Starting off with the obligatory recap of In Your House with clips of fans watching at home spliced in.

Out comes Adam Cole with Roddy and Bobby!
Adam is out actually put over Velveteen Dream but said he is not Adam Cole Bay Bay. He wants to know wants next but says it doesn’t matter because no one will be able to beat him.
Cole brings up what Dexter Lumis putting Roddy and Bobby in the trunk. Roddy seems to be going crazy as he keeps seeing Dexter but when the other two look he is gone.
Roddy sees Dexter as they are all leaving and Roddy hilariously runs off.

Back from commercial Cole and Bobby are calming Roddy down when Keith Lee comes in with Mia Yim.
Cole backs away from the possible challenge of Keith Lee.

So nice when we get fresh matches on NXT. It’s been 7 whole days since we have seen these four go at it in a mixed tag match.
Has there ever been a change in a wrestlers music as much as Johnny’s?
When we live in an age with a woman as a world champion for a promotion, can we please see the elimination of “Mixed Tag” matches and just have tag matches that involve both?
Match takes time to officially start as all four brawl in the ring and ref waits to ring the bell until only Mia and Candice are in ring.
Are we seriously starting a romance angle with Mia and Keith? Can’t a male and female wrestler team and not have to be romantically linked?
Soul Food, formerly Eat Da Feet, from Mia Yim is sold by Candice perfectly. Mia is able to get the tag to Keith Lee.
Candice tags in while Johnny is on Keith’s shoulder leading to a spot with Candice picked up on the other shoulder. This lead to a moment with just Candice on the shoulders of Keith Lee and him debating hitting a move on her. While thinking Johnny hits an enziguri on Lee but Candice thinks she DDT’d Lee.
Johnny breaks up a pin attempt from Mia leading to her attacking Johnny. Mia hits German Suplexes on both Candice and Johnny.
Close two count from Candice after hitting a Soul Food on Mia then a springboard moonsault.
Good call back with Mia Yim pulling down the rope on Johnny like he did to her.
Pounce by Lee on Johnny throws him into Mia Yim knocking her out on the outside.
Johnny hits a his DDT over the top rope planting Lee on top of Candice making Lee feel bad. Now distracted Johnny rolls up Lee and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match we get the hilarious spot where Johnny is holding up Candice Weekend At Bernie’s style to celebrate on the ramp.

We see an interview with Priest from after In Your House talking about a lose to Finn Balor is not the worst thing in the world.

Cut to Cameron Grimes being interviewed backstage about his upcoming match against Finn Balor. He says beating Finn Balor once was so nice he may beat him twice.
Priest enters and slugs Grimes.

Back to get a recap of Io Shirai winning the NXT Women’s Championship.
We got to see congrats from Asuka and Shinsuke.

Cameron Grimes has been announced as unable to compete after being slugged by priest backstage.
Indus Sher are just destroying the jobbers.
Quick and sweet squash match.

Back from Commercial they find Grimes talking to ladies bragging he is fine without realizing Regal was there.
Regal calls the bluff and says he has to fight Balor tonight.

Now we are going to a look at Breezango after their return last week.
They talk about all the things they have dressed up as. They’re being more serious and not their usual characters.

Now a video package showing the Kross and Ciampa match from In Your House.
After we get a post In Your House interview with Ciampa who doesn’t answer the questions asked.

After the commercial break we are interviewing Rhea who puts over Io winning. Robert Stone walks in broken down trying to get her as his client.
Rhea ends up throwing Stone into a garbage bin.

Does anyone think Grimes is going to get the win against Balor, again?
Grimes keeps going into the corners to start to force Balor to back up.
Grimes seems to see early on that Balor is favouring his chest after his match with Priest and is focusing on it.
Nasty looking spike to the mat by Grimes on Balor. Looked like Balor hit awkwardly.
Grimes has been able to hold his own like in their first encounter with him actually having the advantage minutes into the match.
Back from the commercial and Grimes has the control but Balor is coming back until Grimes gives a knee to the gut of Balor.
Grimes trash talking and wasting time leads to the Kicks from Balor.
Balor unable to hit the stomp off the top and Grimes gets a rollup but only a two count. Grimes gets another two count after countering Balor again. Lots of good counters out of nowhere by Grimes here.
Kick out by Grimes after a reverse 1916 which actually shocked Balor.
Balor is eventually able to hit the actually 1916 and get the pinfall victory after a close contest. Need a rubber match between these two.
Post Match, Finn Balor tells the camera that he has never held the North American Title. He tells Keith Lee when he is done playing house, come find him.

Dakota is in full bully mode against Kacy but Kacy is having none of it.
Kacy moves so seemless when she is hitting or positioning for moves. It is an underrated aspect of good wrestling, in my opinion.
Dakota has brought a fiesty side out of Kacy but not enough as Dakota hits her Go To Kick and gets the pinfall victory.
Post Match Dakota tells the camera that she is coming for Io and her championship before a beatdown of Kacy begins. Kayden Carter comes out for the save but Raquel and Dakota get the upper hand and stand tall.

We are getting a video segment with Thatcher introducing people to his style of wrestling which will start next week.

Here comes El Hijo Del Fantasma with his Interim Cruiserweight Championship. This is a segment that was spoiled before I was able to watch it.
Well at least no need for subtitles if Drake is going to come out that quick.
Drake is out to put over Fantasma for the match they had and thanked him. He says people shouldn’t have talked about him last week and should have talked about Fantasma winning instead.
He is asking for a rematch now that is head is clear and doesn’t have to worry about his future contract status. Drake says he knows he can beat Fantasma if he gets another chance.
He agrees but the masked men come out before the shake hands but Fantasma turns and takes out Drake with the men. At least we don’t have to wait for this to happen. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mandoza unmask as the other two men.
Speaking English Fantasma introduces himself as Santos Escobar. Good debut reveal for the three.

Back with Undisputed Era with Roddy freaking out more with Cole being confident they are about to take Lumis out. End of segment you see Dexter looking through a small window at Roddy.

My spine shivers when they hold on Dexter’s stare for too long.
Love the spot that Roderick Strong was so freaked out by Dexter Lumis that he didn’t get in position in time for the Boom.
Nice even match so far with Cole doing the trash talking.
Nice spot with Dexter do his slither to the outside and hitting the palm strike on Cole.
Love the encouragement from Bobby Fish whenever Roderick Strong has the courage to trash talk Lumis.
Love the no sell spots from Lumis. Really helps a character like his.
Slingshot Suplex from Lumis to Cole right out of the Tully Blanchard playbook.
Nice spot to have Lumis crawl under the ring to the other side after Cole had sent him outside the ring.
Amazing to see a guy like Lumis hit a Senton even if it was countered by Cole.
Bobby Fish distracts the ref to allow Roddy to hit the Enziguri assist and Cole gets the pinfall after a Last Shot.
Post match, Cole was going to leave the ring but goes back in and trash talks Lumis while out cold leading to Lumis putting his submission on Cole. Dream comes in to save Lumis from the numbers game.
Strong and Fish are chased off leaving Cole alone. Lights go out and Scarlett appears on the stage. She puts an hourglass in the ring and starts the sand to drain before walking away.

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