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Josh Matthews and Scott D’Amore are our hosts for the Best of 2020 Part 1. Scott gets a text having to walk off before our first match.

We are obviously starting with the match in progress. Trey is just making his comeback.
Anyone else remember when Ace Austin was being pushed hard? Hell, remember when Ace Austin was actually on TV?
The Fold is a beautiful move and Ace Austin uses it to get the pinfall and retain the X Division Championship match.
Post match, they give us a worried shot of Trey Miguel’s mom.

Backstage we see Chris Bey coming out of the Management’s office and Rohit walks up to find out that Chris Bey has been added to his match against Manik at Hard to Kill. Love that Rohit is being out Rohit’d by Bey.

Cut to Ace Austin being announced as the fan’s choice as X Division Superstar of the year.
He talks about how he was only in the division for Four Months but obviously was still the best in it this year.
Ace Austin teases he may go back to the X Division now since the fans made him think of it again.

Brian Myers is letting us know that his favourite moment of 2020 was his return earlier this year.

Josh and Scott now are talking about their memories of Slammiversary and they put over that it changed Wrestling that night.
This goes to a video package showing Moose retaining, Chris Bey winning the X Division Title, The North retaining against Sami and Ken, MCMG returning, Deonna and Eddie both winning the singles titles.

Scott and Josh are now talking about how great the Tag Team Division was this year. Scott points out how historic the Tag Team Division has always been in Impact.

We come in with Page and Anderson both going for the tags as they were both down. Gallows is like a house on fire when he comes in but unable to get a pin.
Ethan Page prevents the Magic Killer attempt on Josh Alexander. Anderson and Alexander both down after Anderson ends the flurry with the running kick.
Magic Killer and Doc Gallows is able to get the pinfall on Ethan Page to become the Tag Team Champions.

Matthews and D’Amore are likely about to tell us who the fans choice for Tag Team of the Year will be.
We cut to Ethan Page on the phone to reveal that The North are 2020 Tag Team of the Year repeating from 2019.
Cut to Josh Alexander getting the news and standing with the belt Ethan gave him. He is talking about how maybe he should get back with Page.
Josh is calling but it is not Ethan who answers the phone, pissing off Josh obviously.

Rich Swann is in the backstage area plucking his guitar telling us the traditions in the Swann house.

Scott and Josh now still promoting the Hard To Kill Main Event with Kenny Omega before putting over the Knockouts Division focusing on the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships telling us a surprise is coming at Hard to Kill.

We are actually starting at the introductions so we may get the whole 30 minutes here. Wishful thinking? Maybe not seeing as this aired on Impact and not a PPV.
Damn, they cut to 3 minutes left right after the bell so I guess it was wishful thinking.
Man did the ref ever sell his being hurt only to be able to count and move seconds later.
The finish to the match is still great but would have been nice to see the whole match again.

Cut to Taya Valkyrie talking about Deonna Purrazzo but mentioning that they still haven’t crossed path. Funny when Taya goes over all the stuff she’s been involved in the year.
She throws a challenge out to Deonna for Hard to Kill for the Knockouts title.

Deonna Purrazzo is now revealed as the Knockout of the Year which is not surprising. Deonna is literally the reason I tuned in to Impact again.
Deonna says that 2021 will be the Age of the Virtuosa as it can only go up from here.

D’Amore and Josh go over the Eddie and Sami rivalry that was reignited in 2020 with Shamrock added in to the mix.
Video package time to go over the new history of Eddie and Sami from 2020.
We go back to Scott and Josh letting us know January 5th, Eddie vs. Sami is official.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are letting us know their individual family traditions for Christmas. Apparently they just drink with their family.

I really miss EC3 in Impact. I think there was so much more they could have done with his character in Impact before he went to ROH.
This is definitely one of my top Cinematic Matches. Up there with Ciampa/Gargano as well as the Boneyard Match.

Cutting to Moose in the Impact Wrestling ring cutting his promo on Rich Swann from this past week before Willie Mack came out to confront him.
We get the whole segment including Moose attacking the security guard who ripped his shirt.
Matthew Palmer, the security guard, is now saying that he accepts Moose’s 3 minute challenge, if it was a challenge. Scott back with Josh says it will be happening.

Now they’re hyping that the Super X Cup returns at Genesis in January.

Swinger is now letting us know that he always opens his gifts before his wife and kids.

Acey Romero is now visiting Larry D in jail. Anyone else notice that the room looks a lot like the room Tommy used for the Lie Detector.
Acey says he will help him try to prove Larry D was framed.
Romero is saying that he is going to interview a blind man that was there about hearing who sprayed the ring rust.

Video package on the story behind the Who Shot John E Bravo Story. Surprised they didn’t go back and show even more of Wrestle House.

We are getting an actual Holiday Paid Advertisement from TK and Tony actually in Nashville. They start by going over all the things TK owns in Nashville.
TK talks about how if he didn’t want Kenny on their PPV but he is fine with it and is inviting Impact wrestlers to Dynamite.

The Edwards traditions are plenty as they are huge Christmas fans. They put their first Christmas tree up in November then put up the real tree after American Thanksgiving.

We now are getting the recap on Eric Young’s Impact career in 2020 including winning the World Title from Eddie Edwards.
Really like the slow build of this Eric Young and his new stable.
Josh and Scott put over Eric, Doering and Deaner and what it could mean for 2021.

Willie Mack let us know what his traditions are for Christmas. He has a small tree apparently.

Scott and Josh now going over the big story of the year in Impact and that being Don Callis helping Kenny Omega win the AEW Championship and him appearing on Impact.
They cut to a video package showing us what happened on Dynamite as well as their appearances on Impact.
They use this as the opportunity to also go over what happened at Final Resolution seeing as it set up Rich Swann stepping up to Omega.
We are now getting another promo from Callis and Kenny during a photoshoot. They talk about how Kenny wished as a kid to run the Wrestling business.

Back to Scott D’Amore and Josh Matthews getting ready to reveal who is 2020 Impact Wrestler of the Year.
The fan choice for wrestler of the year in 2020 ends up being our Knockout of the year in Deonna Purrazzo. I can’t disagree with this.

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