The build to this one was surrounding Brian throwing a drink in the face of Dalton Castle is a bit juvenile. It totally works when Dalton Castle is involved though!
Regardless if you like Brian Johnson (unlikely) or hate Brian Johnson (certainly probably) you can’t question his intensity. Great pre-match promo from him.
Castle catches Johnson immediately and looks to end things early with the Bang-a-rang but Johnson slips out the back door.
Dalton hits a beautiful over-head t-bone style suplex and is controlling things early.
Johnson turns things around on the outside scoring with a suicide dive and introducing Dalton to the ring post.
Johnson continues to ground Castle working on his shoulder. Hopefully our boy Dalton can weather this and turn things around.
Dalton cuts Brian off heading to the top, lands a huge knee and Johnson finds himself straddling the top rope. Doesn’t sound like Brian will be joining Dalton and the boys tonight during the after-party.
Castle hits the Bang-a-rang and that’s ball-game for Mr. Johnson.
WINNER: Dalton Castle (Pinfall)

We get our first look at the foundations Rhett Titus since hiatus.
The match is built around Delirious busting Titus wide-open during their previous meeting. Should be an interesting contrast of styles under PURE rules.
Some 50/50 mat wrestling with neither man getting an advantage until Rhett Titus hits a nice gut-wretch suplex.
Delirious quickly takes to the air thereafter and hits a missile drop-kick from the second rope.
Rhett Titus uses two rope breaks quickly to escape prospective Delirious submissions.
Delirious continues to go for the Million Dollar dream but Titus is able to fling him off to the outside of the ring. It still cost Rhett his final rope break though.
Rhett scores with a couple huge boots to Delirious upon re-entry to the ring.
Delirious turns the tide with a snap Cobra-Clutch suplex.
Delirious runs at Rhett to finish him off, but Titus hits a nice drop kick. And that does it!
WINNER: Rhett Titus (Pinfall)

Were you as worried as I was that Dalton wouldn’t win a match prior to the conclusion of 2020?
Did Brian Johnson sell getting crotched on the top rope better than anyone in the history of the business?
Can you remember the last time a match ended with a drop kick? I can’t!
Do you wish Rhett would bring back his Romantic Touch character like I do?

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