Quick recap of last week’s events before promoting tonight’s two tag team championship matches.

Sasha and Bayley are seen arriving earlier.

Okay you have to like the parody entrance by Breezango mocking Imperium. I really like the remix of the Imperium theme too.
Imperium are not impressed by the Parody and are taking it right to Breezango and Tyler specifically.
Does someone come out and clean off the plexiglas in between matches?
Hot tag to Fandango who is showing everyone who forgot that he is still a great wrestler.
Ref totally stopped counting the pinfall before it was even close to being broken up.
Last Dance from Fandango but Barthel is able to break up to pinfall before three.
Indus Sher have come out with Bivens but Lorcan and Burch keep them from interfering. Fandango hits Barthel and rolls him up but the legal man Aichner hits a DDT on Fandango and gets the pinfall victory.
Post Match Bivens prevents Indus Sher from getting in the ring saying they are not getting paid so don’t fight.

Phillips is now interviewing Velveteen Dream. Behind Dream we see Dexter Lumis put a painting of them as Tag Champs without Dream seeing him.
Dream says he is a solo act and simply was returning a favour.

Interesting moment seeing Damian Priest arrive earlier in the day but Grimes seems to accidentally walk into the shot in the background without it ever really being acknowledged.

The way the commentators are putting over Priest is there any chance of Dain getting the win here? This is still WWE after all.
Priest telling Dain to bring it harder then he favours his back after landing after avoiding Dain. Dain then sends Priest into the corner to attack the favoured back.
Who is meant to be the face and the heel in this match? Priest has been a complete heel for months and has done nothing to be treated different but seems like the match is booked to make Priest the underdog.
Priest hits the Reckoning (Cross Rhodes) to get the pinfall victory.

Video promo from Santos Escobar and boys.

Back from commercial we see Robert Stone drunk and passed out against the Plexiglas before Dain slaps the plexiglas and he falls over.

Aliyah sees passed out Stone during her entrance and she picks him up and brings him to her Corner.
Stone is moving like one of those inflatable wavy arm men.
Stone is now on the ring apron and vomits everywhere but causes enough distraction for Aliyah to roll up Xia Li who kicks out at two only to be held down again and get pinned. May have been botched.
Someone is going to need to clean that ring.

Video promo for the first day of Thatcher’s school of wrestling.

Cut to Undisputed Therapy for Roddy who is not in a good place. Kyle O’Reilly is the therapist but Roddy doesn’t know as his eyes are closed.
Roddy says he is not ready to face the trunk. Roderick runs off at high speed when they try to get him to go in the trunk. Hilarious.

Why does the interviewer have to leave to speak privately with someone when the Camera stays?
Keith Lee smashes the hourglass that Scarlett delivered to Cole last week saying he would be the one taking the title and not Kross.

Cole on his way to the ring now to say something he couldn’t say to the camera he was just talking to backstage.
Killian Cross is a new tag team or is that Killian’s married name?
Cole says he now wants the North American Title. Looks like we could be headed towards a possible title vs. title match.
Keith Lee comes out after his name is mentioned but before he could say anything we hear Johnny Gargano’s music.
Johnny says he is coming for that North American title but says why stop there. Could we see a triple threat with both titles on the line?
After a weird comment from Keith Lee we hear the music of Finn Balor and he comes out. He says they can stop being marks for themselves and now they can mark for him. He reminds everyone he wants the North American title. Finn says this is not a challenge but a warning than is going to go after the NXT title.
Cole says this is funny that every time Finn goes somewhere he does something and leaves than Cole shows up and out does him.
This is when Regal now shows up so we can find out where this is all leading. He is saying next week that next week it is a triple threat between Gargano, Finn and Lee for the North American Title and the winner will face Cole on July 8th in a Title vs. Title match.

Candice is confronting Keith Lee over his comments moments ago but Mia Yim is behind Candice leading to a backstage brawl between the two.

How many Kevin Nash references did Mauro fit into one sentence about Gonzalez.
Takes a coiuple of attempts but the Raquel Gonzalez distraction eventually leads to Kai getting the advantage. Carter is able to regain the advantage pretty quickly getting a two count.
After another distraction, Kai is able to get a submission on Kayden Carter.

Backstage to see Scarlett finding the smashed hour glass. Karrion steps on a piece of the glass.

Video promo for Mercedes Martinez now.

I’m going to say it, even without knowing his Evolve stuff, Leon Ruff is just a poor man’s Lio Rush in my eyes.
Reed takes it right to Ruff, hits a splash off the top rope and gets the quick pinfall victory.
Post Match Bronson Reed takes a mic and says he is going to do what no one else will. He challenges Karrion Kross to a match next week. As he is leaving, he picks Ruff up and carries him to the back.

We cut to Priest seeing his car has slashed tires. This is when Grimes pulls up in his car asking if Priest needs an uber called.

Here comes the temporary Cruiserweight Champion with his men. He talks about the legend of El Hijo Del Fantasma. He says no one sees him and gives him credit just the mask.
He says he is a leader of leaders.
Drake is coming out next to confront him. He says he has more guts than brains and takes it to all three. Numbers get the best and Drake is having the three take it to him on a table with fake laptops and fake tv’s.
Escobar puts Maverick through the table before standing over Maverick with the title.

Back from commercial they go over the destruction of Maverick and then seeing him taken out to the ambulance where Atlas is at his side.

Happy that we are finally getting Sasha and Bayley in NXT defending the women’s tag team titles after being teased so long ago.
What exactly has Tegan and Shotzi done as a team to earn this title shot?
Back from commercial with Bayley having Tegan in a rest hold.
Hot tag to Shotzi who hits a beautiful suplex sold in great fashion from Banks.
Nice double cannon balls from Shotzi and Tegan followed by a Chokeslam from Tegan on Sasha to Bayley on the outside.
Nice finish with Nox stopping Bayley from bringing a chair in but that causes the distraction enough for Bayley to counter so Banks could get the submission win.
Io Shirai has attacked after the match and is taking out both Banks and Bayley. Can we get Kairi and Io again?

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