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Recap of last week’s events starting with the debut of Deonna Purrazzo. They show the highlights of the main event between Grace and Taya over the Knockouts Title.

Backstage Trey surprising Rascalz before they go out but Wentz was a little uneasy about him surprising them.
The more I see of Ethan Page the more I like the guy.
Wentz and Alexander are starting off but Dez quickly tags on to allow the double team on Alexander. Rascalz got the advantage.
Chops to Alexander in the corner had no impact and is able to tag out to Page.
Josh and Madison are speculating over who Elgin was talking on the phone at the end of Impact last week. Put over the fact a lot of Canadians are out there from Impact’s history.
Lots of back and forth between the teams with both going full speed.
Double team behind the refs back by the North.
Love the hand off spot between Page and Alexander with Dez. Always impressive when a team does that.
Great wrestling with Page hitting the massive DDT and then pulling Dez to his corner so he can tag.
Back from commercial we get the hot tag to Wentz and he takes it to both members of the North.
Weird spot where the ref decided to wait to count the pinfall by Dez on Page until Wentz finished doing a move to the outside on Alexander.
Nice running Canadian Destroyer by Wentz on Alexander but only gets a two count.
Smart spot with Alexander pulling the foot of Wentz to crotch him on the top rope.
The North hit their finisher on Wentz and get the pinfall win to retain.

Cut to backstage with The North celebrating on the other side of the curtain. Happy everyone was watching but zoom out to only one guy is there.

Madison and Josh are now promoting the matches still to come tonight. Josh tells us something is going down.

Trey is knocked out backstage once again just as Rascalz show up. They say they are going to confront Reno Scum.

Now we are asking Ace Austin about being a prime suspect in the latest attack of Trey.
Eddie Edwards is held back wanting to attack Austin for his thinking Ace is involved in Trey getting attacked.

Both knockouts are hitting eachother hard with forearms. Nice spot with Nevaeh throwing Kimber down but she goes to the splits but Nevaeh drop kicks her instead.
Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan come out into the audience area to watch the match.
Beautiful German Suplex from Nevaeh that looked like it broke Kimber Lee in half.
Kiera and Tasha haven’t shut up since showing up.
Massive twisting DDT from Nevaeh Kimber Lee leads to the eventual pinfall victory.
Post Match Havok is held back from Tasha and Kiera but they run off after throwing popcorn on Havok.

Backstage we see a group watching something on an iPad when the North show up. Apparently they were watching Ken Shamrock’s greatest hits.
Ethan Page smash the iPad because they weren’t watching The North.

We get a video promo from #cancelculture about Mentally Unwell Steven.
Cut to Crazzy Steve talking to himself. He hates hearing the world No. Says #cancelculture love to say No since he has returned.
Steve says he is going to join forces with a couple wrestlers from the locker room to make a masterpiece and face #cancelculture.

Rohit attacks Rhino from behind as Rhino was in the entrance.
Ref wouldn’t count the pin when Rohit rolled Rhino in the ring because the bell hadn’t rung to start the match. Nice touch.
Rohit keeps the fight on the outside so he can smash Rhino against the ring.
An actual two count by Rohit Raju on Rhino. Gets another two count. Actually giving Rohit most of the offense so far in the match.
Josh Matthews brings up Rhino’s comments from last week saying he already has a tag team partner who has kids.
Gore from Rhino out of nowhere and gets the pinfall victory over Rohit.

Flashback moment to 2015 with EC3 and Kurt Angle with EC3 beating Kurt to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage to Michael Elgin on the phone with someone else when he is being asked about Trey getting laid out earlier.
Elgin says he doesn’t attack people secretly, he drags the camera to see it. Also when he attacks someone, they go to the hospital.

Over to Susie talking to Kylie Rae about being good not working out for her and maybe she should be bad.
Taya enters to interrupt and tries to tempt her to be bad.
Taya walks away and Kylie makes sure Susie doesn’t follow Taya.

Moose is making Penzer get in the ring to do the Championship introductions to further him being a legit champion.
Moose stops the announcing so he can chant “you deserve it” towards himself.
Moose finally able to gain the advantage after pulling Hernandez into the turnbuckle headfirst.
Regarding the legitimacy of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Moose as the champion. If he has the belt, defends it, has people willing to fight for it, does it not then become legit?
Josh Matthews says past TNA World Champions are rolling their eyes at home at the idea of Moose as the champion.
Moose takes time out while having the advantage to cut a promo to the camera.
Moose is openly breaking the rules and tells the ref multiple times he has to Five.
Hernandez comes back after a trash talk session from Moose.
Two count by Hernandez on Moose after a massive backbreaker. Nice sight when someone does that to a man the size of Moose.
Moose able to get an unseen lowblow in and hit his finisher for the Pinfall victory.
Post Match, before Moose can celebrate instead of his music hitting the music of EC3 hit. Impact is playing us perfect.

Backstage Rascalz confront Reno Scum but they point the finger at TJP and Fallah.

We are getting a video promo with the Deaners and the X Division Champion Willie Mack.
They are challenging Swinger and Bey to a 6 man tag match if they can find a third man.
Willie Mack said Swinger was the only man to make Simon Diamond look good.
Willie Mack does a better Stone Cold impersonation than Shark Boy.

The more I see someone the size of Acey Romero move like he does, makes me lose more respect if I have any left, for Abdullah the Butcher.
Reno Scum doing a great job on taking on Larry D with tags and double teams.
Hot tag to Acey Romero who able to manage a two count on Luster.
Nice tag team work with Adam pulling Luster out of the way of Larry D and it leads to Thornstone getting the pinfall victory on Larry D.

Backstage with Bey and Swinger. Bey is filling Johnny in on the challenge but Bey wants nothing to do with the Deaner’s. Swinger says he has a partner after calling someone who is under a 90 no compete clause.

Video package hyping the backstory of Deonna Purrazzo.
Great shot of Deonna in the ring against Toni Storm.
She says she studied the best wrestling from all the best wrestling countries in the world. She wants to change the image she left from her last time in Impact at a One Night Only.
She says the reason she attacked Grace because she wants to be a champion and that is the first move she had to make to achieve her goals.

Cutting to Jordynne Grace talking about the video package. She says she doesn’t understand the attack when she could just ask.
Deonna attacks out of nowhere and locks the arm bar on.

Our second attack during an entrance tonight after Eddie attacks Austin from behind during his entrance. Unlike before this starts the match being a Street Fight.
Lots of spots outside the ring with Garbage Cans, the barricades and even sticks.
Back from Commercial Ace Austin is in control using a trash can on Eddie in the corner inside the ring.
Two baking sheets to the side of the head of Eddie by Austin looked nasty.
Hard trash can lid shot to the head by Ace Austin to Eddie Edwards who was trying to do a Tope Suicida.
Ace keeps going after the eye. Nice to see that they acknowledge the history years old to help tell stories today. Nice when companies do that.
I don’t care how well trained you are, landing that fast and hard on to a guardrail has to hurt.
I like the selling from Ace Austin when he kicked the steel chair into the face of Eddie Edwards. Shows the risks of doing moves to someone else. Better that he screamed “I Hate Street Fights.”
Ace Austin is pulling out the table now.
They did a good job putting over that these guys are not doing themselves favours with the condition of their bodies leading to Slammiversary.
Ace is able to counter Eddie Edwards on the top turnbuckle using his laminated playing card to the face of Eddie.
After some Kendo Stick action Eddie has the advantage and takes some time to flip the table upside down and does a neck breaker to Ace Austin on the leg of the table. Sick looking move.
Madman Fulton has appeared out of no where and is attacking Eddie Edwards.
Fulton is helping Ace Austin and Austin gets the pinfall victory on Eddie Edwards. Looks like we have a new team. Madison thinks Madman Fulton is the one who has been attacking Trey.

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