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And we’re back with a good old recap of all we need to know going in to tonight’s episode. It is all on the Good Brothers & Kenny Omega feud with Rich and MCMG.

No Ace Austin for the last almost two months of 2020 but we get him to start 2021? Will they mention where they’ve been?
This is a Super X Cup preview match to push Genesis this Saturday Night.
Ace Austin heads to the outside to talk things out with Madman Fulton while the other three go at it to start the match.
Ace Austin basically is pulling out the competitors one by one while Madman blocks anyone from getting to him while beating them down.
Really good, old school X Division style multi man match. Everyone getting in their spots, pretty much Total Non-Stop Action.
Nice standing Spanish Fly from Blake Christian on Ace Austin. Christian moves very fluid in the ring.
Nice spot with Crazy Steve hitting the Death Valley Driver on KC Navarro on to the others in the corner.
Steve gets the pinfall victory over KC Navarro after the splash off the top.

Madison and Josh are letting us know that Kenny Omega’s bus is outside and here is here before promoting tonight’s card.

Video promo from Sami now to promote Eddie Edwards and Callihan’s feud and their match tonight. Sami tells Eddie that Alisha shouldn’t be at ringside because he will do anything.

Our first paid advertisement of 2021 from the two Tony’s. TK wants to help the less fortunate, by that he means Impact.
Tony gives us our Old School Show promotion from Tony Schiavone for tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite.
TK then goes over all the things he did in creating AEW and went off on Don Callis. He implies that the money he gets in a card from his grandmother is enough to pay for the ad.

Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers are on the bus with Don Callis stroking the AEW Championships while giving us a lot of jokes implying it is his manhood.
Kenny goes over the chemistry he and the Good Brothers have compared to Swann and the Machine Guns.

Cousin Jake and Rhyno have come out to cut a promo on Cody going to the darkside with Eric Young. They both call out Doering and Eric Young who come out with a shaved head Cody Deaner.
Eric Young refers to themselves as The Design before the three head to the ring.

Jake wants nothing to do with fighting Cody but Cody has no issues with it and attacks Jake.
Doering looks like a tall Dusty Rhodes wearing that fur coat and wrestling boots.
Back from a commercial with Cody just destroying Jake in the corner.
Rhyno tags Cousin Jake in telling him to finish off Cody Deaner but he just tries to plea with him while Doering takes out Rhyno on the outside.
Low blow from Cody Deaner on Cousin Jake followed by the DDT to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, the beat down begins on Cousin Jake until Tommy Dreamer comes out with Kendo Sticks for the save.
Tommy grabs a mic to challenge Eric Young for a 3 on 3 match at Hard To Kill with Old School Rules with pinfalls counting anywhere, anything goes.

Backstage for an interview with Matthew Palmer who is the security guard who ripped the shirt of Moose.

Swinger has the stacks of cash on a desk in what is apparently his new office. Swinger says he is not guilty but tells him it sounds like it’s one of the knockouts.

Our 2020 Impact Wrestler & Knockout of the Year with Kimber Lee is coming out to cut a promo. Her sweater is looking like it is just a bunch of material thrown over her shoulders.
She’s out there to talk to us by talking to Kimber Lee about Taya and putting over how she is better than Taya.
Taya’s music hits and she comes out with Rosemary close behind as they head to the ring with a microphone in hand. Love that Taya pronounces Deonna as De-Own-A.
Deonna goes low talking about how Morrison and Bravo both left her and only a matter of time before Rosemary does too.
Taya tells Deonna that she is afraid because she knows Taya is going to humiliate her in front of everyone and become a two times Knockouts Champion.
Deonna walks off and Taya’s music hits and stands tall in the ring.

Rohit Raju finds Chris Bey to tell him his New Year’s Resolution is forgiveness. He forgives Chris Bey for weaseling into the match. Bey says that was his receipt.
Bey says they won’t be even until Bey is X Division champion again. Rohit suggests they unmask Manik so it can be just those two fighting for the title.
They actually find TJP sitting reading a magazine asking where Manik is. They suggest TJP and Manik take on Rohit and Bey.
TJP says he doesn’t get along with Manik but if he sees him, he will let him know about the challenge.

Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood are backstage approaching Rosemary about possibly tagging together with Taya going solo.
Funny spot with Kaleb with a K having to go over all the partners Tenille has had recently.

Does Nevaeh seem a lot less evil than Havok? Not sure if it is make up or what but she just seems average where Havok exudes evil.
Really felt like Havok was selling for Jazz a lot better than the other way around.
Really feels like Jazz was confused or unsure at more than a couple times during the match.
Jazz is able to break up the pinfall attempt by Havok after she powerbombs Jordynne Grace.
Tombstone by Havok on Jazz leads to Havok getting the pinfall victory and advancing to the finals of the tournament.

Backstage, Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns are being interviewed about their match at Hard To Kill.
Rich Swann says he is not going to let anyone come in with their championship saying it is more important after all he did to fight for the belt.
Alex Shelley suggests they just go fight them at the bus in the parking lot right now.

Back from commercial, the boys don’t care about the list and just head on to the bus but are jumped from behind. How did they not know that would happen? It is clear they were watching the show in the Bus.
How great did it work out that they happened to have the lights set up outside the bus like that?

Jazz is talking to Jordynne Grace about her leaving to the back without her after the match.
Jordynne apologizes saying it was her idea to come out of retirement. Jazz appreciated the call.
Jordynne asks if she has anything left and asks if she wants to go one on one at Genesis.

James Mitchell comes out of a room while Deonna and Kimber Lee are waiting. Then Susan comes out no longer Susie or Su. She is basically a Blue Collar Office Worker now.

Moose coming down in dress shoes and dress pants but not a shirt. Palmer gets no entrance as one would expect from a no body.
Palmer takes it right to Moose so he is not going to just try to last 3 minutes in the ring.
Moose is just destroying Palmer slowly and taunting him halfway through the 3 minutes.
Powerbomb with 30 seconds left but Moose waits until he can hit a spear when Willie Mack comes out to distract Moose to have it go 3 minutes.

Video promo from Ethan Page on a couch talking to someone off camera that I assume is Karate Man since it sounds like Ethan. Yup there is Karate Man.
Karate Man calls Ethan Page a B Word for complaining about his problems.
Karate Man challenges Ethan Page to a match at Hard to Kill. How the heck are the going to pull that one off?

Eddie Edwards music hits but Sami is coming out because Eddie is throwing him out there and trying to use Sami’s Bat. Weapons galore since the match has yet to start.
Hope Alisha didn’t want to have any more kids after Sami just stood on Eddie’s manhood.
Back from commercial and Eddie and Sami are still brawling on the outside and they apparently have yet to get in the ring.
Sami is bleeding from the side of his head or possibly from his eye according to Josh Matthews.
They have finally got in the ring and the match officially starts after they beat each other with everything at ringside for 10 minutes.
Referee got shoved down by Eddie before Sami does the same thing. Referee lets it go though as he knows what is involved in this match.
Referee gets knocked over again and just calls it pissed off that they are not listening to him.
Post match, Sami and Eddie don’t care that the match is thrown out and just keep destroying each other.
Eddie grabs Sami’s bat and rubs it on his own face before turning towards Sami as Callihan crawls away before using his hacker bit showing Alisha locked in the back.
Eddie goes running looking for Alisha after decking Sami with the bat. Eddie gets to her but is attacked by Shamrock and Sami.
Sami grabs the barbed wire that is on the fence then hits him with the bat again making Alisha watch the whole time.

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