We start with footage of Cameron Grimes walking away from Priest squashed between his car door and his car. It was from earlier today.

Cameron Grimes comes down all cocky thinking he has taken out his opponent before the match.
Grimes has a mic and saying Priest is a coward because he is no showing. Tells the ref to announce him the winner.
Priest is coming out bandaged up and is being held back.
Priest gets in the ring and Grimes attacks him immediately before a bell can even ring.
Eventually both are apart and standing so the bell can ring.
Match is even so far as Priest is continuing his offense but Grimes just keeps concentrating on the bandaged ribs of Priest.
Priest is unable to to pull off a razor’s edge because of the ribs. Grimes capitalizes and is able to hit a Cave In and gets the pinfall victory over Priest.
They’re really pushing Grimes lately but not sure what the end goal is for him at the moment.

Off to Rhea being interviewed about Io outside earlier today. Robert Stone interrupts again saying she is playing hard to get.
Stone says Aliyah has officially signed with the Robert Stone Brand. Rhea throws Stone in the trash which pisses of Aliyah who slaps Rhea.
This sets up a match between the two later.

This week’s lesson from Thatcher to further push him as a deadly heel.

Recap of the beat down on Drake Maverick by the Lucha Mafia.

Atlas is all fired up running to the ring wanting to get his hands on Escobar.
Some nice gymnastic moves by Atlas similar to how Kacy Catanzaro integrates the background into her moveset.
Atlas tries to attack Mendoza and Wilde but the miss causes enough of a distraction for Escobar to send Atlas flying into the Plexiglas.
Atlas gets out of the stretch submission but only able to get a two count on the pin attempt.
Moonsault by Atlas on Mendoza and Wilde on the outside allowing Santos to get back in the ring.
Phantom Driver by Santos Escobar to get the pinfall victory in a pretty even match.

Off to another session of the Undisputed Therapy. They go over what happened with Roddy last week running away from the trunk. He think he can overcome his fear of the trunk today.
He gets in the trunk and is fine. After getting out of the trunk Roddy is told he is facing Dexter Lumis tonight.

Recap of the tag team brawl from last week with Imperium beating Breezango to retain last week.

Now Malcolm Bivens is with Indus Sher and they’re beating interviewed backstage about what happened last week.
Bivens is apparently at the highest level of being pissed off. They came out last week just to see the result so Lorcan and Burch attacked them for no reason.
Looks like those two teams are going to be feuding now.

Video package on Adam Cole being the longest reigning champion and about his challenge for the North American Championship in two weeks.
Video evolves into pushing the whole situation between Lee, Balor, Gargano and Cole.

Kayden and Kacy apparently are the KC Express because they have the same initials.
Kacy and Kayden doing the Floss move Private party does on the ropes.
Gonzalez is getting double teamed but eventually able to get a tag to Dakota.
Great selling by Dakota Kai with the kick from Kayden Carter to her while in the ropes.
Kai finally able to get a hot tag to Raquel but Kacy and Kayden take it right to her. Raquel is able to hold them off leading to a one armed powerbomb by Raquel.
Dakota gets tagged in to get the submission win on the fallen Kacy Catanzaro.
Post Match Dakota sends another message to Io.

Seeing Bronson Reed backstage preparing for his match against Kross coming up next.

Back from commercial they show Keith Lee getting ready for his match.

So far, Karrion Kross has come off as a guy who can wrestle, thinks he is a bad ass and has a cool entrance. Haven’t got much more of his character from his character yet.
Bronson going straight after Kross after the bell getting in some good offense. Kross quickly gains the advantage.
Kross taunts Reed asking if this is what he wanted when he challenged Kross.
Reed is able to start to fight back but Kross no sells leading to a back and forth of punches. Kross keeps asking for the punches and kicks from Reed.
Amazing Northern Lights suplex by Kross on Bronson Reed.
Kross Jacket submission by Karrion Kross to get the submission victory.

Backstage Adam Cole is being interviewed about who he wants to face in the winner take all match. He says it doesn’t matter as the result will be the same.

Another video promo hyping Mercedes Martinez.

Robert Stone seems to be getting a little better as he at least doesn’t seem drunk this week.
Aliyah definitely seems like she is trying to impress Stone constantly. Is she oblivious to how bad Stone is right now?
Rhea is just treating Aliyah like a rag doll early on.
Aliyah is doing a good job at countering moves from Rhea to escape a lot of the big moves. She is having trouble getting in any actual offense on Rhea, though.
Some taunting from Rhea to Robert Stone at ringside allows Aliyah to get a little bit of offense in.
Stone throws a shoe in to the ring while Rhea has her submission on. She breaks the hold because of it.
Riptide is eventually hit by Ripley and she gets the pinfall victory.

Backstage we are seeing Johnny Gargano getting ready for the triple threat main event.

They do such a great job on the entrance to have it look like Dexter is staring us down.
Bobby Fish has to stop Roderick from running off during the entrance because of his fear of Lumis.
Roderick tries to psych himself up but leaves the ring saying he is not ready. Lumis has yet to move from his position in the ring. Roddy keeps going in and out of the ring.
Dexter eventually gets out of the ring to bring Roddy in the ring.
Strong runs off to the back and is counted out so Lumis is your winner.
Post Match, Fish has his back to Lumis and gets put in Dexter’s hold from behind. Fish is able to escape and get off.

Backstage, Stone is asking Regal for a rematch for Aliyah. Regal makes a handicap match for next week with Rhea faces Stone and Aliyah. If Rhea loses, she has to join the Robert Stone Brand.

Now we see Finn Balor getting read for the triple threat match next.

We are getting a video package on Io Shirai to promote a four way #1 contender match between Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim.

Wait, are they referring to the NXT Championship as Ten Pounds of Gold now? Beth and Mauro BOTH called it that during the entrance of Gargano.
Gargano bails out of the ring immediately after the bell telling Lee and Balor to go at it. Gargano tries to pick his moment but Lee is able to fend off both Balor and Johnny as we go to commercial.
As we return, Balor and Gargano are still trying to do some damage to Lee. Balor finally slows him down with a sleeper hold.
This turns into a great back and forth with Gargano and Balor switching doing the sleeper hold once the other is thrown off.
Lots of spots to put over the strength of Keith Lee. He’s having a lot of ease taking on both Balor and Gargano at the same time.
Great spot with Lee going into the steps but only after Gargano helps Balor pushing Lee. This leads into the commercial break.
Back from break, we have Balor and Gargano fighting alone in the ring with Lee taken out on the outside.
Keith Lee is great at being able to catch Balor and Gargano when they come flying at him. Nia Jax needs to learn from him on how to protect workers.
They repeat the Keith Lee rising from below the camera shot behind Balor. All three men are now down in the ring.
Nice looking kick from Gargano on Balor who had Lee in a sleeper hold.
Keith Lee hits a nice pounce on both Gargano and Balor as Balor was about to hit his DDT on Gargano on the outside.
I guess that Johnny knows how Candice feels after Lee falls on Gargano.
Lee avoids Balor and is able to hit his finisher and get the pinfall victory on Balor.
Post Match, Cole comes out and we have a pose off with the two champions.

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