Small In Memorium for Luke Harper at the start of the show. Nice touch seeing as he was in NXT.

Should be interesting to see how they handle newly heel Swerve against the pushed monster in Bronson Reed.
Not sure how happy Triple H is going to be when Swerve gets to the back after doing the Suck It crotch chop.
Pretty even match up although at not point did I think Swerve is going to win this.
Illegal headbutt for the second week in a row from Swerve but it just angered Bronson setting up the Tsunami to get the pinfall victory.

William Regal is announce 2020 Breakout of the Year in NXT which ends up being Shotzi Blackheart. That shows that this is more NXT creative and not really the fans.

Leon Ruff is shown earlier today arriving with Jake Atlas. The Way are then seen coming in when a Black Cat is in the hallway.

Realized during the match that the entire purpose of this match is to put over the Dusty Tag Classic returning in two weeks.
Great spot with Fandango using the lighting support to fly on to both members of GYV.
Breezango are getting too much offense in on Grizzled Young Veterans, for my taste. Grizzled Young Veterans are at an important point of their push.
Ticket to Mayhem from Grizzled Young Veterans and Gibson gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Ever-Rise start making their way out with the referee eventually leaving which was not in Ever-Rise’s plan and they take off.

Time for William Regal to reveal the Tag Team of the Year in 2020 who ends up being the Undisputed Era.
All Four members of Undisputed Era are accepting the award for the third time and reveal Cole and Strong will be teaming in the Dusty Classic this year.

Boa and Xia Li are now wearing all white and appear to be taking part in a ceremony. Maybe their graduation from what ever this has been?
It appears they are on their way back, but not alone.

Let’s think about this objectively. Girl who gets no entrance and I have no memory of watching in NXT is taking on a Woman who returned last week destroying the Champion.
Air Raid Crash from Mercedes Martinez and it is an easy one for her tonight getting the pinfall victory.
Post match, Martinez tells the camera that everyone in the division is on her radar and on notice.

Regal is revealing the Female Competitor of the year in NXT is Io Shirai. Pretty obvious choice, but for a reason.
Right away we’re finding out that Male Competitor of the Year is Adam Cole, Bay-Bay.

Great that they push the history between Dunne and Strong. They don’t have to be long term feuds to be revisited down the line.
A lot more paint by numbers of a match compared to their last meeting which is disappointing.
Is it really a compliment to be compared to a Porsche? Are they actually GOOD cars?
Did it seem like both men were just exhausted during this match?
Bitter End from Dunne after doing the finger breaking and gets the pinfall victory over Roddy.

Revealing the Match of the Year of 2020 in NXT with Ilja and Walter from NXT UK getting put in the nominations. NXT TakeOver 31 between Kyle and Finn gets the win, though.
Finn says he doesn’t need his but will take Kyle’s and give it to him himself.
Finn gets ready to head to the ring but has a mini stare down with Pete Dunne telling him to get in line.

Video package to hype Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher in the Fight Pit at New Year’s Evil next week.

Back to Finn in the ring waiting for his time to speak after the commercial.
Finn says he was the only one that wasn’t surprised by Kyle at TakeOver proving he belonged in the ring with Finn.
Finn is getting ready to ask Kyle to come out when his music hits and he comes out.
Finn tells Kyle to take the trophy/award because he doesn’t need it. The Championship and the plates in his jaw are all his needs to remember.
Kyle gets fired up that next everything is left in the back as he is going to come out and take the championship. Finn says he is going to make Kyle suffer because he broke his jaw the last time.
Scarlett comes out saying what I believe is Latin with Karrion Kross walking behind her. She says the title belongs to them and who ever wins will be their target.
Priest is directly behind Kross after he says Tick Tock and they go face to face. Priest says this is how you step like a man and the brawl has begun.
Great spot with both men going through one of the Plexiglas barrier before getting back up and continuing to brawl to the back.
They end up going through a table with Scarlett setting on top of some boxes laughing.

Video package hyping the friendship between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez including them tagging together on the road.
Rhea likens her to a sister showing their matching RNR tattoos.

Legado Del Fantasma are in the ring with Santo Escobar telling them to enjoy where they are. He says they had a great year.
Escobar says no one can touch him and Regal will not find anyone who can beat him in the World. Would have been a great moment for Jordan Devlin to come out if it were possible.
Before they can say what they are going to do, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado come out to ask Santos a question. They are taking exception to him “owning” lucha libre.
Lucha House Party charge the ring and referee comes out saying a match is official.

Starting after the commercial with the match already started with Lucha House Party in control.
Double team behind the ref’s back allow Legado Del Fantasma to gain control over Lince Dorado.
Did it sound like that Vic Joseph actually said “Right Meow” on commentary during this one?
Can we all agree that in no way was any tag made when Gran Metalik jumped in to hit the move on Mendoza?
What is with Lucha guys just not being able to learn to use a tag rope in any company?
After an elbow drop by Gran Metalik on Joaquin Wilde, Lucha House Party get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Santos Escobar is not happy at his boys getting a loss.

Time to find out who the NXT Future Star of the Year is. Interesting choice in Austin Theory with it showing once again that NXT Creative likely picks someone they want for certain awards.
The Way are in the back with Candice telling Austin to share with Indi.
Hilarious broken glass sound effect with a broken mirror seen off screen before Johnny walks under a ladder.

Io Shirai is given the award for Competitor of the Year giving a much shorter speech.

Match is pretty much all about teasing Gargano’s Curse continuing with Ruff playing the unlikely underdog well.
Great spot with Gargano going right into the Gargano Escape after Ruff kicked out of the pinfall attempt then holding the move on for a four count.
Great Flatliner cutter from Leon Ruff off the ring to Gargano on the outside.
Frog Splash from Leon Ruff but Gargano is able to kick out at the very last second.
Nasty looking spot with Gargano countering off the turnbuckle before hitting One Final Beat and getting the pinfall victory to retain.
Post match, The Way celebrate the breaking of the Curse.
Dexter Lumis is then shown on the podium to show off the New Years Evil card for next week.

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