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Like both men just going straight at each other and are evenly matched earlier on with their shows of power.
Looks like Ricky Starks is going to be a heel in AEW as he is hanging with the heel lumberjacks. He also took part in attacking Luchasaurus on the outside.
Lots of back and forth between the men early on.
Luchasaurus’ kicks are looking a lot better this week than they have recently.
Wardlow showing he can move just like Luchasaurus in this match.
Lumberjack’s are all brawling after Wardlow throws Jungle Boy into the Heel Lumberjacks. Leads to people going off the stage on to the crowd ended by Luchasaurus hitting a Shooting Star Press on the group.
Nice spear by Jungle Boy on MJF while MJF was distracting the ref from the pin by Luchasaurus. Wardlow takes the chance to hit a low blow. F5 into the pinfall for Wardlow.
Post Match brawl breaks out with both sides with Lumberjacks separating everyone. Leads to announcement of Warlow & MJF against Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy.

Off to Tazz breaking down all the offense of Brian Cage.

Britt sends a new note to Tony at the end of the show breakdown. She is not protected by another bodyguard and Plexiglas around her.

On her entrance, Hikaru Shida heads over to confront Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. Penelope gets a slap on Shida before Shida breaks down.
Once the bell rings Shida hits a running knee to Velvet and a Falcon Arrow for the quick pinfall victory.
Post match, Shida goes right to attack Penelope Ford and have to be held apart.

Off to the Press Conference from earlier today. How good of a Press Conference is it if announcers are just seeing footage with us.
Why is Allie there if QT Marshall isn’t?
Arn is talking about Jake Hager and putting him down for not showing up to the press conference.
Cody goes off on Hope and calls the title Little Ruth?
Here comes Jake Hager and his wife but they just stand there before coming up holding hands.
Jake asks if Cody is ready for the pose down and they do the little photo op with Jake putting his fist against Cody’s face. Jake’s wife throws water in Cody’s face and that is the segment.

Back from commercial we are we are seeing another part of Sonny Kiss’ and Joey Janela’s adventure. Guys pick a fight with Sonny filling gas while Joey is getting groceries. The two are able to take them out.

Colt came out of the Heel entrance tunnel for this one but seems to be acting in the same fashion as always.
Sonny Kiss starting off against Brodie Lee and getting the early advantage until Brodie Lee is able to just throw Sonny into their corner.
Brodie Lee tags in Colt Cabana once they have the advantage.
Silver and Reynolds attack Sonny behind the back of both Cabana and the ref before the commercial break.
Back from commercial Sonny Kiss has been able to get the tag and Joey has the advantage on Cabana.
Brodie Lee is able to break up a pinfall.
Colt is able to reverse the double team and get a two count from a roll up.
Silver and Reynolds pull Cabana out of the ring but get taken out by Sonny. Brodie then takes out Sonny outside and then avoids Joey who goes into the barricades. Brodie gives the victory to Colt who pins Joey Janela for the win.
Post Match, Lance Archer attacks Sonny Kiss who was being helped up by Joey. Archer takes both out no selling a chair shot in the process.

Off to an update on Shawn Spears. We see Spears loading the glove to get a knockout punch to beat Pineapple Pete.

Britt note says FTR can GTFO if FTR is not going to say hi to her when they walk by.
Allie is at ringside with a sign that I couldn’t read at first but she is not with QT.
Good team work from FTR holding one back to prevent getting a move done by Daniels. Leads to a break down with all four men in the ring.
Going to commercial with all four going over the ropes to the outside.
Back from commercial and both teams need to make tags. FTR gets the advantage after the hot tags.
Wow. Great touch by Dax Harwood hitting the slingshot Suplex and doing the Four Fingers sign to honour Tully.
Kazarian is able to distract the ref to prevent a pin being counted by FTR uses it to their own advantage but still only get a two count.
Great back and forth exchange between Frankie and Cash.
Paul Turner getting an ear full from Dax Harwood after yet another two count.
Good Night Express by FTR to get the pinfall victory on Daniels.
Post match, we are getting a promo from FTR about not being welcomed in the AEW Tag Team division. They are throwing out challenges including to calling out Young Bucks finally.
Butcher and the Blade interrupt from FTR’s truck. Lucha Bros are back! They are teaming with Butcher and Blade against FTR and Young Bucks.

We are now getting a video package promoting the tag team championship match between Best Friends and Hangman & Page.

A pretape for Moxley and Cage at Fyter Fest and the World Title picture.
They’re pushing that Mox is not going to be 100% after being put into the car windshield.

Didn’t even get to hear or see the name of the opponent before Cage attacks him and starts destroying him.
They finally say who the opponent is as he is being throw around.
Brian Cage hits the finisher and it is over. Moxley is apparently quaranting because of being exposed to someone with the virus.
Post Match, Taz is teasing the fact that Moxley isn’t around but Brian Cage is here taking people out.
Taz says it is a BS excuse by Moxley and he is afraid of Cage.

Backstage seeing Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana talking with a camera in front of them. Brodie challenges SCU which Colt seems unsure of.

Britt has them read a message about Big Swole. Big Swole comes over and Britt says there is nothing that she can do.
Big Swole has a trash can and on the roof behind Britt and dumps the trash all over her.

Love the commentators saying they aren’t going to disagree when Ortiz tells them something.
Matt Hardy is in the Broken Matt gimmick with NEO 1 coming out for a great shot of Matt.
Santana taking it to Matt while Tony argues with Britt who is throwing the trash in her cubicle at them.
Ortiz trash talking with Santana having the advantage as the commercial break hits.
Back from the break and Santana is still in the advantage.
Side Effect from Matt Hardy but gets only a 1 and barely a 1 on Santana who has a strong kick out.
Ortiz gets the distraction to stop a pinfall from Matt Hardy on Santana.
After a reverse Matt Hardy gets the roll up pinfall victory.
Post match, Ortiz comes in to attack Hardy with the Tennis Ball. Street Sweeper by Santana & Ortiz on Matt Hardy when Private Party is finally to get to the ring for the save.

Time for the face to face between Jericho and Orange Cassidy.
They seem to have replaced the white in Jericho’s entrance video with yellow/gold.
Jericho starts by letting us know why the Chicken Crossed the Road. Multiple times in fact. He says Cassidy is like that joke, funny at first but annoying after a while.
Nice Brian Pillman name drop in a way to compliment Cassidy for getting over on his own for being different.
Jericho said what will happen if Orange Cassidy brings his stupid shin kicks to Fyter Fest.
Cassidy is just standing there unphased until finally taking the mic from Jericho.
Cassidy then puts the mic down and does the Shin kicks to piss off Jericho before putting the hands in his pocket.
Jericho then breaks the sunglasses of Cassidy which leads to Cassidy attacking Jericho. Let the brawl begin.
Back and forth brawl between both men with the Inner Circle and Best Friends not getting involved.
Camera Boom gets the head of Orange Cassidy after being guided there by Jericho.
Cassidy has been busted open on his ear. Beautiful Superman Punch by Orange Cassidy running down the stairs to Jericho who goes through a table.

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