Carnyland NWA


Opening with a powerful message from Eddie Kingston on racism in 2020. What better message than “Stop. You’re wrong.”
I just want to hear Eddie Kingston talk to me everyday.
He has now dedicated all future matches to those who died because of racism.

Recap of the Mayor race for Carnyland.

Starting with Stu’s voice one week in the future.
He apparently has the ability to travel. Apparently someone in a week will be dropping out of the race for mayor.
Stu can’t come back from the future so he is just waiting for us to catch up to him.

Time to get the ads for the members of Strictly Business running for mayor.
Thom said if he is mayor, it will be required to wear fanny packs at all times including during romantic relations.
Aren’t Strictly Business going to vote split if all four run for mayor?
Royce is not a huge fan of the video they made for him but the other three love it.

Time for Joe Galli’s breaking news on the Carnyland Election. He explains this is the primary period.
The top two vote getters from the primaries will face off.
Nice BTTF reference with Stu sending a message via telegram.

On to Eli Drake talking to us with nice editing of the Powerrr crowd chanting for him including Santa Vol.
Says as a Tag Team Champion he feels the need to be a Champion for the people of Carnyland.
Eli has announced he is running for Mayor.

Time for this week’s Outlandish segment Entice Zicky Dice. He is also putting his name in the race for Mayor of Carnyland.
Zicky wants all of your friends as long as they are an Eight.

Talking the Time with Question Mark who is taking calls from fans.
BumbleBee is apparently the top dating app in Mongrovia. Pineapple Armageddon.

Back to Nick Aldis reading that the focus group don’t like Thom and Kamille. Danny Deals has arrived to help Nick spice things up.

Commercial Time advertising the Marti Belle shirt and Into the Fire DVD.

Jocephus isn’t part of the NWA anymore? He is still going to run for Mayor of Carnyland. He is rapping for us to tell us to vote for him. Still better than most rap I have heard.

Carnyland True Stories with May talking about life before Royce.
Her friend didn’t want to go back home and wished to stay and a magician appeared. He asked to marry May’s friend. Her friend says yes and they get married that night.
Chapel was apparently closed so they had to meet back at 8am. May investigated and found out the man actually stole the credit card of May’s friend and May saves the day.

A video from Thunder Rosa explaining why she should be mayor. Nice to see a woman other than Kamille is running at least.

Another Mongrovian Unmasked with Aron Stevens talking about Trade and Commerce. Apparently no one trades with Mongrovia.
After the video, Aron Stevens announces he is also running for Mayor of Carnyland.

Legend of Ester Addington next saying she was the motivation for Rosie the Riveter.
It appears Ester is just Allysin Kay in makeup but I could be wrong. Marti and Allysin are talking about her.
Marti is saying why Allysin is not the best choice to run because of her Resting Bitch Face.
Allysin has issues with her Smile practicing as Sheldon Cooper looks like he can smile better than her.

Back to Joe Galli going over who are running in the primaries before getting another Telegram from Stu asking for his help. Apparently needs someone to water his plants.

Over to Danny Deals with Nick going over why he is the best Campaign Manager. Apparently Royce is actually getting good numbers. Was Royce Numbers doing good not their Royce.
Nick is apparently the only one that is getting numbers.
Time for us to see the ad Danny Deals made for Nick Aldis’ campaign.
Nick loved the video so much he thinks he is going to win now.

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