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Here in Canada we apparently like schedules so Dynamite is aired delayed starting at exactly 10:30.

Say what you might about his physical appearance and speed but Jericho definitely has no problem helping getting new stars over.
Getting your typical standoff between the teams with Top Flight getting the duo ten punches in on MJF and Jericho.
Surprised Jake Hager is the only member of the Inner Circle at ringside with MJF and Jericho.
Loved hearing JR saying that no one, in his entire referee career, ever admit to pulling the hair when asked.
Was shocked Jericho even got thrown off the top. Didn’t expect to see the Demo God that high up at this point in his career.
Top Flight are looking real good in this match with just missing out on the pinfalls at this point.
Interesting spot with one of Top Flight being thrown over the top rope by Jericho but lands on Hager while the other member gets a pin attempt on Jericho.
With outside help from Hager, MJF is able to hit the Heat Seeker to get the pinfal victory.
Post match, MJF and Jericho celebrate with Hager cutting an actual promo. He says they are winning because everyone has done their job except Wardlow.
Hager says this is family business not what he is doing. He is having to do what Wardlow is supposed to be doing. He says he is an asset and an asshole.
Hager says that TK has approved next week Wardlow vs. Hager.

We are now getting a “rap” music video from The Acclaimed called Buck Hunt ripping the Young Bucks to hype their title match tonight.

Another week and another chance at Tony Schiavone doing an interview with Sting. Hopefully this one has more substance than last week.
They show Darby Allin up in the seats again and Tony asks what Sting is doing pointing him out each week.
Sting talks about how Dusty Rhodes gave him advice back in the day that made him. Not the best Dusty impression but not the worst either.
Just as Sting is getting to Darby, Taz and his team come out to confront Sting. As they talk, Darby walks from his point.
Starks says if he sticks his nose in their business, he is going to get hurt. They head to the ring and the lights go out. Darby is in the ring when they come back on.
Taz says they will take the high road and fight another day. Taz says Darby will defend against on the 6th but Cage wants to go now but Team Taz holds him back.
Sting and Darby Allin have a silent stare down to end the segment.

We are getting MJF backstage walking in to see Santana and Ortiz where they apparently do their card game.
MJF tries to connect with Santana over the death of his family member. Great acting from MJF?
Santana accepts it and hugs it out with him and Ortiz gives him a handshake as well.

All of Dark Order come out, no Brodie Lee still obviously, with the three in the match but head to the back after the entrance, as usual.
I like that with the more comedy side of Dark Order taking over that Colt can be his usual self while also no longer pretending he isn’t actually part of the group.
Not surprising that Marko hurt hit neck the way he was being thrown around by Luchasaurus.
Must be tariffs as we aren’t getting the restaurant quality picture in picture commercial breaks in Canada.
Not the best cut off from 10 on Marko Stunt as it looks like he just slapped him.
Marko is now isolated after Luchasaurus goes into the post but Jungle Boy comes out of no where to break up the pin on Marko at the last second.
Beautiful powerbomb combination from Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy to get the pinfall on Five for the victory.
Post match, Tony Schiavone heads to the ring to interview Jurassic Express about their raise through the ranks. Marko is doing the talking but gets caught off by Tully and FTR on the screen.
This is setting up FTR vs. Jurassic Express for the number one contedership on January 6th.
Tully tells Marko that if he gets involved, Tully will have some flashbacks to the 80s.
Marvez has caught up with Don Callis and Kenny Omega at the Hotel wearing the same clothes they were wearing on Impact last night.
Callis says he doesn’t understand how TK lets wrestlers make matches.
Omega talks about how Fenix has choked throughout the year. Funny that Callis said Impact wouldn’t take Fenix back since he is injury prone.

Great to see that we are going to get some Eddie Kingston on commentary for this match.
Not sure who looked more scary tonight before their match, Butcher or Thatcher.
Anyone else think Penta looks to be acting a little different? Could it be someone else wearing the track suit? Jericho has made me question every time I don’t see the arms of Penta.
Butcher is wearing new gear. Glad they are getting him and Blade away from the White gear. Bunny can keep her outfit, though.
Loving the interactions between Tony Schiavone and Eddie Kingston on commentary. Right down to Eddie Kingston completely ignoring the questions Tony asks him.
Blade takes out Penta on the outside to distract Pac long enough for Butcher to attack and hit a MASSIVE falling powerbomb but only gets a two count.
Kingston is yelling from the booth telling Butcher to finish him but Archer cuts him off from getting anywhere near the ring. This distraction lets Pac set Butcher up.
Pac hits the Black Arrow to get the pinfall victory after a great match.
Post match, Lance Archer gets in the ring to get in the face of Pac after their issue last week. Kingston gets a few last barbs in on commentary before heading out.

Backstage promo from Jade telling us she is apparently a mother. She says it is so convenient that Brandi gets pregnant the minute a real challenger shows up for her.

Miro, Kip and Penelope are with Tony on the stage to make the announcement of the Wedding Date for Kip and Penelope.
Kip is saying this is going to be a huge deal because it is the first wrestling wedding on TNT.
Best Friends music hits instead of a video showing the date but no one comes out with Kip and Miro laughing.
They cut to Trent being taken away by an Ambulance liking due to an attack from Miro and Kip. Orange Cassidy and Chuck leave with him.
February 3rd will be AEW Beach Break and their wedding will take place then. Looks like they have a replacement for Bash at the Beach.

Evil Uno not wasting any time and cheapshotted Dustin Rhodes the second he comes in to the ring.
Nice to hear that the commentators explain the reasons behind the number seven with Dustin Rhodes for those who didn’t watch WCW.
No better way to come back from a commercial than a piledriver that should have been a three but Dustin kicked out with only a hair between Turner’s hand and the mat.
FLying bulldog from Dustin Rhodes leads to him getting the pinfall victory on Evil Uno.
Post match, Evil Uno has his hand out still trying to get Dustin to join the Dark Order. Dustin fakes the handshake before kicking Uno in the face.
Stu Grayson wastes no time to laying waste to Dustin and Lee Johnson. QT Marshall comes out allowing the numbers to be in the Nightmare Family favour sending Grayson and Uno to the back.

Tony is interviewing Shawn Spears by himself about how he left WWE and still getting the glass ceiling here in AEW.
Spears throws the glove away saying he never needed that. Looks like he is not with Tully again.
Tony asks Shawn if the problem is actually with Shawn being the common piece. He says he knows he isn’t the problem. He says he will come back if he feels like it and leaves.

Shida is being interviewed before her match but Abadon tries to attack her instead but is taken away so Shida can head to the ring.

Shida looking shaken as she comes to the ring to face Alex Gracia who is already in the ring.
Shida showing a lot of fire against Garcia here not even being impacted by any of Gracia’s attempts for offense.
After a counter into an inside cradle for a two count, Gracia follows up with more offense but Shida kicks out after one this time.
Shida stops mid match and sees Abadon at ringside and Shida attacks Abadon instead of going back in to the ring.
Shida still gets back in the ring before the 10 count and eventually hits the Falcon Arrow to get the pinfall.
Post match, Shida grabs her kendo stick and heads to Abadon at ringside to poke her but Abadon grabs it and rises up to continue the brawl.
Abadon pulls a page out of Shayna Baszler’s playbook and bites the beck of Shida. To be fair, this one was pulled off a lot better than Baszler/Lynch.

Does anyone else think we can hear better rapping on Soundcloud than what is coming out of The Acclaimed’s microphone each week?
You know it is windy when the Young Buck Bucks are flying all over the ringside area at the beginning of the match. That and the wind sound on the camera mics.
Have to give Peter Avalon credit for trying to be seen in the background while Bucks hit their double teams on Caster at ringside.
Great work by the Commentators putting over The Acclaimed getting 8 straight wins, even though on mostly on Dark, leading to this match.
Looked like some of the strikes from Matt Jackson may have been taught to him by Karate Man.
Love that they are looking to call it the Scorpion Deathlock as opposed to the Sharpshooter with Sting now in AEW.
Knox gets hit with a Superkick from the Bucks knocking him out allowing Acclaimed to hit the boombox on Nick but Paul Turner takes his time getting out and Nick kicks out at two.
Heating up at we get closer to the end of the show. BTE Trigger from Bucks allows Matt Jackson to get the pinfall victory on Bowens to retain the title.

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