AEW is delayed for Basketball so it is NXT tonight for a Holiday themed episode.

The champs are coming out first right away but Dain and Maverick attack from behind starting the match since it is Street Fight rules.
Burch and Lorcan working together to get Dain in the ring leaving Maverick on the outside.
Once in the ring they start doing tags meaning they still have to tag even though there is no DQ or Countouts. Shouldn’t it be Tornado Rules?
Lorcan looked like he landed hard on the chairs set up without the chairs giving way.
So apparently there are still rope breaks in tag team street fights?
The top piece of the table falling on Dain looked like the most painful part of the table spot before going to the first commercial break.
Back from commercial with Oney Lorcan taunting Drake Maverick with Drake’s own belt.
Dain tags in out of nowhere while the Champs were playing to the hard camera.
Great booking to have Drake finally get his belt back alone in the ring with both of the champs to get his revenge from earlier.
Vicious shot by Drake with the belt to Oney Lorcan’s neck/head.
Lorcan and Burch use a Cricket Bat on Drake Maverick so Lorcan can get the pinfall victory to retain.
Post match, the champs talk trash to the camera putting themselves over. Dain slowly gets up and pulls Drake out of the ring and carries him to the back.

Time for The Way to show us how to do the Holidays the best way. They all have stockings at the Gargano house.
Johnny then is shooting with a 90s Camcorder style filter. They’re treating Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory as their kids.
Austin gets lectured for saying No Way Jose as his name is not allowed in that house.
Theory gets The Gargano Way Muscle Powder and they really play up Theory as an idiot.

We get a video package showing both Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly, separately, going over their first match.
Kyle says he is getting pissed off watching it back while Finn says he went in for the kill and it was not luck.
Finn doesn’t like that everyone is only talking about Kyle breaking his jaw and not that he won.

Tyler Rust is now being interviewed with Michael Bivens about how great his match last week against Ciampa last week.
Bivens calls Tyler Rust a Diamond in the Rust. Nice line.

More of a slow change in Isaiah Scott as he is getting to be more of the cocky over-the-top type character.
Love that Wade used the line that I originally remember hearing JBL saying on commentary, years ago. The great line “Show me a great loser and I’ll show you a loser.”
Interesting Dragon Screw from Atlas that sends Swerve neck first into the bottom rope.
Swerve gets pissed off as Atlas has the advantage making it look like he is thinking of using a chair on Atlas as we get a commercial break.
Back with Swerve having found a way to gain the advantage but Atlas is trying to make his comeback.
Great Destroyer Variant from Atlas into the two count on Swerve. Almost as nice as Swerve kicking Atlas in the head seconds later trying to hit the Cartwheel DDT.
Great facial reactions from both Atlas and Swerve after Swerve landed on his feet from the reverse rana by Atlas.
Confidence Boost after a headbutt leads to Isaiah Scott getting the pinfall victory.
Post match, Swerve gives the crotch chop to Atlas before doing a victory lap like he won the Stanley Cup.
Swerve offers the handshake to Atlas after all that leading Atlas just leaving the ring.

Cole and Roddy are being interviewed in the back now about Kyle’s chance at New Year’s Evil. They say he has learned from his last match.
Velveteen Dream then walks in to cut a promo on Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. He is trying to imply Cole is not the leader anymore.
Cole slaps Dream telling him there is no leader in the Undisputed Era and they support each other before challenging Dream to a match tonight.

Back with Thatcher cutting a promo in the back about Ciampa. He is going over their history so far. Thatcher is saying Ciampa has no respect.
Thatcher is saying he is going to taking liberties on Leon Ruff and if Ciampa is the man he says he is, he will stop it.

Great to see Dakota Kai back after being out since WarGames. Thought she’d be out longer so a pleasant surprise. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of confidence in Dakota picking up the W here.
We see that this match was made over Twitter with Raquel Gonzalez being banned from ringside by Regal.
Creative counter by Dakota using the ropes to avoid being driven into the mat by Ripley. Didn’t work perfectly but creative nonetheless.
Back from commercial with Dakota in control continuing to work on the arm of Rhea after damaging it before the break.
Rhea is able to start her comeback by powering up and slamming down Dakota with her one good arm.
Love the pause by Dakota after hitting her running kick to Rhea in the corner.
Out of nowhere Rhea is able to grab on to Dakota with her Cloverleaf when Raquel appears on the ramp, technically not ringside. Dakota is able to make it to the rope.
Dakota’s Variation of the Destroyer which is more a Flipping Backbreaker, is just a beautiful looking move.
Riptide from Rhea Ripley gives Rhea the pinfall victory over Dakota Kai while Raquel Gonzalez watches on from the stage.
Post match, Rhea is calling Raquel to the ring with refs coming out the minute she makes the first step toward the ring. Both are in the ring to circle the ring staring at each other.
After a minute the two just start slugging it out with the referee’s trying to keep them apart with no success. Producers are coming out next to help keep them apart.

Back to the Gargano household for more 90s Camcorder Christmas fun. Indi gets a PS5… box as Gargano is keeping the PS5. Her real gift is being called Indi Wrestling from now on. “We Love Indi Wrestling” Love it.

Toni Storm is looking better each week as she evolves her new heel persona. She is being interviewed to challenge Io Shirai talking about how she beat Io in the Mae Young Classic.

Quick video promo on Bronson Reed to hype his return match coming up next.

Another video showing Xia Li beating the ever lasting heck out of Boa before emerging out of water looking focused as does Boa. Interesting progression.

Thee Adonis is going to be Thee Flat Loser after this match.
Tsunami from Bronson Reed and a 1, 2 and 3 for the quick pinfall victory to the surprise of no one.

Io Shirai is being interviewed backstage about what Toni Storm but she brushes them off and heads to the ring.
Shirai sets up a chair in the ring and tells Toni to come on out before dropping the mic. Her music hits but Mercedes Martinez attacks Io from behind. This is much better than being a masked jobber on the main roster.
Sounds like they are not going to acknowledge that Mercedes Martinez was a member of Retribution.

Back once again to the Gargano Household with another gift to be opened. It is from Johnny to Candice.
It is the destroyed tire from Shotzi’s destroyed tank.
The end the video with a Christmas picture screwed up by Theory.

Thatcher is pacing back and forth in the ring in a way that should make Leon Ruff very scared.
Ruff is having to use his speed to try to avoid that attacks and holds of Thatcher but Thatcher is trying to send a message to Ciampa.
Thatcher eventually goes to the outside to grab a chair and set it up for Ciampa but when he gets back in the ring Ruff is able to pull out a two count and some offense.
It only takes one uppercut to Ruff coming off the rope for Thatcher to regain control but not looking to end the match.
A quicker counter from Ruff into a roll up leads to Ruff getting a pinfall victory.
Post match, Thatcher is not having any of it and attacks the celebrating Ruff but Ciampa comes running out and hits Willows Bell on Thatcher trying to get back in the ring.
Ciampa tells Thatcher if he wants a fight, I will see you in the fight pit. He then leaves the ring and sits in the chair.

Video promo from Damian Priest calling Karrion Kross a coward for having to attack him from behind. Says he will punk Kross out at New Years Evil.

Dexter Lumis is seen painting a picture to let us know that Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley will fight at New Years Evil in a Last Woman Standing match.

During the match Malcolm Bivens walks over to the broadcast booth to interrupt the commentary trying to get them to put over Rust more.
Surprised they’ve let Daivari get in any offense let alone the amount he has got in against the guy they’ve strapped a rocket to.
Rust gets the Submission on, similar to Deonna’s submission, to get the victory.

Backstage, Leon Ruff is being interviewed after coming out of Regal’s office saying he is getting an NXT North American Title rematch next week.

Cole is now being shown walking backstage with Roderick Strong before we see Dream doing the same to hype the main event next.

We are getting a video promo from Karrion Kross in response to Priest’s from earlier. He says Priest made a mistake making comments about Scarlett and his manhood.

Dream now has a Santa hat on. How many weird hats is he going to wear tonight? Great spot to put both men over with Cole catching the first cheap shot by Dream but Dream is still able to get it on the second attempt.
Did I actually hear the call “Double Noggin Clunker”?
Pete Dunne comes from the back to attack Roderick Strong and hit him with a Bitter End to the hardest part of the ring as we get a picture in picture with just minutes left before 10pm.
Back from commercial a minute before the top of the hour. Looks like we may got a little over. Dream misses the elbow and sells it like crazy.
That superkick to the “gut” by Cole to Dream looked like it was more to the Little Dream.
Cole and the ref check on Dream after to make sure Dream is okay as it appears he may actually have got a low blow.
Dream is able to get back in the ring, Superkick from Cole and then the Figure Four which Dream sells great with the screams. He’s able to get to the rope.
Dream goes for the Elbow once again and hits the Purple Rain Maker but Cole is able to kick out after two.
Superkick from Dream to Counter the Panama Sunrise but Cole hits one to counter the second Purple Rain Maker, hits his Last Shot and gets the pinfall victory.

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