Starting with a much needed recap of the great Ilja and Walter match from last week as well as showing a bit of the aftermath to both men.

Great to see Gallus boys back in full force and a great way to start the show off.
Interesting to see that Pretty Deadly and Sam Gradwell not getting along before they even get to the ring. Doesn’t bode well against the Gallus boys.
The piped in crowd noise seem to be treating Gallus as the faces here. Nice to see.
Great spot with Joe standing tall and Wolfgang and Mark charging past him to take out Pretty Deadly. makes Gallus look great.
Gallus definitely the faces in the match as Gradwell and Pretty Deadly are doing the heel distraction spots.
Wolfgang appears to be favouring his knee after possibly hurting it. He’s even having to rest on the floor.
Joe Coffey gets the pinfall on Sam Gradwell to put over Joe’s return.

Getting video package to hear thoughts on tonight’s main event between A-Kid and Noam Dar. Both men talk about their previous meeting with Noam cheating to get the win.

Recap of the great segment from last week with The Hunt being revealed as the team with Eddie Dennis.
We are told that both Webster and Andrews are unable to compete now.

Rampage Brown being brought in earlier this week to the UK PC.
Dave Mastiff walks up to welcome Rampage to NXT UK

Joe Coffey and Jinny in the same episode? They are almost able to out due last week’s great episode.
If this is anything but a squash for Jinny on James I’d be shocked. Jinny is just taunting James to bring it.
Every time James gets some offense in but Jinny counters it Jinny just trash talks her calling James a stupid girl.
Rolling Liger kick from Jinny leads to her getting the pinfall victory.
Post match, Jinny has a microphone to tell us how ruthless she is and why she is the Queen of NXT UK. She name drops Piper Niven which brings her out.
Kay Lee Ray comes out saying how funny Jinny and Piper are. She says she likes to talk just as much as those two but she has the belt to back it all up.
Kay Lee Ray throws a chair in the ring and wants to know who has the killer instinct. Headbutt from Piper followed by a chair shot.
James tries to talk sense to Piper leading to her getting taken out before Piper hits Jinny with her finisher on the chair before chasing KLR off.

Video promo from Eddie Dennis to put over his relationship with The Hunt. Such a great effect to have both of The Hunt go silent when Eddie does the Ssshh.

Seeing that Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray were fighting backstage during the break with Piper posing with the belt pissing off KLR.

Neither man able to get a hold locked on the other and just going back and forth to start the first round.
Dar kicks A-Kid off the top rope to the outside in the last 10 seconds of round 1 but no fall yet.
Great spot with Dar taking out the legs of A-Kid sending him to the mat.
A-Kid is able to convert into the crossface with just 10 seconds left but Dar holds on until the end of the round to keep the match at no falls.
A-Kid looking strong so far into Round 3 just not able to get the pinfalls because of the smarts of Dar.
With one minute to go in Round 3 Dar was able to get A-Kid to submit to go up 1-0.
Halfway through Round 4, A-Kid converts a hold from Dar into a bridging pin to tie it back up.
Both on the outside during Round 5 with Dar kissing the trophy but just barely getting back in before the 10 count.
Slugfest between A-Kid and Noam Dar for the final ten seconds of Round 5.
We are told that if it is a tie after 6 Rounds, it would go to a Sudden Death Round 7.
A-Kid doing everything he can to lock on the Arm Bar but Dar just slugs away to get him to let go. Great way to show desperation.
A-Kid locks on his Submission forcing Dar to submit giving A-Kid the win sending him to the Finals.

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