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Not that the announcing had been bad but it definitely is nice to hear Justin Roberts back.
They’re making sure to point out that Allie is not out there.
Like seeing Brandon Cutler on the face side of the crowd and Peter Avalon is on the heel side despite their recent tag team formation. Fits their characters perfectly.
Page is teasing Omega about not getting the better of the older Dustin Rhodes.
They seriously set up a laundry line so Britt Baker can send notes to Tony at the commentary booth. I hope this is note going to be a regular thing.
Love the twist by Hangman before his kip up waving his arms. Little twists on old moves is always nice.
Nice move by QT with the springboard into the kick.
Good back and forth with everyone getting their chance to shine but nothing really overly special.
Everyone is down and here comes Allie to the stage to cheer on QT but he goes to the top and nobody home leading to Hangman and Omega taking the advantage.
Last Call hit on QT Marshall and Omega and Hangman retain the Tag Team Titles.

Getting a video promo on Anna Jay before her match coming up. She calls herself the star of the show.

Been hearing a lot about Abadon online lately but hadn’t actually watched her in a match.
Abadon has a very… unique… look.
Wow. Abadon was the one to get the win in a surprise quick match.
Post Match Dark Order’s music hits. Really liking the idea if a female Dark Order member and Anna Jay could be an interesting choice.
Evil Uno and Grayson present Colt Cabana an envelope at ringside.
Dark Order have helped Anna Jay out and she is leaving with them.

Nice coward spots from MJF to start off but Billy’s power is able to get the advntage pretty quick.
MJF walks off saying he is done with this match but Billy goes to the back and grabs MJF carrying him on his shoulder.
MJF thinks he hurt Billy but he no sells the move behind MJF’s back. They do the spot where MJF backs into Billy behind him.
Back from commercial with MJF in control working over the leg of Billy.
Great to see someone finally miss doing the repeated shots to the leg set up on the rope.
Nice sick calvescrusher from MJF with Aubrey kicking MJF’s hands off the ropes.
Billy hits a fameasser after MJF tries to hit his own. Billy hits Wardlow who was on the ring but still got the ring to MJF without anyone seeing. Austin is laid out by Wardlow before Billy takes out Wardlow.
MJF hits the punch with the ring to knock out Billy and get the pinfall victory.
Post match Jungle Boy gets in the face of MJF leading to a brawl with Jurassic Express attacking Wardlow and MJF.

Alex Marvez in the back to interview Le Sex Gods about beating Orange Cassidy last week. They also put over why they’re going to be the number 1 contenders tonight.

Tony is now with Britt Baker to announce Penelope Ford is facing Hikaru Shida at Fyter Fest.
Britt gets up and tells Reba to take her away but Big Swole is behind the wheel and speeds off with Britt in the back.

Back from Commercial for Cody to let us know who his opponent from outside AEW is going to be. They planting seeds for Cody breaking away from everyone?
Arn is going to speak to us tonight it appears. Arn says he picked the opponent.
RICKY STARKS!!! That is how you cut a debut promo! Great to hear the acknowledgement of his NWA record and title.
Jake Hager watching from the back.
Nice to see Starks taking it to Cody and being able to hold his own.
Looks like Starks’ head hit hard in to the barricade.
Nice move by Ricky Starks throwing Cody into the ropes to damage the chest.
If you are going to take a swing at Arn you have to expect him to move Cody given the chance.
Nice to hear Tony putting over the NWA Television Championship on the broadcast.
Nice series of back and forth pin attempts but Cody hits a Cross Rhodes out of it and retains the TNT Championship with a pinfall victory.

Weren’t they called Superbad Death Squad last week? I could be wrong but thought that is what they were called first.
If you are going to take pliers away from someone, why would you just put it in the corner of that team? Border Patrol don’t find something then put it in your pocket.
Butcher & Blade talking trash to Young Bucks at ringside.
That was a funny spot with The Bucks knocking down Sabian as he was running in but doesn’t make Kip look smart.
Butcher & Blade have jumped the rail and got on the ring. Behind refs back Havoc is able to use a wet floor sign but only able to get a two count on Matt Jackson.
Back from Commercial with Havoc in control of Matt Jackson with his ribs protection gone. Why does he not get that chest protector D’Lo had in the attitude era.
FTR have come out to even the sides to keep Butcher & Blade out of the match.
They going to keep up with the Punt thing with the ref saying it is wide left?
Interesting to see the Dark Results graphic come on the screen during the match.
I like the innovation with Superbad Squad’s catapult eye poke.
Penelope gets involved with Havoc distracting the Young Bucks and only gets a two count as Matt is able to break to count at the last second.
Young Bucks able to build a comeback hitting multiple double team moves on Havoc but still only getting a two count.
Nick doesn’t hit the Meltzer driver as he is distracted by FTR and Butcher & Blade at ringside.
Sabian hits the double stomp on the ribs of Matt but Nick able to break the count up again.
Nice move having the Bucks kicks the knees out of Sabian forcing him to Piledrive his own partner.
Bucks get the pinfall victory.
Post Match, Butcher & Blade and FTR hit the ring. FTR and Bucks stand tall over the heels.

To a video recorded earlier with Brian Cage and Taz talking about last week.
Cage was wishing Fyter Fest was right now because he wants his hands on Moxley now.

Video promo from Moxley about how Cage is not actually worthy of facing him. Mox says keeping the demons he has at bay is only done by beating people up in the ring.

Time for an update on Britt Baker’s location. Reba has found her in a dumpster. Britt fired her then rehired. Britt wants Tony there and she is complaining that the cameras are there.
Britt tells Big Swole is going to pay fines and be sued for what she did.

Matt Hardy is coming out for commentary on the next match. It seems it is just regular Matt Hardy.

Best Friends are taking it right to Sammy and Jericho to start the match on the outside.
Isn’t it funny that the reality is the opposite of what characters say about heel on-screen Jericho?
Back from he break with the hot tag to Chuck Taylor but only a two count on Sammy.
Love the soul food and half and half combo by Best Friends before their hug attempt is stopped by Jericho.
Trent has the Crab on Trent but Trent is able to make it to the bottom rope to break the hold.
Wait… Did Sammy call his downstairs his “Spanish God”?
Even after an eye poke by Jericho and holding of the tights by Sammy, Trent is able to kick out at two.
Sammy is able to use the Bat on Trent while the ref was outside the ring and after a shooting star press by Sammy gets a two count only.
Sammy tripped up at the ropes and Trent is able to get the pinfall victory. The Camera Man that tripped Sammy was Orange Cassidy.
Post Match Orange Caissdy is taking it to Jericho and hits a Superman Punch and stands tall with Best Friends.

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