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Have to say I am actually starting to look forward to Impact each week now. Here is hoping that continues after tonight’s episode.

Impact is developing a strong Women’s division once again. It is a nice thing to see after they started the Women’s Revolution.

Starting off with our mandatory video recap of last week, namely the main event between Wentz and Ace Austin.
Now they show the recap of Taya’s issues before we get the show intro.

We see Don Callis and D’Amore talking backstage, apparently about the World Title situation.

Match starts fast between Elgin and Shamrock with the hacker thing hitting and Sami Callihan appears in the ring with Shamrock and Elgin.
Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews keep talking about Shamrock and Sami almost shaking hands after their previous match. Both face off but are attacked by Elgin before we could see which way it would go.
Elgin continues to tell Sami to hit him and the hits have no impact on him.
Shamrock is finally back in the ring with him and Sami double teaming Elgin until they take Elgin out. With Elgin on the outside Shamrock and Sami go at it with Elgin coming back only to break a pin attempt from Sami.
Elgin is able to counter the ankle lock but Elgin is not able to get any lasting impact on Shamrock after multiple moves and Ken puts the ankle lock on finally.
Shamrock pulls Elgin so hard from the ropes they rip off the turnbuckle. Sami was able to stop Elgin from tapping only to get in the ankle lock himself.
Shamrock goes into the exposed turnbuckle, Elgin knocks Sami out before pinning Shamrock and getting the victory.
Post match Shamrock and Sami are alone in the ring until Sami does something with his phone leading to the hacker screen to come up and he is out of the ring.

In the back with Jordynne Grace with her Knockouts Title about her title match tonight and not being able to work the last 6 weeks.

Back from commercial we are with the Rascalz talking about their tag shot when Trey comes in.
Trey is angry and wants to know who jumped him backstage.
The North shows up and letting them know they are going to beat them again next week.

Tasha not happy with the lack of focus from Susie but she is not able to get an advantage early on as Susie is too strong.
Tasha is able to counter a tope from Susie and gain an advantage on her.
Susie is able to get a rollup two count on Tasha who was distracted while taunting.
Nasty looking Palm Strike from Susie as Tasha Steelz was coming off the top rope.
Kiera gets on the ring distracting Susie which allows Tasha to hit her cutter finisher and get the pinfall victory.

To the backstage where Ace Austin is apparently late for his interview. Ace makes her come to him for the interview.
Ace Austin says he is going to be rewarded the World Championship since he is the #1 Contender and there is no champion.
Cue the entrance of Moose with his TNA Heavyweight Championship trying to get Austin to challenge him at Slammiversary.
Ace walks off enter Hernandez says he wants a piece of Moose next week.

Back from the break we are getting the Slammiversary teaser about the released star coming to Impact.

Backstage we see Tasha and Kiera celebrating the victory over Susie. They run into Havok and Neveah.
Kiera can barely keep the top on without wrestling so no way she could have wrestled in that outfit.

Over to the flashback moment with Mike and Maria in 2017. This is when he was in a program with EC3. Nicely down to further push the released WWE guys to refresh fans with all of them before one or more of them show up.
Mike says he is calling out a TNA legend to show why he is better than EC3.
He tears down Kurt Angle before calling out Earl Hebner.
EC3 eventually comes out after Mike has beat Earl and was about to beat him down further.
Cut to Tyrus blindsiding EC3.

Cut to current time with Rhino backstage when Rohit comes up saying they should be a tag team. Rhino says he already has a partner who has kids.
Rhino tells Rohit to buzz off leading to a brawl between the two backstage.

Taya is walking around backstage looking for Bravo.

Really do like this story to see how they use it to get Chris Bey over.
Chris Bey starts off saying he wants Willie Mack so they are going to start the match off but of course Bey tags in Swinger before Mack and he can tie up.
Chris Bey has yet to actually see any action inside the ring as Swinger has taken on both.
Bey had to come in when Cousin Jake gets the hot tag to prevent him from taking out Swinger.
Swinger is able to pull Bey away from the corner before Cousin Jake hits a move and we are on to a commercial break.
Back from commercial Swinger and Bey are in control of Cousin Jake in the ring.
Jake is finally able to tag out to Willie Mack and Willie starts to clean house. Standing Moonsault on both Swinger and Bey at the same time.
Stunner by Willie Mack on Swinger leads to the pinfall victory for Mack and Jake.
Post Match Swinger and Bey beat down Willie and Jake until we see the return of Cody Deaner to save the day.

Cut to Bravo and Rosemary when Taya shows up asking why she has not been able to find him and why he is not looking like she expects.
Rosemary and Taya seem to be tug of warring over Bravo with Rosemary saying they will work together tonight.

To the ring with Scott D’Amore to talk about the situation with the World Title and that Tessa is not here.
Before D’Amore can say what will be happening, Ace Austin’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Austin says he was going to be named the World Champion but before D’Amore can answer, Elgin comes out.
Michael Elgin says Ace was speaking out of turn and that he didn’t get the match he earned for the World Title. Elgin Challenges Ace Austin to a fight or he should just walk out and let him be champion.
Eddie Edwards has now joined the conversation. This is making me think we can be headed to a King of the Mountain type match at Slammiversary.
Eddie says they are asking to be handed a title and here in Impact you have to fight for the title.
D’Amore says Tessa is going to be defending against four guys at Slammiversary but Ace points out that there is only three out there. Cue Trey attacking Ace Austin.

Backstage at the dressing room of Deonna Purrazzo with no answer and apparently is not in her dressing room.

Time for Cancel Culture with Joey Ryan, RVD, Jacob Crist, and Katie Forbes.
Ryan says Jacob is going to teach Crazy Steven a lesson tonight.

Jacob Crist gets the attack in right away but Steve is able to gain control pretty quickly.
Crist gets back in control with an armbar on Crazzy Steve.
Joseph Ryan distracts Crazzy Steve allowing Jacob to get an advantage long enough to get a pinfall victory to continue the evolution of Jacob Crist’s character.

Back from commercial for another replay of the Slammiversary teaser.

Josh and Madison are still putting over the Slammiversary PPV with the Main Event now announced.

Rosemary and Taya are basically starting to feud over who Bravo is the servant to.
Taya is not very happy with Jordynne taking it right to her and bails out of the ring leading to a Tope from Jordynne on all three outside the ring before we head to the commercial break.
Back from Commercial and Jordynne is in control of Taya but only able to get a two count on the pin attempt.
Not a huge fan of Faces doing the cocky cover where they count with the ref life Jordynne did here. Nice to hear Josh and Madison call her out on it.
Taya getting cocky on the way to the top turnbuckle which lets Jordynne get up and knock Taya on to Rosemary and Bravo on the outside.
Off to another Slammiversary teaser.
Back from break with neither having the advantage as Taya is on the outside. Jordynne finally takes it to her which leads to Taya sending Grace into the steel steps.
Those knees by Taya to Jordynne Grace in the corner looked crisp as hell.
Both are down after Jordynne Grace hits the powerbomb out of the corner.
Only a two count after a very nice looking Spear from Taya to Grace.
Rosemary and Bravo seem to be arguing a bit over something outside.
Jordynne Grace gets the submission win after we see Rosemary and Bravo distracted with each other outside.
Post match we hear Deonna Purrazzo’s music hits and she comes out to confront Jordynne Grace. Deonna offers the hand and when Grace except Deonna locks on the arm bar and poses over the Champion and the Knockouts Championship.
Impact has definitely done a LOT more with Deonna already.

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