Carnyland NWA


Eli Drake is here to talk to us and speak his mind.
Eli says he is sorry for whoever is going to drop out. Says he will be a champion for the people of Carnyland.

Cue the intro.

Joe Galli reminds us of Stu gave the exclusive last week and gives Stu credit for breaking the story.
Stu comes in and says that was a Joe Galli hologram he made.
Real Galli comes in next.

Danny Deals is now here to say vote for Nick Aldis as he is as honest as Danny Deals.
Cue the stock footage montage as Nick gives his reasons why he should be mayor.
He says Trust more times than a used car salesman.

Talking the Time with Question Mark now. He’s answering a question from the fans about having a successful marriage.

Looks like an attack ad on Zicky Dice that was hilarious but I feel personally attacked now.

Allysin Kay next in her old age makeup aas the Ester character. If you want the bester you go with Ester apparently.

Joe Galli is asking actual Allysin Kay whether she would be the one dropping out tonight. She says she will fight for the people of Carnyland.
Joe is then asking her about Ester but she is trying to be vague and pretends to have a connection issue to end the interview.

Danny Deals is telling Kamille and Thom not to tell Nick something they don’t actually know.
Danny Deals is wearing an EC3 shirt!

Jocephus is hear to ask the killer question of the day… VHS or BETA?
He also raps about putting his name on the ballot for mayor.

Wait… Stu Bennett is in a new action movie? This better be real because I want to watch this.

Time to go over how to vote for mayor of Carnyland.

Time for Professor Storm’s history class. Political Scandals is this week’s topic.
Alexander Hamilton is first up about having an affair and accussed of stealing money from the treasury. He was paying off his mistresses husband not to ruin his career.
Senator Larry Craig in a bathroom scandal.
Finally it is Anthony Weiner and his picture issues.
Marti is asking a question. Wants to know if he is going to run for Mayor. He says he asked his mom but says he hasn’t decided.

Aron Stevens’ campaign video is next.
Says he will remove vagabond’s, provide entertaining footage, always look good in a suit and mandatory karate program.

Zicky Dice is at a beautiful Sunset spot talking on the phone with Thunder Rosa to get her to drop out and get behind him.
She said she may do it if he listens to all the words the describe him.
Rosa said insulting him is hard. She is going to take a nap and call back and finish later.

Back to Stu and Joe Galli talking about Galli getting a Mohawk.

Breaking News. Danny Deals is the one caught and it is going to impact Strictly Business.
Cut to Nick Aldis to make a statement. He is stepping out of the race for Mayor of Carnyland.
Nick is saying he will personally fund a campaign of Strictly Business Party and says it will be for Tim Storm to be mayor.

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