NWA Shockwave


On paper this should be a very good episode of Shockwave with three titles on the line. This is apparently the Season Finale of Shockwave.

Zicky Dice is attacking Pope from behind as he makes his entrance. Dice puts him through a Table since the match hasn’t officially started yet.
Zicky Dice grabs a mic while Referees check on Pope. He is cutting a promo on Billy Corgan saying there is not going to be a match tonight.
Zicky Dice says his contract is up on New Year’s Eve and he will take the Belt with him and defend it elsewhere.
Pope is slowing getting up trying to get in the ring while everyone tries to convince him not to.
The match starts and the 6:05 timer starts. If Wrestling history teaches me anything, this won’t end well for Zicky.
Pope slowly makes his comeback and hits his flying elbow with just over a minute left.
With just under 20 seconds left, Pope hits the Elijah Express and gets the pinfall victory to become the NEW Television Champion.
Post match, Pope grabs a microphone to thank everyone help the NWA going. He is trying to do a Dusty Rhodes Hard Times style promo.

Nick Aldis is not putting the Ten Pounds of Gold on the line? Big Surprise.
Definitely comes off as a Dark match as the screen and stage seem blacked out.
Definitely looking like the match is nothing more than giving Aldis screen and ring time.
Clearwater looks like an early, blond version of Heath Slater.
Did anyone think Clearwater had any chance of winning this even with Joe Galli’s over reactions to the two counts he got on Aldis?
The kid goes off the second rope but Aldis counters it directly into the Cloverleaf to get the submission victory.
Post match, Aldis shakes Clearwater’s hand out of respect.

Anyone who watches AEW will obviously know the result of this match.
Thunder Rosa offers her hand in respect to start the match which Deeb accepts and here we go.
Great mat wrestling from both women to start the match as one would expect from these two.
Is it ever going to look normal to see a wrestler do the hand slapping, that is meant to get the crowd going, when there is no crowd?
Rosa is going full force but Deeb able to get out of the way to the outside having Rosa go in to the corner.
Great selling from Thunder Rosa after the neckbreaker from Deeb using the middle rope.
Great spot with Deeb being thrown into the corner with Serena sliding down and going head first into the middle turnbuckle. Looked really cool.
Really good match from both women. Telling a great story of two women who are equal doing everything they can to get the victory.
Referee is checking on Deeb’s neck slowing the match down. Deeb ends up pulling out a bit of heel tactic and ends up attacking Rosa then looking like her neck is fine.
Deeb is able to quickly put on a surfboard type submission that actually was pinning Rosa but Thunder was able to kick out.
Deeb is able to counter Rosa into a rollup and get the surprise pinfall victory to become the new Women’s World Champion in the NWA.
Post match, Deeb offers a handshake which Rosa reluctantly but eventually accepts after a hard fought match.
Deeb is given a microphone to cut another new champion promo.

Stevens is out in the ring by himself without Question Mark. Stevens grabs the mic saying The Question Mark is no where to be found so Kratos comes out with Stevens saying you can’t prove it’s not Question Mark.
We are starting with a brawl on the outside before the match even starts. This seems to be a new staple of NWA booking.
Not a bad idea to have tag team partners do the typical crowd reaction for catchphrases like James Storm did for Eli Drake.
Does anyone else think the United Wrestling Network ring ropes look loose and that the ring itself looks like it is going to fall apart?
So are we calling him Question Mark or are we just going to call him Kratos like it says on his gear?
Beautiful move with Eli Drake flying over the top rope to Clothesline Kratos who was held up by Storm.
Low blow on James Storm by Kratos while Stevens is distracting the ref. This allows Kratos to get the pinfall victory and we have NEW Tag Team Champions.
They cut to Galli and that is the end of the episode and likely the show.

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