tired as he just fell on to the ropes and didn’t even move to the corner.
Clark is able to get some offense in as he lures Garvin to him in the corner but only lasts a few seconds before Garvin regains the advantage.
Knee to the chest from the middle turnbuckle by Garvin gets him the pinfall victory.

Over to the podium where Tony Schiavone is interviewing Paul Jones with Abdullah the Butcher. He is of course pushing his forever ongoing feud with Jimmy Valiant.

Back from commercial and we are getting another podium interview. Tony is interviewing Tully Blanchard with Baby Doll. Tully talks about how he is a long term champion and poked fun at how short Dusty’s reign is.
Tully puts over a lot of the contenders like Magnum and Manny Fernandez while only putting down Dusty. Says Dusty has to start from the back of the line and re-earn his shot.

David and Tony didn’t take long to put over the fact that Manny is feuding over the National Tag Team Titles against the Andersons with Thunderbolt. Took forever for David to get it out as he pauses after pretty much every word.
Manny seems to be working over the arm of Paul Garner in the same fashion the Anderson’s do. David and Tony finally point out that is exactly what Fernandez is doing, sending the message to the Anderson’s.
Manny finally gets out of the arm moves and just does his double thrust and gets the pinfall victory. Other than sending the message, the entire match of working over the arm had nothing to do with the finish.

Back from commercial for Tony to wish a happy anniversary for a couple celebrating their 50th.
Dusty comes in with a banana in hand and has the gorilla in the cage again.
Apparently Tony has the Gorilla’s mother for mother’s day. It is another person in an ape outfit but with a bonnet.
He mentions the Koloff’s quickly saying he and the gorilla will be taking the tag titles.

Ric Flair has the Ten Pounds of Gold with him but the title is not on the line in this match.
David and Tony are putting over the angle from last week between Ric Flair and Magnum TA where Flair avoided fighting Magnum after Magnum called Ric on his bluff.
Mostly mat wrestling from Ric Flair similar to how Garvin was wrestling in his match earlier.
Rossie starts to fight back after getting chopped and punched by Flair in the corner which seemed to please Flair.
Ric Flair is doing his usual trash talk in the ring during this match. He is saying Rossie is not good enough to be in the ring with him.
Rossie kicked out after a two count following the typical Flair knee drop to the head.
Figure Four time and Rossie gives up and Flair gets the Submission victory.

After the commercial break we get Ric Flair at the Podium for a post-match interview.
He goes down the list of all the contenders to his World Title and saying none of them are the Best in the World unless they beat him.

The fans are actually counting at the start of the match to see how long the match will list.
This seems like it won’t be the usual 10 second Magnum TA match.
Magnum TA hits a Belly to Belly on George South who was coming off the second turnbuckle to get the pinfall victory.

Back from the break with Tony and David going over the feud between Jones and Valiant. They cut to a video package on the feud. Jimmy has face paint on now that I assume is War Paint since he has declared war on Jones.

The crowd at ringside at singing the American National Anthem and waving flags to get under the skin of the Russians.
The fans then do the pledge of the allegiance without paying any real attention to the action in the ring.
Action is all Nikita as one would expect.
They did cut to the “Gorilla” in the cage at ringside watching the match.
Nikita Koloff yells for Ric Flair before hitting the Russian Sickle and getting the pinfall Victory.
Post-Match Nikita and Ivan see the gorilla before leaving.

Back to Tony at the podium with Manny Fernandez and Thunderbolt Patterson saying a belt doesn’t make you a man and says they are going to bring the belts back.

Arn and Buzz Sawyer to start but being a 6 man it is not your typical Anderson working over the arm type of match.
Lots of tags in and out from everyone at the start of the match.
Ole is going after the arm while he is in the ring but Arn seems to be showing off his moveset.
Pretty even match with both sides getting advantages but nothing really special. Just your usual 6 man getting some names on TV.
Italian Stallion was taking on all the heels by himself as the end of the first hour hits.
Back from the break and Stallion is having his arm worked on by all three of the Heels.
Nice spot where Ole is using the count to his advantage by stretching and pressing the shoulder of Stallion against the rope. Stallion is doing some great selling.
All 6 men have got in the ring which allows for a distraction and Ole to hit the knee of the top rope.
Ole gets the pinfall on Italian Stallion when he wasn’t the legal man which causes the faces to get upset with the ref.

Ric Flair arrives at the podium to go over the match and put over his Cousins the Anderson’s.
Flair is in full heel mode now with his Promo’s.

Thunderbolt always walks like he is going to be in severe pain if he stands up perfectly straight.
To no one’s surprise, the match is just putting over Thunderbolt who has all the offense with the mat wrestling.
Double thrust from Thunderbolt and gets the pinfall victory.

After the break we have JJ Dillion with Tony talking about Buddy Landell but also puts over Ric Flair at the same time.
J.J. says that Buddy Landell was auditioning for roles and we go to a video package of Buddy and J.J. going over Flair tapes.
Buddy Landell seems disinterested in the tapes and cares more about being a Nature Boy.
Rest of the video is Buddy on a date with two women while J.J. tags along.

Back to the Podium after the break with Magnum TA being interviewed by Tony and David.
They go over what happened last week between him and Ric Flair.
Before Magnum can really answer, Ric Flair came out and told Magnum that he needs to be quiet when he comes out.
Ric Flair tells Magnum to put his name on the contract for a title match if he is man enough.
Ric talks about why his championship means more than his Silver belt.
Magnum says that until they fight, Ric Flair calling himself the greatest in the world is only talk.

Dusty joins Tony and David after Magnum leaves. The Gorilla has been let out of the cage. Just more goofy stuff with the Gorilla.

Fans are repeating the same as with the Nikita match earlier singing the National Anthem to get under the skin of Ivan and Khrusher.
The Gorilla is now at ringside and Ivan and Khrusher are trying to avoid it. Dusty comes out to get it and take it away.
All Khrusher for the entire match.
Russian Sickle from Khrusher before putting on the Kobra Clutch and gets the Knock Out submission win.

How many Valiant references in this match? Is there an over under?
Like how they actually mention the fact that Butcher barely moves like it makes him dangerous. They at least point out that Valiant being faster could work for him.
Elbow drop from Abdullah the Butcher who gets the pinfall victory.

Back to the podium with Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll again but he’s in his wrestling gear now.

Baby Doll does the trashtalk to Jeffers before the match starts.
Love that Tully tries to always complain when his opponent doesn’t follow the rules to the T but tries to break the rules any change he gets.
Tully starting to get under the skin of Jeffers by slapping him. Tully is just trying to throw Jeffers off his game.
David and Tony talk about the letters they get about Tully.
Tully keeps knocking Jeffers out of the ring and complaining that he is not getting in the ring. Once he gets in the ring we see the Slingshot Suplex for the pinfall victory. Tully is still Television Champion.

Back to Tony at the Podium with Ole and Arn Anderson being interviewed by Tony. They asked about earlier with the wrong person getting the pin but they said that is the referee’s problem and job.
Ole goes off about finally being able to do and say whatever he wants.
Further puts over the feud and builds to an eventual match.

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