Starting with a video package for Orton and Edge.

Interesting that we are going to get a match a Tag Team title match on Wednesday.
Like that Sasha was doing her entrance picture in picture while Bayley finished the backstage interview.
A Lot of black being worn by the ladies in this match.
There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the ring but nice when the three in the ring all knocked an opponent off the apron leading to those three coming.
Did Graves actually say someone could be DQ’d in a triple threat match?
Nice that Bayley and Sasha had to do the tag again since the ref didn’t see it. Nice when they do things like that even when it is not a planned spot.
So many awkward spots that don’t make any logical sense in this match.
At one point, Alexa literally just went to the outside on her own and just stood there while Bayley tagged Sasha. Sasha was standing right beside Bliss and Sasha kicked Bliss who was still just standing there for no reason.
Twisted bliss by Alexa on Peyton only to have Sasha come in and roll up Bliss to get the pinfall. Sasha and Bayley retain.

Cut to earlier today with Braun showing up in his car. At least they are smart that Miz and Morrison won’t both be champ and adds the twist of each wanting to get the pin to be the champion.

Didn’t think it was possible to make Sheamus look more white but then they overexpose him with the spotlights.
At least all the “crowd” got new t-shirts for attending the PPV.
That thud sounded nasty when Sheamus dropped Jeff on the top of the ringpost.
Looked like the side of Jeff’s head hit the mat hard at one point in the match.
Sheamus says everyone in the “crowd” are enablers of Jeff and his problems.
Sheamus takes a moment to yell at Cole from the ring about not putting him over.
Nasty spot with Hardy basically falling on to Sheamus off the top rope with both men going down. Sheamus recovers but only gets a two count on the pin.
Go back and watch the show but with your eyes close and tell me what you think of the commentary.
Swanton Bomb by Hardy but Sheamus is able to get his foot on the bottom rope just before three.
Sheamus is able to get a Brogue kick on the outside when Jeff came off the barricades, hit another in the ring and gets the pinfall victory.

Backstage Interview with Miz and Morrison who are now being awkward about the new stipulation.
Otis, Mandy and the Money in the Bank Briefcase walk in to remind them they may not be champion long if they win.

Nice to see them have Asuka go back to her NXT strategy of submissions and working the arms of Nia.
The commentary has picked up big time with Samoa Joe at the booth.
Nice touch having Asuak get fired up with Nia mentioning Kairi Sane who Nia Jax still has yet to take out for good.
Asuka kicks out at two after an actual good looking sit down powerbomb from Nia Jax.
Was very nice to see how fluid it was when the arm bar over the rope didn’t work out and Nia went to the outside.
Double Countout and Asuka retains. That does not help make a team look strong.

Backstage to see MVP on the phone planning the Victory celebrations for Bobby Lashley. Lana walks in to end the phone call. MVP tells her to go talk to Bobby and not him because he’s the one not wanting her around.

Promo from Morrison and Miz at the start of the match to throw to another music video from them.
Do they think they are Lonely Island in 2012?
Video is ended by Braun’s music and he comes to the ring.
Miz starts the match by tagging Morrison in and they each attack Braun from behind to try and get the advantage.
Lots of tags top keep the pace of the match at their speed.
Miz is frightened to get in the ring after Braun knocks Morrison out with one punch.
Miz goes for the tag but Morrison isn’t there so Miz is stuck in the ring.
Miz and Morrison finally able to get Braun down but decide to taunt for a second and Braun is able to start fighting back.
Was Braun meant to duck the third kick by Morrison or if he just botched it.
Miz takes Morrison off Braun stopping a possible three count but then realizes he made a mistake and helps Morrison to pin but they only get a two count.
Braun comes back and gets the pinfall on John Morrison to retain.

Interview with the new Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles who is inviting everyone to Smackdown on Friday for a great championship presentation.

Too bad Bobby and MVP didn’t have Kenny King with them.
Small soundstage, MVP, Drew and Bobby fighting for the Championship. Seems like this is TNA 5 years ago?
Bobby sets the Full Nelson in on Drew before the bell to have the advantage before the bell.
That was almost a nasty botch with Bobby dropping Drew on his head on the mat outside.
Bobby not too happy with Drew kicking out after just a 1 count.
Great job putting over the Full Nelson by having Drew fight with everything for a minute to prevent it from being locked on.
Drew able to pull out a submission but Lashley is able to grab the bottom rope to break the hold.
Spear by Lashley but still only able to get a two count. Lana comes out and gets on the ring apron.
Distraction is enough for Drew to hit the Claymore and get the pinfall victory.
I’d bet this is the end of Bobby and Lana now.

Viking Raiders and Street Profits brawling in the parking lot when Montez throws one on top of Braun’s car and they all run into the arena.
I am guessing this is the match?
Street Profits have golf clubs but Viking Raiders have their shields, an actual club… and a bowling alley.
Standoff in a passageway. They all decide to put all the weapons down and fight like men.
Nice Chappelle Show Reference with the Five Fingers to the Face joke.
Mid Match flashback to the bowling by the Viking Raiders leading to Montez getting sacked with the bowling bowl.
Ivar is speared by Dawkins through a glass door. Who at WWE have a fetish with breaking glass?
A motorcycle gang of Ninjas? show up? Oh Hideo Itami is the leader. Apparently challenging all four of them.
So looks like we are now in an 70s/80s ninja movie.
One last boss for the Viking Profits. A very tall masked man with a samurai sword.
THe four retreat to the top of the transport truck. Can we get a WWE PPV without someone on top of a transport?
Now they’re fighting each other again.
All end up going off the truck in some fashion into a trash bin.
Apparently some monster is in the trash bin with them.

Replay of the US Title match result from the kickoff show.

Charles Robinson in the blue ref shirt is a nice touch.
There is no way all that crowd noise is just from the “Crowd” in the Performance Center.
Wow. They actually were able to use the voice of Howard Finkel to introduce both men. That is a GREAT touch.
Okay they are not hiding the fact there is piped sound coming in.
Interesting camera angles to start off. Glad they don’t show the “live” watermark when it is obviously not a Live match.
Straight forward back and forth match to start with Edge focusing on the arm/shoulder with Orton focusing on the neck.
Nice clothesline off the turnbuckle to Orton by Edge sending Orton on to the hardest part of the ring.
Orton is busted open from a headbutt from Edge.
Not many times you see someone able to duck out from the RKO so nice to see someone like Edge is able to do that.
Didn’t really need the closeup of Randy whispering sweet nothings into Edge’s ear.
Nice with Edge stopping Randy from hitting the Three Amigos only for Edge to hit his own Three Amigos on Eddie.
Great selling by Edge after Orton pulled Edge’s throat/neck into the turnbuckle connecting bar.
I don’t like the camera man in the ring when they can do the same thing but better with a boom camera.
Great counter by Edge hitting his DDT coming out of Orton’s drapping DDT.
Edge finally is able to hit a move off the top rope after getting stopped multiple times before.
Baby Naitch was letting Edge clearly choke Orton out in the middle of the ring.
Nice to see both men using moves of the people who have inserted themselves into this feud on both sides. Edge even kicking out of the Pedigree from Orton.
Man they are just using everyone’s moves with Edge hitting a Rock Bottom.
A kick out by Edge after an RKO out of nowhere.
Spear by Edge out of nowhere as Randy was going for the Punt Kick to Edge.
Second spear and Orton still kicks out at 2.
Another kick out by Edge after ANOTHER RKO from Orton this one as Edge was coming out of the corner.
Orton finally gets the pinfall victory after a possible low blow and Punt Kick.
Post match a stretcher comes out but Edge doesn’t allow them to put him in it.

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