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Only a few more episodes before Slammiversary. Will be interesting to see how they handle the World Title Match situation with two of the participants no longer appearing for the company.

We start off with a recap of last week’s events with the beatdown by The North on Ken Shamrock, Deonna’s in ring debut and the Fulton vs. Edwards match.

They start off with Madison and Josh telling us it is now a fatal four way at Slammiversary with the fourth person being a Mystery at this time. Not one mention of the former champion.

I sure hope that we don’t see Bey turn the X Division championship into a spinner belt if he wins at Slammiversary.
TJP is under the mask for Suicide now, right?
Fast paced chain wrestling to start the match with neither gaining the advantage.
How many times are we going to have hear Josh Matthews think Bey is using Swinger.
I really like how Chris Bey sets up/prepares for a move as it looks like he is trying to get action speed or power behind the move instead of just setting up a spot.
Suicide able to gain some advantage after Bey misses a moonsault off the top turnbuckle.
Beautiful selling of the running drop kick by Suicide on Bey sending Chris into the corner with FORCE.
Suicide is able to get an actual two count on Bey as Chris is not looking strong against him.
Suicide sends Swinger to the outside after getting in the ring. Suicide with a Suicide dive to both men on the outside.
So much over selling by Johnny Swinger on the outside.
Bey complains about his knee long enough for the Ref to get distracted so Swinger can take out Suicide.
Chris Bey gets the pinfall victory after the interference.

Backstage Moose is being interviewed about his match against Crazzy Steve tonight.

Backstage we have Swinger and Bey going over their game plan. Swinger says he will just pay off the referee when, of course, there is a referee behind them.
Referee says he is going to try and get Swinger banned from ringside at Slammiversary.

Reno Scum attack the Pinoy Boys but Fallah Bahh is able fend them off.
TJP comes in after the match has already started to do a rollup which the ref seems to reluctantly count. He should have not counted it at all as there was no tag.
Too many spots in this where Luster is clealy just waiting for a spot to happen. Takes me out of the match when it is so obvious.
I do like that Adam tagged in but noticed the ref didn’t see it so before coming in tagged again louder and said it so the ref would acknowledge it.
A second time TJP has come in without tagging and the ref has just allowed it. I do like that Josh called it out on Commentary.
Double Splash from TJP and Fallah Bahh leads to the pinfall victory.

Off to Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and Swinger.
Swinger is pissed about being banned from ringside because of some referee.
John E Bravo is this week’s guest and he comes in.
Madison is stirring the pot between Bravo, Taya and Rosemary. He is seemingly oblivious to dating Rosemary.
Madison brings out Rosemary who appears out of nowhere.
Swinger says the sexual tension is very strong saying it is between Rosemary and him. Bravo gets jealous and the men start arguing which Rosemary seems to like.
Madison asks if he loves Rosemary but Taya walks in and joins the fun. She wants to talk with Rosemary and asks her to be a tag team. It’s agreed.

Video package recapping Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace.

Here come The North in street clothes to put over their attack on Shamrock from last week.
They are putting over Shamrock has no friends to help him and work with him.
Shamrock’s music hits and he is coming out when Sami comes on the screen saying “who needs friends when you can have an enemy” and then joins Ken in the ring to attack The North.

D’Amore is on the phone with people saying it is a good deal for everyone and a pair of “Good Brothers” will fit in well here. The North then walk in.
Ethan Page says this is not a safe work environment when they get attacked wearing street clothes pointing to the bloody nose of Josh Alexander.
Scott seems outraged but it is sarcastic outrage as he announces they are going to defend the belts against Shamrock and Sami at Slammiversary.

Flashblack of Nick Aldis and Eric Young in 2014.
Why are fans chanting USA in a match between a Canadian and Brit?
If I remember right this is when EY won the World Title when TNA tried to recreate the Daniel Bryan story in WWE at the time.
This is when the TNA Title looked the best.
Loved the emotion and reaction from Eric Young when he wins.

Backstage they try to get an interview with Trey before his match. He seems very jumpy. Trey cuts an intense promo about making the most out of the chances he gets.

I’m really liking the angle with Moose and the TNA World Title. Demanding getting everything that comes with being a champion and championship matches.
Whether we want to admit it or not the TNA World Title has been defended more than the NWA, Impact and AEW World Championship’s in the last four months.
Great selling by Steve after Moose caught him on the outside then slammed Steve against the hardest part of the ring.
Crazzy Steve is spitting up blood after being swung into the ring steps by Moose.
Moose takes some time to trash talk Steve as he’s in complete control since Steve got bloody.
Steve tries to fight back by attacking Moose when entering the ring but one knee to the midsection of Steve stopped that.
Referee tried to kick the arm of Moose after not letting go after a four count but Moose moves his arm and they have a stare down.
Spear by Moose and a pinfall victory as he retains his TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
Post Match, Moose decides to beat down Crazzy Steve until referees and Tommy Dreamer come out to back him down.
Moose fakes leaving before beating down Tommy Dreamer as well.

Back from break a bloody Tommy Dreamer is cutting a promo on Moose while Crazzy Steve is taken to the back finally.
He puts over Moose’s skills but how he doesn’t listen to those who try to help him in both Football and Wrestling.
Dreamer mentions the Hard Times promo by Dusty and says we are in Hard Times but the show is going on.
One hell of a promo by Tommy Dreamer.
“No one ever paid for a ticket to see you play football and no one ever paid for a ticket to see you wrestle.”
I am hoping this is leading to Moose against Dreamer at Slammiversary now.

Back to Hernendez betting on Arm Wrestling against the Deaner’s.

Kiera smartly takes it right to Havok at the bell while Havok had her back to Hogan.
But the minute she lets up Havok is able to gain control of the match.
Interference from Tasha Steelz leads to Tasha knocked out but it is enough for Kiera to regain the advantage going in to the commercial.
Back from commercial Kiera is still in control until Havok falls back into the corner.
Josh says he has never seen a woman use her hair to choke an opponent before, so that means he apparently doesn’t watch NXT.
Nice point by Madison Rayne that wrestling is at the core an individual sport with each person wanting to get to the top of the sport.
Tasha is on the ring with Havok’s causing a distraction allowing Kiera to get the mask and use it on Havok behind the referee’s back.
Kiera is able to get the upset pinfall victory with now both having a win over the other two.

Backstage we are getting a response from Moose saying Tommy only knows what he read on wikipedia.
Moose demands a public apology or he is going to sue Dreamer and the whole company.

We get the first and looks to be only promo about the former world champion returning at Slammiversary.

Great start to the match with Trey running straight into the ring and doing a great job avoiding the big boot of Fulton before heading back to the outside for a Tope Suicida on Ace Austin.
Trey using his speed to keep ahead of Fulton but Madman is able to catch Trey after almost every move.
Trey’s speed and weight really helps get Fulton over with a lot of the power moves looking crisp.
Nasty looking spot with Madman Fulton smashing Trey’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.
Great spot with the Sleeper Hold from Trey with him not letting go even after being swung around the ring as well as almost pinned.
Northern Lights Suplex as a counter to a choke shows just another move these two can perform beautifully. They compliment each other so well.
Trey grabs Ace Austin’s Cane Stick thing and hits Fulton with it to give Madman the DQ win.
Post match, Trey is attacking Ace Austin and Fulton with a chair and the show ends with him standing.

End of the show teaser is teasing Super Eric returning.

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