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Previously on starts the show filling us in on the hunt for who attacked Trey. Next is the Deonna and Jordynne storyline. Finally the reveal of Madman helping Ace Austin against Eddie Edwards.

Nevaeh is starting off strong and in complete control of Tasha. Kiera and Tasha have a discussion outside the ring to change the plan of attack.
Tasha gets advantage after getting back in. She tries to get the ref distracted but Nevaeh wasn’t fooled and Kiera couldn’t interfere.
Tasha not able to get the 3 count after being able to get a pin attempt on Nevaeh.
Kiera gets up on the ring once Nevaeh regained control. Tasha is able to roll up Nevaeh thanks to the distraction and get the pinfall victory.

Recap of Deonna Purrazzo on Busted Open Radio with Jordynne Grace joining.
Deonna calls Jordynne classless and says the fact she had become the face of the knockout Division without even wrestling bothers Jordynne.
Grace says she will give her a title shot but Deonna leaves the interview.
Back to now and we see Deonna being interviewed when someone I don’t know interrupts the interview. Looks like they will be fighting.

Back for the teaser again for the former world champion is returning to impact wrestling at Slammiversary.

Johnny Swinger is in the back talking with Rich Swann trying to get him to be their third man. Rich says he is still injured and Willie is his boy so he wouldn’t anyways.

Flashback moment from 2012 with Bully Ray as a face still just after Devon was revealed as a member of Aces and Eights.
Why the hell did Open Fight Night not stick around? I thought it was one of the best ways to help tell stories and get interesting matchups.
Aces & Eights Theme is still my favourite theme in TNA History.
Debut of Luke “Doc” Gallows.

Back to now with the North trash talking about Ken Shamrock and the locker room going nuts for him instead of them.
Of course Ken Shamrock showed up just to hear Page. Alexander ends up stepping up without fear and said to forget about Page. He’s dressed, let’s go. Match between the two seems set.

Apparently the person I didn’t recognize interrupting Deonna was Alisha.

Back with Moose telling everyone why he is the real world champion and why they should be praising him.
Crazzy Steve enters calling Moose a fake world champion. He starts to sing because he said if Moose was a real champion he is a number 1 billboard artist.
Moose challenges Crazzy Steve for next week so he will know who the real world champion is.

In Ring debut of Deonna on Impact Wrestling. One more match and that matches her NXT total or gets pretty close to it.
It is interesting watching this without knowing much about Alisha’s character in Impact as I can see how they portray her. I am confused as she is coming off as a Heel but Deonna is meant to be the heel in the feud against Jordynne, if I’m not mistaken.
Deonna hooks the arm and gets the Submission victory.
Post Match Jordynne Grace’s music hits and she wastes no time running to the ring. Deonna ducks out and says on her time.

Backstage Swinger is looking for the third partner still and Suicide is the current recruit who just walks off on him.

Back from commercial with Swinger and this time it is Hernandez. He says he would be the partner if Swinger can beat him in an Arm Wrestling match.
Hernandez wins with no problem.
Swinger bumps into Taya on the way from Hernandez and asks her to be the third man. He says it would be history since it would be the first time a woman fought a man.

The North attack Shamrock during Ken’s entrance but it seems an almost equal fight until Josh Alexander is able to get the ankle lock on.
Shamrock is taken out completely and looks like the match won’t be happening.
Looks like no match as the North walk off with their belts.

Back with a recap of the attack on Shamrock from before the commercial.

Bravo shows up late as Taya had already started her entrance and gets bitched out by Taya for it.
Susie comes out waving at all the people who are not there.
Susie does a bit where she seems to not know how to get into the ring.
Taya starts off bullying Susie and taunting her.
Susie is able to get a couple pin attempts before Taya is able to get a nice looking suplex. Taya only gets a two after a lazy pin attempt.
With a distraction by Taya, Bravo is able to use the ropes on Susie.
Curbstomp from Taya only gets a two count. Taya getting frustrated and yelling at the ref.
Taya hits a road to valhalla finisher and gets a three count for the pinfall victory.
Post match Taya continues to taunt and bully Susie. Kylie Rae comes out for the save to stop the bullying of Taya who gets a superkick from Kylie Rae.

Backstage with an attempted interview of Madman Fulton. Ace Austin also appears to answer the questions. They ask what Fulton is going to get out of this relationship. Ace Austin skirts the question.

Backstage we get Rohit Raju coming in as the third man but Chris Bey is not happy about it.

Cody and Rohit are starting off the match. Should be interesting how things go in this match but I suspect Bey walks off at some point.
Before commercial the Deaner’s and Mack clear the ring of the heels.
Back from commercial and Cody is being attacks by Bey and Swinger behind the back of the ref.
Cousin Jake taking it to Bey and Rohit who are in opposite corners.
Typical 6 man spot with each of the 6 man getting their offense on the previous person.
In the end, Chris Bey hits a Famouser off the ropes and gets a pinfall on Willie Mack.
Looks like the match is going to lead to a match between Bey and Mack soon.

Backstage Reno Scum is dissing D’Lo Brown when the Pinoy Boys come in to confront Reno Scum for pointing the finger at them last week.
The Pinoy Boys challenge Reno Scum to a match that is accepted and will happen next week.

They announced that Deonna Purrazzo is going to challenge for the Knockouts Title at Slammiversary.

I’m assuming they are just going forward that Madman did the attack on Trey without Austin and Fulton actually saying it. That is unless I somehow missed them saying it.
Nice spot with Madman forcing Eddie to stop in his tracks trying to do a Tope Suicida when Fulton just stands up and screams at him before heading to a commercial.
Back from commercial, Fulton tosses Eddie over the rope with basically a chokeslam.
All Madman Fulton since returning from the break as Eddie is taking a beating.
Eddie finally reverses a suplex but Fulton is able to no sell it. Leads to Eddie going all out and hitting the Tope to the outside with both going into the guardrail.
Eddie is trying to recover when Fulton just stands up like a monster behind Eddie.
Fulton no sells the chops from Eddie so much that he is walking into the chops.
Eddie finally hits a sit out powerbomb to get a two count but Madman is able to get up at the same rate as Eddie after the pin.
Ace Austin gets on the ring, Eddie takes him out but Madman capitalize but it is reversed by Eddie. Eddie only gets a two count.
Madman Fulton gets the pinfall victory to help rebuild him.

Seeing D’Lo Brown after the credits talk to someone on the computer before he says they are getting the band back together. Aces & Eights music hits and D’lo grabs his vest. Imma be pissed if Aces & Eights don’t come back.

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