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And apparently we are getting FTR in our first match but first we get Jericho on Commentary.
The “Crowd” singing Judas is still better than Sammy singing it.
It takes me 6 days to get Judas out of my head each week then boom it is right back in there every Wednesday night.

So excited to see how this match turns out with FTR being let loose.
Are FTR going to come in in the car every time? That is going to be cool.
Wow. Great touch having the Coaches in Tully, Arn and Jake watching this match.
Great hard hitting exchange between Blade and Harwood.
Love that they are actually bringing up the Tag rope. We need to see this more and make Tag Team Wrestling as unique of a style as Cruiserweight and Heavyweight is.
So apparently Butcher looks like every bad guy in every New York movie.
I am liking that both teams are trying to our dirty each other with bending rules behind Paul Turner’s back. Nice burial of Turner from JR on Commentary.
Nice call back to 1980s NWA Wrestler, Buzz Sawyer.
How hilarious would it have been if the high risk move actually paid off for FTR.
Beautiful finisher from FTR hitting the double team piledriver and getting the pinfall victory. Good job by Jericho with putting over Butcher and Blade on commentary.
Post Match we have Tony interviewing FTR in the ring when Young Bucks decide to come out.
Nick says they don’t want to be rude but wanted to congratulate them and to thank them for saving them the week before.
Matt seems upset that FTR didn’t properly introduce themselves. He gets passionate and says they are the ones who have been carrying tag team wrestling.
Before a handshake we see Butcher and Blade attack with Havoc and Sabian and the tag team champions joining the fun.
The face team are left standing with FTR having an issue with Hangman apparently.

So apparently Allie is now dating QT Marshall and he has given her one of those Nightmare jackets.
Dustin wants QT to focus so that next week they can become Tag Team Champions.
Anyone else think that Allie is a plant from Jericho in order to bring the Elite and Nightmare Family down from the inside?

Heels take it to the Faces immediately. Kris Statlander able to get the better of the Heels sending Nyla into Penelope.
I want a shirt that says “Teacher said everytime a leg is slapped a Randy Orton loses their mind.”
Back from commercial with Statlander and Rose taking it to each other with both needing to get a hot tag.
Is Austin Gunn wearing Shida’s entrance gear at ringside?
Nice stunner from Penelope after the matrix counter.
Nice even fight from all four in this match with no one being able to put the others away.
Wicked knee from Nyla on Shida and Stalander handing on the ropes.
Statlander saves Shida from a double team by taking out Penelope.
How is it not a DQ when Kip got involved in the match?
Penelope levels Shida with the belt behind the ref’s back to get a bridging pin on Shida.

Off to a video promo from Darby Allin.
He is with Tony Hawk where he is dropping in over and over from a ladder not landing it once.
Actually marked out a little bit for Tony Hawk appearing.

Time for another training video from Britt Baker to keep her on television.
Looks like they are pushing a feud with Britt’s team and Big Swole.

Getting a recap of the feud between Jericho and Orange Cassidy so far.
Inner Circle attack the Best Friends before the video recap could even finish.
Hager is taking it to Orange Cassidy on the stage.
Man did Jericho get pissed off when Excalibur mentioned Halifax. Did something bad happen to Chris in Halifax?
Can we get shots of Allie/Bunny at ringside without seeing QT?
Orange Cassidy still recovering on the outside leading to the Best Friends pretty much able to take on all three Inner Circle members.
Ortiz is great at selling anything like it is the biggest thing ever.
Did Cassidy seriously just hit a double frakensteiner on Santana and Ortiz?
Great job again by Jericho putting someone over that he is feuding with.
That springboard cannonball from Santana off his partner in the corner was beautiful.
Cassidy gets the rollup pinfall on Ortiz but Hager instantly jumps him and the beat down begins of the three from Jericho and the Inner Circle.
Jericho smashes a huge bag of “frozen” oranges on Cassidy which busted open Orange Cassidy.

Back from Commercial with MJF stopping Schiavone interviewing the Gunn Club. He says he deserves a shot that he can’t get when he is undefeated.
Billy cuts off MJF leading an altercation after MJF insulted Billy’s kids.

Recap of the Dark Order story with Colt Cabana which may be the new feud for Brodie. I still think the water they gave him was spiked.

How come Sammy needs that scooter to get to the ring but is actually cleared for action?
Did Colt seriously try to trash the Sammy Scooter? That is going to make Jericho pissed.
With the Dark Order storyline I suspect Colt loses to Sammy here.
Quite a few birds get flipped at the start of this match.
Did Colt and Sammy purposely try getting their wrestling gear to match tonight?
That elbow from Cabana hit Sammy so hard I almost mistook it for a Golf Cart.
Slip up from Colt leads to Sammy getting the knockout and get the pinfall victory.
Post Match Dark Order music hits with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson returning followed by the rest of The Dark Order. Brodie offers a hand to Colt to help him up and then the Dark Order leave with Colt seeming confused.
Great spot with Colt looking at the two entrances and Colt went through the heel exit that Dark Order left through.
Sammy was cutting a promo putting himself over and Matt Hardy then comes out. Hardy says Sammy reminds him of himself. He is trying to plant the seeds to get Sammy to leave Jericho.
Hardy switched to Hardy V1 before switching to Broken Matt. At least we are not getting him Teleporting anymore.

Cut to a pretaped video promo of Joey Janela.
He wonders what happened after Wrestling in a Main Event against Moxley to doing nothing.
Well produced and cool video.
Sonny Kiss shows up in a convertible and Joey gets in.
Segment is to be continued.

Dasha is in the back to interview Colt about what happened but he doesn’t seem to want to be interviewed. He knocks on the door of Brodie Lee.

In the back again to get an Interview from Moxley. He says he is in a bad mood because of how much it hurt when he sits on the toilet.
He says that he is tired of all the talk from Taz.
Here comes Taz to confront him. Nice when people talk trash and get confronted immediately since wrestlers would be watching.
Brian Cage comes running from behind to take out Moxley leading to a brawl in the parking lot between the two.
Taz tells Cage to stop but Cage throws Moxley into the back windshield of a car.

Cody is now talking about his decision to defend the belt every week and how hard the first match was.
Now going over tonight’s challenger Marq Quen.

Matt Hardy coming out with Private Party but Quen is on his own tonight.
Just realized Justin Roberts was back. Has he been there the whole night?
A pin attempt from Marq Quen even if it was only a 1 count.
Interesting spot with Quen having the “missed” spot. They’re going to turn him into what they wanted with Daniels earlier.
Not sure what they are going to do with Cody as he seems to show some of those heel moves even if we are supposed to believe it is him just trying to do what is needed in competition.
Quen having troubles getting up selling his leg but still able to hit some flying moves to the outside on Cody.
Arn appears to be getting nervous at ringside as he moves around even getting on the stage.
I don’t care how much padding is on that ramp, the 450 Splash by Quen had to hurt.
Nice counter from Cody turning the shooting star press from Quin into an Ankle Lock submission and gets the Submission win. Really cool looking counter.
Post Match we see Cody hugging Quen to congratulate him for a good fight.
Post Match Hager comes out to confront Cody but attacks Arn instead throwing off Cody. Hardy and Private Party come out for the save. But Sammy, Ortiz & Santana come out to even the odds and we have a brawl to end the show.
Cody just said he will face Hager for the TNT championship at Fyter Fest.

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