Great opening hyping the card for Night One of Great American Bash.

Quick entrances. Looks like they wanted to get to the action as fast as possible.
No Raquel Gonzalez as she is banned from ringside as all outside interference has been banned by William Regal.
Lerae bails to the outside after a four way stare down. Dakota then goes to the outside as Mia and Tegan corner her.
Mia and Tegan to start but Mia is quickly pulled to the outside by Candice and sent into the steel steps.
How did Dakota’s face not explode after getting planted into the hardest part of the ring by Candice?
Faces finally regain control leading to Mia getting a pinfall elimination on Candice as Tegan watches on.
Back from Commercial it is Tegan and Mia attacking Dakota. Dakota was able to kick out after being pinned by both Tegan and Mia at the same time.
Nice rana by Mia on Tegan using Dakota as a platform.
Weird spot with the ref stopping the count before Dakota could kick out.
Dakota comes up from behind and rolls up Mia in an awesome bridging pin to get the three count before the next commercial.
Back from Commercial with Tegan and Dakota going blow for blow in the middle of the ring.
Tegan and Dakota just know how to make things look so good from working together for so long.
Never seen that fall away slam pinning bridge that Tegan did to Dakota in this match. Almost more beautiful than the Perfect Plex.
That Chiropractor move from Dakota is the best variation of a destroyer I have seen.
Not the best looking Shiniest Wizard but she still gets the pinfall victory here and is not the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Backstage Damian Priest is cutting a promo on Cameron Grimes. He says Cameron has his full attention now. Priest challenges Grimes to a clean 1 on 1 match.

Bayley and Sasha are warming up backstage for Sasha’s match tonight.

Likely not going to be a lot of top rope flips in this match.
Great transitions between submissions from both men. True catch wrestling and about breaking down their opponent.
Lorcan is finally able to get out of the clutches of Thatcher and get a little bit of control.
Thatcher has the advantage again sending Oney to the outside as we got to Commercial.
Back from Commercial with Thatcher having submission locked in. Oney is able to get out of the hold but Thatcher hits a Suplex sending Oney flying and to the outside.
Love the homage to his trainer with Oney having the single leg crab on Thatcher.
Thatcher reverses it into one nasty looking submission on the knee. Lorcan escapes as Thatcher tries to shift into another submission.
Thatcher reverses the fish hook by Lorcan into his Armbar to get the submission win.
Post Match, Thatcher pulled back more on the arm bar and held it until the four count by the referee.

Video package pushing Karrion Kross and Scarlett is next.

Who does Robert Stone think he is this week in his Boxing Outfit? His googles looks like his glasses. Nice touch.
Robert Stone wants to start the match against Rhea to the surprise everyone.
Are Aliyah and Stone allowed in the ring at the same time?
Stone gets slapped hard. Going to be a lot of running around avoiding the two.
Aliyah actually got a two count after a kick to Rhea being held by Stone.
Stone breaks up a the pinfall but instantly runs off. Leads to Stone missing a move to the outside but Aliyah capitalizes as we go to commercial.
Back from Commercial, Aliyah and Stone have a combo submission on Rhea.
A little miscommunication as neither knows who should be getting the cover.
Had to have the obligatory woman’s head goes into the crotch of the man?
Rhea gets both to tap out to her submission at the same time.

Roddy is playing the pretending to be confident character so well with his entrance.
Roderick doing the usual heel move of not wanting to put the strap on and attacks Lumis without doing so. Lumis gains control quickly and puts the strap on Strong himself.
Great spot with Lumis pulling on Strong to send him flying into an uppercut. Strong is doing a great selling job on those.
Out on to the entrance way as Lumis sees the trunk of the car. You just know what is going to happen. Strong is not having ANY of it.
How distracting is it when you hear the referee say how many minutes are left in the match?
Nice nod to Tully Blanchard from Dexter with the slingshot Suplex.
Great job by Roddy to use the strap to help hold the feet together while putting Lumis in the crab.
Bobby Fish out to take out Lumis with Referee being distracted but Roddy can only get a two count.
Bobby tries to get in the match again but is clotheslined by the strap before being sent into the plexiglas.
Dexter puts the Silence Submission on and gets Roddy to tap out.

Prime Target video package for Keith Lee and Adam Cole Title vs. Title next week.

Now we see Io getting ready for her match against Sasha in the main event before going to a commercial.

Backstage they are interviewing the Gargano’s are being interviewed until Candice runs off attacking Mia Yim. Johnny takes issue with Swerve getting involved.

Santos Escobar and his Lucha Mafia come out next in their suits.
They’re not going to pretend that Joaquin Wilde is Spanish, right?
Santos said they are going to rebuild Lucha Libre in his image to restore its honour.
Cue Drake Maverick music at the end of the promo who comes out with a neck brace. He takes it off and heads to the ring but can’t get to Santos thanks to Wilde and Mendoza.
Breezango run out to make the save so Santos bails and the heels walk off.
Next Week we are getting a 6 man tag match.

Backstage to hear Cameron respond to Damian Priest’s challenge from earlier. He says he is not going to think about Priest as he is headed to the top. He challenges to winner of Lee and Cole as he should be the #1 contender.

Another video package hyping up Mercedes Martinez.

How did NXT and AEW both have people arrive for the main event in vehicles?
These two are living up to the hype so far. Both are getting some good hard hits in.
Nice heel tactic to have Bayley honk the horn of one of the cars at ringside to cause a distraction.
A lot of both Sasha’s and Io’s greatest hits are in play in this match.
Not the best German suplex from Io on Sasha as Sasha seemed to over rotate.
Good job at both for recovering from the slip by Io on the first attempt before that Plexiglas spot.
Nice counter by Io to be able to put the crossface on Sasha who was coming down for a Frog Splash.
While ref is distracted, Asuka appears to stop Sasha from using the title belt. Mist to Sasha.
Io gets the pinfall victory thanks to Asuka.
Post match, Asuka celebrates with Io. Looks like Io is taking Kairi’s spot.

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