Another week with a match starting the show right away.

Isla Dawn is getting in a lot of work during this specific set of tapings. This is at least her third match in almost as many weeks.
Well I am going to have say that I suspect Isla’s winning ways won’t be lasting against Kay Lee Ray.
Isla Dawn not getting squashed in this one, at least. She actually gets enough offense in to get a two count on Kay Lee Ray.
Kay Lee Ray does a beautiful transition from the kick out by Isla Dawn but Isla still gets to the rope.
Gory Bomb from Kay Lee Ray and she gets the pinfall victory in a good opener.
Post match, Kay Lee Ray cuts a promo on being the longest reigning NXT UK Women’s champion and longest currently in WWE.

We are getting a video package with NXT UK roster members as well as William Regal & Seth Rollins putting over Ben Carter.
Funny that they make it sound like Ben Carter was choosing NXT UK specifically and not WWE as a whole.

Another video package but this one is revolving around Ilja Dragunov dealing with losing to Walter.
Talks about how he should be proud but isn’t because he loss and has to start over from the beginning. He then takes out his signature contact lenses.

Nice to see that Starz and Muir are able to get a match against Huxley after his attack last week but maybe wait one more week to sell the attack?
Definitely looking like this storyline is being used to push Starz and Muir as a future tag team. Although not as a contending team seeing as they are getting destroyed by Huxley.
Muir gets the hot tag but Huxley is able to fend off the fury from him forcing Muir to tag Starz back in for some Double Teaming.
Starz is able to get the shocking win after Muir stops Huxley holding on to the top rope.
Post match, Huxley destroys Muir and Starz until Dave Mastiff came out for the save.

Earlier this week Piper Niven is showing Sid Scala footage from the UK Performance Center.
Someone brings a box into it with a chair in it with a note on it. She wants a match against Jinny for the #1 Contendership.

We see Dave Mastiff backstage during the break talking to Rampage about standing up to Huxley.

To the ring with A-Kid and his Heritage Cup to cut a promo. He talks about how he has beat the best in the past couple months.
A-Kid says he wants to prove he is the best and that is why he is challenging Walter for the NXT UK Championship.
Walter comes out without music telling A-Kid to wipe his feet the next time he walks into HIS ring.
Walter puts over his skills in the Heritage Cup but tells him he is nothing special and doesn’t deserve to represent the Heritage of this business.
Walter says him being NXT UK Champion will never change and does a mic drop to cue his music.

Kenny Williams is being interviewed in the Trainers room apparently after crying that his injury is not good. Amir Jordan comes in and says just heal and they will get together when they can.
Kenny says he will help Amir get better as a singles competitor.

Back for a sit down interview with Trent Seven to go over his loss to A-Kid in the Final of the Heritage Cup.
Seven is asked if this is the last we will be seeing of him for a while. He says he is going away to work on himself.

All Rampage Brown in your typical new bad ass build match. Very paint by numbers for WWE.
Morrell looked like he landed on the head of Rampage when he did his standing spinning moonsault type move.
Brown is able to hit is sitout powerbomb move and get the pinfall victory to continue his dominance.

We head back to Sid Scala to let us all know that A-Kid and Walter will fight for the NXT UK Championship in the new year.

That is confidence by the Gallus boys by coming out without Joe Coffey. Shows they’re not worried about Eddie with The Hunt.
Like a trained animal, Primate attacks Wolfgang the second the bell rings, to the surprise of Wolfgang in his own corner.
Hunt are just tagging in and out while stomping down on Wolfie in their own corner.
Wolfgang and Mark Coffey are able to get a tag but Hunt just continue dominating most of the match.
Love to see a team finally get the tag by trying the diving tag when their foot is held by an opponent.
Eddie Dennis saves Boar from Wolfgang while the referee is distracted from Primate. Joe Coffey finally comes out to take down Eddie Dennis.
Coffey distracts the referee while Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster come out to knock off the Hunt from the top turnbuckles.
Gallus take advantage of all the interference to get the pinfall victory and retain.
Post match, all of Gallus celebrate their win in the ring until Pretty Deadly come out to stake their claim. Were they wearing women’s clothes?
Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter grab Pretty Deadly from behind and send them in the ring to face a taste of why Gallus boys are on top!

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